1. Buying a House in the Philippines: A How-To Guide

    Foreign-ownership regulations make it a little tricky, but plan right and you can have a home in paradise.
  2. Four Underrated Stocks That Big Investors Bought in Q3 (AR, AMSG)

    13F filings revealed several stocks that major investors were buying but which might have passed by the general public.
  3. 4 Things Millennials Need to Know About Economics

    Millennials are just entering their prime working years, but we face economic problems that are nearly unprecedented in world ...
  4. Does Your Advisor Put Your Best Interests First?

    Not all CFPs operate as fiduciaries. Here's how to tell the difference.
  5. Use Insurance to Protect Your Assets from Creditors

    Here's how carrying the proper levels of auto and umbrella insurance will keep your assets protected, no matter your net ...
  6. Why George Soros Tripled His Amazon Investment in Q3 (AMZN)

    According to a recent filing with the SEC, Soros more than tripled his investment in the company in just a few months.
  1. 5 Ways to Use Your Home to Retire

    Retirement is going to cost a lot, and for homeowners who face a shortfall, their home can be a source of income. From downsizing ...
  2. Tapping Emerging Markets Via Multi-Asset Investing

    What are the best ways to build exposure across emerging markets asset classes, including equities, fixed income and currencies?
  3. Fintech: Why Advisors Should Be Embracing It

    To protect your advisor business and profits, you need to embrace financial technology and make it a priority in your strategy.
  4. How to Adopt a Plan for Clients With Dementia

    Advisors who don't have a plan for clients with dementia can risk leaving themselves open to potential litigation or other ...
  5. Betterment to Trump: 'Leave the Fiduciary Rule Alone'

    Robo-advisor Betterment has appealed to President-elect Trump to leave the fiduciary rule alone.
  6. Fintechs' Expansion Will Shatter the Status Quo (LC, SQ)

    Many fintech companies will dramatically expand their national footprint as U.S. regulators open up the sector
  1. Make Better Financial Decisions With These 3 Tips

    To make better financial decisions you need to define success, find out how others do it, make a plan, and think outside ...
  2. The Financial Advice You Need in Your 30s

    When you reach your 30s and have kids, debt and your retirement to fund, where is the best place to put your money to work?
  3. Don't Wait to Teach Your Kids About Money

    Parents should always take the initiative to teach our kids to save from an early age.
  4. FDA Greenlights Study of Ecstasy for PTSD Patients

    The controversial Ecstasy drug, MDMA, is being studied as a PTSD treatment.
  5. Top 10 Companies With the Best Parental Leave and Benefits (NFLX, ADBE)

    Ikea just announced it will offer its 13,000 salaried and hourly employees in the U.S. up to four months of paid parental ...
  6. 4 Steps to Attaining a Mortgage

    It starts with knowing your choices as well as your price range. We show you how to get there.
  1. Short Trades for the S&P 500 Drop (INTC, RLGY)

    An S&P 500 price pattern indicates stock prices could drop. Here are some short trades to consider if that happens.
  2. The Week Ahead: December 5-9, 2016

    Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigns as voters reject referendum.
  3. Enterprise Drops Despite Strong Fundamentals (EPD)

    EPD has been in a downward trend since July. As other energy stocks rose on news of OPEC’s agreement to cap production, EPD ...
  4. Rising Oil Prices Are Lifting Atwood Stock (ATW)

    Offshore drillers have suffered the most from depressed oil prices. Will rising prices rescue ATW?
  5. Stocks Give Up Some Gains as Traders Lock in Profit (SPY, DIA)

    The major market indexes moved significantly lower over the past week.
  6. Groupon Heading for a Relapse After Strong 2016 (GRPN)

    Shares of Groupon are up 21% year-to-date, but a technical and fundamental breakdown of late points to increased downside ...
  1. Qualcomm Vs. Intel In Server Chip Market (QCOM)

    Qualcomm is taking on Intel in the server chip market announcing what it is calling the world's first 10nm server processor. ...
  2. Savant Capital Sells IBM Shares in 3Q16 (IBM)

    Savant Capital owned 9,259 shares of International Business Machines Corp. at the end of the third quarter of 2016.
  3. Toro to Announce Fiscal 2016 Results (TTC)

    Toro on Thursday is scheduled to release the industrial goods company’s fiscal 2016 full year earnings.
  4. BTIG Verifies Neutral Grade of Adobe Shares (ADBE)

    BTIG Research has confirmed its Neutral rating of shares of Adobe Systems Inc.
  5. HPE Countersues Rhode Island Over DMV Case (HPE)

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and the state of Rhode Island continue their legal tussle regarding an overdue DMV computer ...
  6. How to Start Investing With Just a Little Bit of Savings

    Here's how to start building a diversified portfolio by investing less than $20 a month.
  1. Norfolk Southern Derailment Destroys BMWs (NSC)

    A derailment that damaged not only rail cars but brand new BMWs.
  2. What Is the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train? (CP)

    The train operator is stopping at a town near you with the holiday spirit fully on the rails.
  3. UBS on Cisco’s Declining Switching Business (CSCO)

    Analyst Steve Milunovich says investors should be somewhat worried, stating declines are industry rather than company specific ...
  4. The Problem With Stocks That Pay Dividends

    A portfolio should be diversified across more than dividend-paying stocks.
  5. Dorsey to Stay CEO of Twitter & Square (TWTR, SQ)

    At a conference in San Fran, the founder of both social media and fintech leaders committed to maintaining his position at ...
  6. SunPower to Cut 2,500 Employees (SPWR)

    Solar energy company SunPower Corp. will reduce its global workforce by 25 percent.
  1. 7 Ways to Use a Strong Credit Score During Retirement

    Find out why it is important to maintain a good credit in retirement. Learn seven reasons not to leave your credit score ...
  2. Rise of the Robo Advisors

    The financial advisory business is facing an impending transformational change.
  3. Top 401(k) Mistakes That Hurt Your Retirement Savings

    Avoid these 401(k) blunders and you just might make it to retirement with more money.
  4. Will Your Power of Attorney Leave You Penniless?

    Most people don't realize what they agreed to when they signed a power of attorney, and are blissfully unaware of the possible ...
  5. The Best Retirement Plans for Millennials

    Retirement is decades away, but if you make yourself start saving even a little now, all that time can make your money grow ...
  6. Retirement and Depression: 6 Ways to Overcome It

    The secret to avoiding depression in retirement is to replace the social connections, steady routine and sense of purpose ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
  2. Demonetization

    Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender and is necessary whenever there is a ...
  3. Investment

    An asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future. In an economic ...
  4. Redlining

    The unethical practice whereby financial institutions make it extremely difficult or impossible for residents of poor inner-city ...
  5. Nonfarm Payroll

    A statistic researched, recorded and reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics intended to represent the total number ...
  6. Conflict Theory

    A theory propounded by Karl Marx that claims society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition for limited resources. ...
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