Finding chart patterns along with other technical signals is as easy as going to the Finviz homepage. Part way down the page there is a section, which lists ticker symbols corresponding to a "signal." Signals include trend channels, double tops, wedges and triangles, to list a few. Each signal has four stocks listed beside it, which have (or recently had) price action corresponding to the signal.

Figure 1. Summary Chart Pattern List

Figure 1 shows the signals available, along with stocks that have those signals present on their chart (symbols will often change daily).

Simply holding the mouse over a ticker symbol will create a pop-up chart, allowing traders to quickly scan through a large number of stocks, finding the ones that suit their needs. For instance, at the time of writing, Sprint Nextel was listed under the "Channel" signal. Hovering the mouse over the ticker "S" brings up the chart with the current chart patterns drawn on it; see Figure 2.

Figure 2. Pop-Up Chart with Patterns

The summary signals can be beneficial. However, only four stocks can be shown for each signal at a time. That means there are potentially many other signals available, which the trader may be missing if they only look through the stocks listed on the home page.

Also, the stocks are somewhat random in that some stocks may have lots of volume, big market capitalization or almost no volume and very small capitalizations. In other words, the stocks shown may not suit the trading style of the trader or may not specifically be what the trader is looking to trade. When the summary list cannot provide the chart pattern and stock combination needed, the comprehensive Finviz stock screener can be used.

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