1. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Introduction
  2. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Trade Bar
  3. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Chart Trading
  4. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Modifying Orders
  5. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Depth Of Market
  6. How To Place A Trade Using MultiCharts Trading Software: Conclusion
MultiCharts is a robust trading platform that offers users the ability to trade using three order-entry interfaces: the Trade Bar, Chart Trading and Depth-of-Market. In addition to manual order entry, MultiCharts supports fully automated trading that takes the emotion out of trading and allows for more precise trade management. Traders can perform backtesting on historical data, optimize strategies and review strategy performance reports as part of developing viable trading systems. MultiCharts supports TradeStation EasyLanguage (EL) functionality, maintaining compatibility with an extensive existing base of EL studies while offering the advanced features of the MultiCharts PowerLanguage programming environment. The PowerLanguage Editor is included in the MultiCharts platform.

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