Traders can apply Bollinger Bands® to any price chart in the MetaTrader 4 platform. To add Bollinger Bands®, choose one of the three methods available to add indicators:

1. Click on the "Add Indicators" icon in the top toolbar to view a list of available indicators. The indicators are categorized under the "type" of indicator, such as Trend, Oscillators and Volumes. Click "Trend" to reveal the sub-menu, and then select "Bollinger Bands®," as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Click on the Indicators icon in the Main Toolbar, select "Trend" and then "Bollinger Bands®."

2.Click Insert on the top toolbar and select "Indicators." Next, select "Oscillators" and then "Bollinger Bands®," as shown in Figure 3.

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Figure 3: In the Main Menu > Insert > Indicators > Trend > Bollinger Bands®.

3. In the "Navigator" window, click to open the Indicator list, and find Bollinger Bands®, as shown in Figure 4. Double-click Bollinger Bands®, right-click and select "Attach to a chart," or drag-and-drop to add the indicator to a price chart.

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Figure 4: Locate Bollinger Bands® in the "Navigator" window and double-click, right-click and select "Attach to a chart," or drag-and-drop to add Bollinger Bands® to an active price chart.

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