1. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Introduction
  2. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Software Installation
  3. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Main Screen
  4. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Charts And Settings
  5. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Trading
  6. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Advanced Features
  7. Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Conclusion

Among its advanced features, Fidelity's ATP integrates a variety of tools to help traders perform research, stay current with news, execute Alerts to remain informed of changing market conditions and place conditional orders.

To access a variety of Research tools, in the Main Menu select Tools > Research and select from the list, as shown in Figure 26.

Figure 26: ATP\'s research tools.

By clicking on any of these commands, a new window will open that contains the specific research information, such as Analyst Opinions, SEC Filings or Technical Analysis.

Traders can view important messages and alerts from within ATP. A number of alerts can be set up, including alerts for:

  • Trade confirmations and order status

  • Margin calls/option assignments

  • Price triggers

  • Account activity

  • Corporate actions

  • ATP education and tips

  • Fixed income actions

  • New issue offerings/IPOs

  • Data download errors

  • Product information

  • Cash management
In the Main Menu select Edit > Preferences > Alerts to open the Preferences window (see Figure 27) and customize alerts.

Figure 27: Alerts can be customized in the Preferences window.

Conditional Orders
Fidelity's ATP application supports conditional order placements. To open the Conditional order entry window, in the Main Menu select Tools > Trade > Conditional. The window, which appears in Figure 28, allows traders to specify OCO (One Cancels Other) and OTO (One Triggers Other; sometimes referred to as OSO orders, or One Sends Other) orders.

Figure 28: Placing conditional orders.
Beginner's Guide To Fidelity's Active Trader Pro: Conclusion

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