1. Social Audit

    A formal review of a company's endeavors in social responsibility. A social audit looks at factors such as a company's record ...
  2. The Education of Warren Buffett

    How did Warren Buffett get to be the richest investor in America? A little luck, a lot of pluck and a head for numbers.
  3. Sohn Investment Conference 2017: Live Blog (GIMO, MPLX)

    Nerd prom for the hedge fund world is back.
  4. Warren Buffett's Investing Style Reviewed

    Learn the main principles that Warren Buffet uses in assessing a company. His take on value investing may surprise you.
  5. Vanguard Mutual Funds Take Another Hit From Brokers

    Morgan Stanley will discontinue its Vanguard mutual fund offerings as part of the firm's fund overhaul.
  6. Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect Yourself

    There are behaviors and laws that will help you avoid becoming a victim of financial abuse.
  1. Famous "Big Short" Investor Goes Long on Banks (JPM, BAC, C)

    The "Big Short" investor who shorted banks before the financial crisis is now buying financial shares
  2. Formidable! Why Europe Stocks Are Hot! (UN, SAP, FCAU)

    Mon Dieu: Sorry Donald Trump, the bull market is no longer made in America
  3. How Vanguard is Trying to Reach Millennials

    Managing Director of Vanguard's Financial Advisor Services, Thomas Rampulla, discusses the negative effects of the 2008 financial ...
  4. How Americans Struggle with Retirement

    While some struggle to plan a drawdown schedule, others may not be able to afford retirement at all.
  5. 401(k) Balances Reach Record Highs

    Putting your 401(k) on auto-pilot could help you to build retirement wealth faster.
  6. 5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Improve Website Content

    Having well written content on your web site is crucial. Here are five tips to get you started.
  1. What is the difference between overdraft and cash credit?

    The primary differences between overdraft and cash credit lie in how they are secured and whether the money is lent out of ...
  2. What does a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) do?

    A CFO is responsible for reporting accurate financial information of the company, investing the company's money, and identifying ...
  3. Saving for College? Be Educated About Your Options

    When it comes to saving for college, there are better places for your money than a savings account.
  4. How Parents Should Think About Paying for College

    Paying for your kid's college is great, but make sure you evaluate this major investment first.
  5. Understanding the Time Value of Money

    Find out why time really is money by learning to calculate present and future value.
  6. 3 Steps That Can Lead to More Confidence in Retirement

    These three steps can help provide peace of mind and help you fully enjoy your retirement years.
  1. Credit Suisse Shareholders OK $4.2 Bln Stock Sale (CS, IYF)

    Credit Suisse Group is issuing 73 million shares, or about 3.5 percent of its total stock.
  2. The 5 Best ETFs to Short the Market (SH, CHAD)

    An exchange-traded fund allows you to short a market segment instead of individual stocks.
  3. Top 3 British Pound ETFs (FXB, GBB)

    If you’re betting on a recovery after Brexit, you might want to consider these British pound ETFs.
  4. Stocks Fall as Political Turmoil Grips the U.S. (SPY, DIA)

    This week the major U.S. indexes moved lower amid alleged Donald Trump controversies.
  5. 3 Brick & Mortar Retailers in Strong Uptrends (PLCE, FIVE)

    Dozens of brick and mortar retailers have been crushed this earnings season but a handful of traditional specialty shops ...
  6. Time to Sell Boeing (BA)

    Boeing has reached hidden resistance at multiyear price targets, raising odds the long-term uptrend is finally coming to ...
  1. What is considered a healthy operating profit margin?

    Operating profit margin is one of the key profitability ratios that investors and analysts consider when evaluating a company. ...
  2. What is the difference between preference and ordinary shares?

    Preference shares, or preferred shares, have the advantage of a higher priority claim to the assets of a corporation in case ...
  3. Is Herbalife Finally Feeling the Burn?

    Bears cheered as investors sold off HLF on the surprise departure of a China-region executive.
  4. What's the difference between "top-down" and "bottom-up" investing?

    Top-down investing looks at the economy and tries to forecast which industry will generate the best returns. A bottom-up ...
  5. How Will the Fed Reduce its Balance Sheet?

