1. The Longevity Gap: Why the Rich Benefit More from Social Security

    Researchers have found that longevity is why well-off American men collect more in government retirement benefits than their ...
  2. Protecting Loved Ones Financially After You’re Gone

    A trust fund doesn't imply you don't trust your beneficiaries, it allows you to protect them.
  3. The Green Marketing Machine

    Don't let corporations greenwash their dirty laundry. Learn how to spot a phony.
  4. The Basics of Building a Tax-Efficient Portfolio

    Each income category offers different strategies and vehicles to reduce or defer taxes.
  5. Opinion: Trump's 'Tax Reform' Plan: The Rich Get Richer, You Get Screwed

    For those with money to burn, there will be more of it. For everyone else, not so much.
  6. Some Types of Index Funds Can Hurt Retirees

    When it comes time to divest, you need to be able to sell high, not low, but broad-based index funds won’t let you do this. ...
  1. Thermo Fisher Scientific: A Growth Story (TMO)

    TMO has a history of making successful acquisitions to accelerate its growth while achieving strong organic growth. Will ...
  2. Why These Drug Stocks May Surge (ALKS, ALDR, AIMT)

    Drugs in the pipeline could boost these stocks
  3. Tony Robbins: Unshakeable

    Tony Robbins discusses the danger of letting fear guide your investment decisions.
  4. Behavioral Finance Tips for Advising Your Clients

    Here's how advisors can prevent clients from making irrational investment decisions.
  5. Why Pepsi, UPS, and UTX Are Bullish on the Economy (PEP, UPS, UTX)

    Goldman Sachs says companies see greater momentum, rising expectations, expansion plans
  6. Bank of America Turns Bearish on Small-Cap Stocks

    Bank of America dumps small caps as the Russell 2000 can't keep up with the big boys.
  1. Determining a Financial Advisor's Value to You

    Who is the best advisor to help you accomplish your financial goals?
  2. Take a Smart Approach to Paying for College

    Keeping options open and communicating honestly with your college-bound kid can reduce student debt.
  3. Which Family Financial Sacrifices Are Worth It?

    What types of spending yield the greatest benefit for families?
  4. Buying a House? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Do

    Here are six things you need to do when preparing to purchase a home.
  5. How a Divorce Could Impact Your Credit Score

    How does divorce affect your credit score? It depends.
  6. What is the difference between tier 1 capital and tier 2 capital?

    Tier 1 capital is a bank's core capital, whereas tier 2 capital is a bank's supplementary capital. A bank's total capital ...
  1. First Solar Holds 200-Day MA but Chart Could Be Bearish (FSLR)

    First Solar has fallen in recent days following its tremendous rise over the past few months, but will the stock turnaround ...
  2. FitBit Tests Lows After Breaking 50-Day MA (FIT)

    FitBit has been moving steadily lower since its first quarter financial results and is now testing its lows - is it due for ...
  3. The Yield “Melt-Up” That Wasn’t

    Russ talks about why bond yields remain low this year, despite expectations of a rise.
  4. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of May 2017 (CLD, BHP)

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  5. Brazil's Political Crisis Weighs on These ETFs (EWZ, BRZU)

    A fresh political scandal in Brazil sent the nation’s stock market, together with many of the exchange-traded funds exposed ...
  6. Trump Bump to Trump Slump: Dollar Posts Worst Week in 9 Months

    The dollar was on track to record its worst week since August on Friday, having given up almost all the gains made since ...
  1. Five Charged With Insider Trading Involving U.S. Health Agency

    Five men, including a Washington political consultant and a federal employee, were criminally charged on Wednesday with engaging ...
  2. Why is business ethics important?

