1. Three Documents You Shouldn't Do Without

    Estate planning is not just about the division of assets after you die. Read on to save your loved ones extra grief.
  2. Four Big Investor Errors

    These simple lessons can cut your losses
  3. Compensation Myths: Burger Flipper Vs. Investment Banker

    Though these two jobs are perceived as being opposites, the compensation can be quite comparable.
  4. How To Be a Conservative Investor

    It may not be the most exciting path to take in the investing world, but conservative investing is an extremely safe bet. ...
  5. Savings Tips for Pro Athletes and Celebrities

    Saving while you're making money to cover the leaner times is important, no matter who you are.
  6. The 7 Best Books for Nervous Investors to Read

    Educating yourself can make it easier to invest in uncertain times. These seven books may help.
  1. 4 Keys to a Satisfying Retirement

    As these four factors illustrate, successful retirement planning takes more than entries in a spreadsheet into consideration. ...
  2. Why Stock Picking Is a Loser's Game

    If you are trading in and out of individual stocks and you are not illegally insider trading, you are a total loser. Here's ...
  3. Youth and Roth IRA Equals a Solid Retirement Plan

    Educating yourself on retirement savings opportunities at the start of your career can have a huge impact on your personal ...
  4. 10 Things to Do Before Retirement

    Preparing for retirement isn't all about finances. Some steps to get you there will be more subjective, and more fun.
  5. What to Do to Prepare for Retirement

    Here is a retirement checklist that offers many things to think about, from ten years before retirement to just after yours ...
  6. An Introduction to Asset Allocation

    A portfolio is only as strong as its asset allocation. To create the right one, investors need to determine their risk tolerance, ...
  1. A Sensible Approach to Allocating Wealth

    Allocating wealth involves protecting lifestyle over the long term and wealth creation.
  2. Plan for the Inevitable: How We Can Prepare for Death

    Preparing for death doesn't just include getting your financial house in order.
  3. 5 Myths About the Financial Advisory Business

    This is the difference between myth and reality in the financial advisory world.
  4. What Happens When Women Fail to Plan Financially

    Women who fail to understand their finances do so at their own peril.
  5. Banks Say "Too Big" Is Best Amid Cries for Breakup (BAC, JPM)

    Top executives at JPMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo fight calls for break up.
  6. States That Have the Most Telecommuting Jobs

    If you're wondering where all the telecommuting jobs are, a new study from FlexJobs has the answers.
  1. The First-Ever Ethereum IRA is a Game-Changer

    With the launch of Ethereum IRA, investors can deploy funds in Ethereum for retirement purposes through a self-directed IRA. ...
  2. The Contrarian: Forget Disney! Apple Should Look to Buy Netflix Instead

    Last week, RBC said that Apple should buy Disney. We have an alternative proposal: Apple should buy Netflix instead.
  3. S&P 500 Overvalued on Almost Every Metric

    Metrics and equity markets remain out of sync, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch says.
  4. Yahoo Poised to Tumble After Strong Start to 2017

    Fundamental and technical analysis point to additional pain for Yahoo in the coming weeks
  5. President Trump's Many Stances on Monetary Policy

    Where does President Trump stand on interest rate policy? No one really knows.
  6. Jay Jacobs on Most Interesting Chart in the Market

    Global X's Director of Research Jay Jacobs, CFA shares his most interesting chart.
  1. Schlumberger Expects Reactivation Costs to Squeeze Margins

    Schlumberger NV warned on Friday that margins would remain under pressure as the oilfield services provider spends more to ...
  2. Goldman Names Kirk, Lee to New Investment Bank Engineering Role

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc has named Marie Louise Kirk and George Lee as co-heads of engineering for its investment bank, a ...
  3. Hard Times Ahead for the Oil Services Sector (OIH, SLB)

    Weak Schlumberger earnings have put additional pressure on the lagging oil services sector, raising odds for a major breakdown. ...
  4. Barclays Upgrades Costco on Comps Growth

    Barclays upgrades Costco to overweight, saying the wholesale club will see improved traffic in 2H16.
  5. Markets Back Dimon Not Kashkari on Too-Big-to-Fail

    (The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.)
  6. Facebook Looking for New Exec to Fight Fake News

    The company reportedly wants to hire a tech or news veteran to focus solely on the vexing issue.
  1. Facebook Looking for New Exec to Fight Fake News

    The company reportedly wants to hire a tech or news veteran to focus solely on the vexing issue.
  2. Buyer Beware Steep Discounts on Romania's Investment Funds, Investors Say

    When Romania listed five investment funds in 1999 as part of a mass privatisation drive, millions of citizens received a ...
  3. Lowe's Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Monday (LOW)

    Lowe's will send its dividend payment on May 10 to shareholders of record as of April 26.
  4. Pier 1 Imports Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Monday (PIR)

    Pier 1 Imports will send its dividend payment on May 10 to shareholders of record as of April 26.
  5. Is GNC a Deal or a Value Trap? (GNC)

    GNC shares are down 75 percent year over year, but management is enacting a turnaround strategy.
  6. Fastenal Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Monday (FAST)

    Fastenal will send its dividend payment on May 26 to shareholders of record as of April 26.
  1. Top 4 Things to Do Before Retiring

    You owe it to yourself to head into retirement prepared. Here are four steps to help outline your best possible plan.
  2. Best Countries to Retire to and Planning for Retirement Abroad

    Mexico beats Panama out for the best country to retire to. Check out why, and other news about the best retirement countries.
  3. What Will Healthcare Cost After Retirement?

    The price tag may shock you, which is why you should do some pre-retirement calculations.
  4. Transfer Retirement Savings When You Change Jobs

    Half of Americans lose their nest eggs when they switch careers. Learn why you should avoid this trap.
  5. Exceptions to the 60-Day Retirement Account Rollover Rule

    A non-qualified distribution might still be tax and/or penalty free under certain conditions.
  6. How to Set up a Trust Fund If You're Not Rich

    You don't need to be wealthy to create your own trust fund. Here's why and how to go about it.
  1. T-Mobile Wins Big in FCC Spectrum Auction (TMUS, DISH)

    Dish Network and Comcast are the other winners in today's spectrum auction.
  2. Amazon Releases Alexa Development Kit (AMZN, GOOG)

    The kit enbales hardware manufacturers to integrate Alexa into their devices.
  3. Robo-Advisor (Robo-Adviser)

    Robo-advisors are digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no ...
  4. Tesla Gaining Ground in Used Car Markets (TSLA, GM)

    The electric car maker's used Model S vehicles sell faster and at a higher premium compared with other luxury car models.
  5. 4 Takeaways From Bezos' Annual Letter (AMZN, AAPL)

    The Amazon CEO's annual shareholder letter contains nuggets of wisdom about building companies and always remaining in Day ...
  6. Dumb Home: Burger King Pwned Google Home

    Burger King ad maniputlates Google Home, pranksters have a field day.
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  1. Majority Shareholder

    A person or entity that owns more than 50% of a company's outstanding shares. The majority shareholder is often the founder ...
  2. Competitive Advantage

    An advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate greater sales or margins and/or retain more customers ...
  3. Mutual Fund

    An investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities ...
  4. Wash-Sale Rule

    An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule that prohibits a taxpayer from claiming a loss on the sale or trade of a security ...
  5. Porter Diamond

    A model that attempts to explain the competitive advantage some nations or groups have due to certain factors available to ...
  6. Oligopoly

    A market structure in which a small number of firms has the large majority of market share. An oligopoly is similar to a ...
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