1. Trump Victory A Step In The Right Direction: Carl Icahn (AGN, AIG)

    The latest bromance in town is between a billionaire investor and the President-elect.
  2. Online Estate Planning: When and When Not to Use It

    Although online estate planning can save you time and money, it’s not the smartest option for everyone. Here are some factors ...
  3. This Is How Donald Trump Actually Got Rich

    Find out how "The Donald" got his start, where he made his fortunes and why Donald Trump used the power of brand recognition ...
  4. Money Market Rates: Finding the Best Accounts in 2016

    This helpful rate calculator quickly shows you where to find the highest interest rate on a money market account.
  5. What Clinton's Stance on the Rich Means for Advisors

    Hillary Clinton’s references to a progressive approach to dealing with Wall Street and the wealthy has some advisors concerned.
  6. What Drives Wealthy Donors and How to Advise Them

    New research about high net worth philanthropy shows that values drive giving decisions—and that donors plan to keep on giving ...
  1. 8 Essential Tips For Retirement Saving

    Whether you're a saver or a financial advisor who wants to give clients a leg up, these 8 tips are essential for financial ...
  2. 5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Financial Advisor

    Finding a advisor is an emotional and financial investment. Make sure you choose one who will provide the support you need ...
  3. Trumped: Why Bank Stocks' Surge May Not Last

    Bank stocks surged by hundreds of billions of dollars in value in November, spurred by Trump's surprise victory. But the ...
  4. Healthcare Costs in 2018: The Great Unknown

    Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act and has nominated to his cabinet the perfect man to help. But what about ...
  5. Investor Warning: The Bond Rout May Not Be Over

    The largest outflows from bond funds since 2013 and the biggest rout in Treasuries in 15 years likely signal the beginning, ...
  6. U.S. Airlines Flying to Cuba Despite Trump Doubts (AAL, JBLU)

    U.S. airlines are looking to profit from leisure travel from Cuban-Americans visiting relatives and have no plans to abandon ...
  1. How Credit Scores and Real Estate Impact Your Wealth

    Here's how credit scores impact mortgage rates and the ability to build wealth, particularly for retirement.
  2. States May Step in if Trump Changes Wall Street Regulation

    Donald Trump’s stunning election upset brings with it many questions about the future of the financial regulatory industry.
  3. Financial Steps to Take for a Prosperous 2017

    View all of your assets as one portfolio, and then invest them in multiple asset classes, whether you are retired or still ...
  4. CFP Board Partners to Mentor Young Women

    The CFP Board has partnered with a nonprofit to launch a program for high schools girls that raises awareness of financial ...
  5. How to Help Clients Who Have Become Disabled

    Disability can strike a client any time. Advisors should make sure clients are adequately insured against this risk and know ...
  6. Some Surprising Risks of Medicare Advantage Plans

    A new study finds disturbing differences in the hospital networks some Medicare Advantage plans provide. Check before you ...
  1. Stocks Move Higher During Shortened Trading Week (SPY, DIA)

    The major markets moved higher over the shortened trading week, but some technical indicators suggest overbought conditions.
  2. Steer Clear Of John Deere (DE, CAT)

    Deere has rallied into triple digits for the first time in its public history but is likely to shake out weak hands before ...
  3. Diamondback Brokerage Recommendations (FANG)

    FANG continues its climb. It has nearly doubled in value since the beginning of 2016, and brokers see no reason to sell.
  4. Actively Managed ETFs That Beat the Market (TTFS, SPY)

    Only one actively managed ETF has beaten the S&P 500 over the last five years. Here it is, and its outlook.
  5. Devon, Marathon, WPX Have Similar Charts (DVN, MRO)

    When three energy stocks show the same chart pattern, something is going on. Either a breakthrough is coming or a tumble ...
  6. Chart of the Week: Time to Rethink Diversification

    We believe it's time to rethink how to diversify, as bond yields are rising and U.S. Treasuries' inverse relationship with ...
  1. The Top 4 Starbucks Shareholders (SBUX)

    Howard Schultz may be stepping down as CEO, but he remains one of the coffee juggernaut's largest shareholders--for now. ...
  2. Enterprise Chart May Portend More Dips Ahead (EPD)

    EPD’s chart has turned bearish while the rest of the energy sector looks bullish.
  3. Biogen's Gene Therapy Pipeline Bolstered (BIIB)

    Biogen’s spinoff Bioverativ remains on track for public listing in early 2017, and gets two key hemoglobinopathy programs ...
  4. Dillon’s Diamond Hill Dumped These Stock Giants (AAPL, FB)

    According to TipRanks data, Diamond Hill generated an impressive 6.29 percent return for investors in the last quarter.
  5. Mortgage Pre-Approval: Understanding The Process

    Understand the mortgage pre-approval process and why getting a pre-approved mortgage is important for would-be homeowners. ...
  6. iPhones Shut Down Unexpectedly Due To Battery Problems (AAPL)

    It could be a hardware or an iOS update issue. So are there any phones that do not have battery problems right now?
  1. Sustainable Value: My Favorite Term

    Cable exec Leo Hindery shares his favorite financial term.
  2. Biogen's MS Drug Faces Patent Challenge (BIIB)

    Biogen’s multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera, which accounts for one-third of the company’s revenue, is up for a patent challenge.
  3. 3 Tech Stocks To Buy For The Bounce (MSFT, TXN)

    Big tech has been sold aggressively in recent weeks but a handful of components have held up exceptional well and could lead ...
  4. Halliburton A Better Buy Than Schlumberger (HAL, SLB)

    Both oil services giants should gain ground into 2017 but Halliburton has carved a much stronger technical pattern.
  5. Is HPE a Private-Equity Takeover Target? (HPE)

    CEO Meg Whitman championed HPE's slim down via two large scale spinoffs. As the company transforms, analysts consider the ...
  6. Big Lots Provides BIG Guidance (BIG)

    Forward looking guidance is giving Wall Street something to smile about.
  1. How to Spot Pension Fraud

    Don't let pension fraud threaten your livelihood after retirement. Here's what to watch out for.
  2. How Compounding Benefits Your Retirement Savings

    Allowing growth on your investments to compound over time gives you immense returns when saving for retirement.
  3. What's Killing Long-Term Care Policies?

    The long-term care insurance industry has fallen on hard times due to these factors.
  4. ETFs: Coming Soon to 401(k) Plans

    The new fiduciary rule could drive more 401(k) plans to include ETFs, which are typically lower cost investments than mutual ...
  5. Here's Why You Should Create an Estate Plan

    Because there are many nuances to asset distribution, an estate plan should be customized for you and your family.
  6. The Impact of Student Debt on Retirement Savings

    The burden of student loan debt can hinder the ability to save long term for retirement
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  1. Nonfarm Payroll

    A statistic researched, recorded and reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics intended to represent the total number ...
  2. Conflict Theory

    A theory propounded by Karl Marx that claims society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition for limited resources. ...
  3. Inflation-Linked Savings Bonds (I Bonds)

    U.S. government-issued debt securities similar to regular savings bonds, except they offer an investor inflationary protection, ...
  4. Peak Globalization

    Peak globalization is a theoretical point at which the trend towards more integrated world economies reverses or halts.
  5. Phishing

    A method of identity theft carried out through the creation of a website that seems to represent a legitimate company. The ...
  6. Insurance

    A contract (policy) in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an ...
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