    No matter the size, industry or level of profitability of an organization, business ethics are one of the most important ...
  3. Banks Give European Stocks Stability, Autos Driven Lower by Fiat

    European shares, stuck just below 21-month highs for more than a week, struggled to gain momentum on Wednesday, with strength ...
  4. CF Corp. to Buy Fidelity & Guaranty for $1.8 Bln (CFCO, FGL)

    Less than a year as a public company, CF Corp. is snapping up Fidelity & Guaranty Life.
  5. Loeb Sees $20 Bln More Value From Dow-DuPont Merger

    Activist investor Daniel Loeb's Third Point LLC said Dow Chemical and DuPont could unlock $20 billion in additional value ...
  6. Save the Date for These China ETFs (ASHR, KBA)

    China A-shares will get another moment in the spotlight in June.
  1. Bunge Touches 22-Month High as Consolidation Talk Swirls

    Shares of Bunge Ltd touched a 22-month high on Wednesday, signaling investors' hopes for consolidation in the commodities ...
  2. BlackBerry Turnaround Catching Fire (BBRY)

    BlackBerry has reached a 2-year high, with improved sentiment likely to generate a sustained uptrend and even higher prices. ...
  3. British Stocks Edge Up Helped by M&S, but Miners Weigh

    UK blue chip stocks rose on Wednesday, helped by gains in Marks & Spencer after its solid results and by advances in ...
  4. Netflix Courts Controversy at Cannes (NFLX, AMZN)

    The movie-streaming service's chief content officer called it "L'Affaire de Netflix."
  5. ISS Recommends Activist Nominees for Buffalo Wild Wings Board

    Proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) recommended on Wednesday that owners of Buffalo Wild Wings stock vote ...
  6. Facebook Expands Fundraising Feature in US Market

    Facebook rolled out its personal fundraising feature to all US users, adding two new categories.
  1. Money From Your 401(k): Hardship Withdrawal vs. Loan

    In some cases it can be the right financial move to borrow from your 401(k). How to decide.
  2. Congress May Take Away Your 401(k) Tax Deduction (or Not)

    As part of overhauling the U.S. income tax system, Congress is considering taking away your 401(k) tax deduction. What will ...
  3. What Does Financial Freedom Look Like to You?

    Everyone has a different vision of financial freedom in retirement. What's yours?
  4. 5 Reasons Not to Borrow From Your Retirement Plan

    Your retirement plan should never be the first place to turn for a loan. Here's why.
  5. Don't Let These 10 Mistakes Ruin Your Retirement

    Make smart financial decisions and avoid these 10 retirement mistakes.
  6. Who Should Be Your Retirement Account Beneficiary?

    The options for beneficiary of a retirement account generally fall into these five categories.
  1. Uber Enters Logistics Industry With Uber Freight (AMZN)

    Uber Freight is an app that connects shippers with trucking companies, removing freight brokers from the equation.
  2. Apple Entering Glucose Monitoring Market With Apple Watch (AAPL)

    The company is said to be working on a continuous glucose monitoring device.
  3. Charles Schwab IRA and Roth IRA Review (SCHW)

    Charles Schwab focuses on high-service IRA and Roth IRA accounts, with a vast array of investment choices that have no fees, ...
  4. Who Is Driving IBM's Management Team? (IBM)

    Find information on some of the key executives at IBM that have kept driving the company forward in the technology sector ...
  5. Facebook Will Livestream 20 Major League Baseball Games (FB)

    The battle to broadcast live sport online heats up after Facebook wins a deal to stream Major League Baseball games.
  6. Choosing the Best Platform for Your Advisor Website

    Advisors should ask these five questions before choosing a website platform.
Hot Definitions
  1. Ex-Dividend

    A classification of trading shares when a declared dividend belongs to the seller rather than the buyer. A stock will be ...
  2. Debt Security

    Any debt instrument that can be bought or sold between two parties and has basic terms defined, such as notional amount (amount ...
  3. Taxable Income

    Taxable income is described as gross income or adjusted gross income minus any deductions, exemptions or other adjustments ...
  4. Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA

    A professional designation given by the CFA Institute (formerly AIMR) that measures the competence and integrity of financial ...
  5. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture.
  6. The Bernie Madoff Story

    Bernie Madoff ran a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme that is considered the largest financial fraud of all time.
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