    After a 6 year policy of quantitative easing the Fed now has to address the resulting $4.5 trillion balance sheet as it begins ...
  6. Zodiac Accepts Reduced Safran Offer After Profit Warnings

    Zodiac Aerospace's board has accepted a 15 percent cut in a takeover offer from aero engine maker Safran to create the world's ...
  1. Is Herbalife Finally Feeling the Burn?

    Bears cheered as investors sold off HLF on the surprise departure of a China-region executive.
  2. Zodiac Accepts Reduced Safran Offer After Profit Warnings

    Zodiac Aerospace's board has accepted a 15 percent cut in a takeover offer from aero engine maker Safran to create the world's ...
  3. Five Charged With Insider Trading Involving U.S. Health Agency

    Five men, including a Washington political consultant and a federal employee, were criminally charged on Wednesday with engaging ...
  4. Banks Give European Stocks Stability, Autos Driven Lower by Fiat

    European shares, stuck just below 21-month highs for more than a week, struggled to gain momentum on Wednesday, with strength ...
  5. CF Corp. to Buy Fidelity & Guaranty for $1.8 Bln (CFCO, FGL)

    Less than a year as a public company, CF Corp. is snapping up Fidelity & Guaranty Life.
  6. Loeb Sees $20 Bln More Value From Dow-DuPont Merger

    Activist investor Daniel Loeb's Third Point LLC said Dow Chemical and DuPont could unlock $20 billion in additional value ...
  1. What is the UK Pension Protection Fund?

    The U.K.'s Pension Protection Fund, dedicated to supporting retirement funds when they see trouble, is maintaining an interest ...
  2. Roth vs. Traditional IRA: Which Is Right For You?

    To answer this question, you need to consider several of the factors we outline here.
  3. The Retirement Mistake You Don’t Want to Make

    If you have a choice between a lump sum or an annuity payment at retirement, think carefully. The wrong choice could cost ...
  4. The Benefits of Starting an IRA for Your Child

    Many financial experts and educators believe that the earlier children begin learning about money, the better their chances ...
  5. The High Net Worth Guide to Social Security

    For well-off Americans, maximizing your net Social Security benefit requires a strategic approach. Work with a financial ...
  6. A Mother’s Day Gift for Baby Boomer Moms

    Mother’s Day is a good day to celebrate the moms in your life—and prepare for retirement.
  1. Facebook Guidelines Leak Reveals the Difficult Task Before It (FB)

    The Guardian has obtained a copy of Facebook's rules and guidelines for moderating content on the platform.
  2. 3 Under-the-radar Momentum Plays (AOII, WTW)

    A basket of small cap stocks are charging higher in 2017 momentum rallies that could eventually end at much higher price ...
  3. E-commerce Earnings on the Rise (AMZN, WMT)

    E-commerce companies reported a healthy rise in earnings. But growth has come at the cost of operating margins for some.
  4. Tesla Fights to Sell Directly to America's Wealthiest (TSLA)

    Tesla hopes its promise of new jobs will enable it to start selling electric autos in Connecticut, home to some of the nation’s ...
  5. New Bitcoin Price Record: Over $2,000 Per Coin

    The price of Bitcoin has climbed to its highest point of all time, now trading at over $2000 per coin.
  6. 4 Best Personal Finance Apps for 2017

    Managing your money and hitting your financial goals has never been easier with these top personal finance apps.
Hot Definitions
  1. Ex-Dividend

    A classification of trading shares when a declared dividend belongs to the seller rather than the buyer. A stock will be ...
  2. Debt Security

    Any debt instrument that can be bought or sold between two parties and has basic terms defined, such as notional amount (amount ...
  3. Taxable Income

    Taxable income is described as gross income or adjusted gross income minus any deductions, exemptions or other adjustments ...
  4. Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA

    A professional designation given by the CFA Institute (formerly AIMR) that measures the competence and integrity of financial ...
  5. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture.
  6. The Bernie Madoff Story

    Bernie Madoff ran a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme that is considered the largest financial fraud of all time.
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