1. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Introduction
  2. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Software Installation
  3. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: MultiCharts Application Window
  4. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Charts And Settings
  5. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Trading
  6. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Depth Of Market
  7. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Advanced Features
  8. Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Conclusion

Upon successful installation, traders can double-click on the icon to launch the program. The MultiCharts Application Window will appear, consisting of Toolbars, Workspaces and Windows. Toolbars
Toolbars provide convenient access to commonly used functions. The functions can also be accessed by using the menus; however, the toolbars provide one-click access. There are six toolbars:

  1. Main Toolbar

    Figure 8: MultiCharts Main Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com

  2. Control Toolbar

    Figure 9: MultiCharts Control Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com

  3. Chart Analysis Toolbar

    Figure 10: MultiCharts Chart Analysis Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com

  4. Resolution Toolbar

    Figure 11: MultiCharts Resolution Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com

  5. Drawing Toolbar

    Figure 12: MultiCharts Drawing Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com

  6. Command Line (to change active chart's resolution or symbol)

    Figure 13: MultiCharts Command Line Toolbar window
    Source: www.multicharts.com
All toolbars are displayed by default. To hide a toolbar, select View in the main menu > Toolbars > uncheck the toolbar that is to be hidden. To redisplay a toolbar, select View > Toolbars > check the toolbar that is to be displayed.

Toolbars are displayed docked to the top of the application window by default. Any toolbar can be made into a floating toolbar, allowing it to be positioned anywhere, or hidden if it is not needed.

Toolbars can be made floating by:

  • Double-clicking the move handle of a docked toolbar, or

  • By positioning the mouse pointer over the toolbar's move handle, left-clicking and dragging the toolbar into position.
Toolbars can be docked by:

  • Double-clicking the toolbar's title bar, or

  • By positioning the mouse pointer over the title bar, left-clicking and dragging to any of the four borders of the application window. Releasing the mouse button will dock the toolbar.
Workspaces help manage the information that appears on the trader's monitor. Each Workspace can contain multiple windows, and several Workspaces can be open at the same time. Traders can create, save, open, close, rename and delete Workspaces, as well as switch between Workspaces that are open in the Application Window. The Main Toolbar contains four icons related to the various functions regarding Workspaces:

  • New Workspace

  • Save Workspace

  • Open Workspace

  • Close Workspace
The MultiCharts platform comes with a "Stocks Demo Workspace" and an "Indices Demo Workspace" that illustrates how multiple price charts can be used to construct a single Workspace, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 8: MultiCharts Main Toolbar window
Source: www.multicharts.com

SEE: Multiple Time Frames Can Multiply Returns

Chart Windows contain charts, studies and drawings. The number of Windows that can be added to Workspaces is limited only by the trader's computer configuration. Only one Window is active at a time in Workspaces with multiple Windows. The active window is the window to which any changes will be applied. To make a Window active:

  • Left-click anywhere on the Window, or

  • Select Window in the main menu and click the name of the Window.
The Window's title bar will change color to reflect that it is the active Window. Windows can be moved within a Workspace or detached and moved anywhere on the computer's desktop. Windows can also be arranged in any order, resized, maximized, minimized and closed (which deletes it from the Workspace).

An active Window can be copied along with its settings, data series and studies and pasted to any open Workspace.

To copy an active Window:

  • Select File in the main menu > Copy Window, or

  • Use Ctrl + Shift + C hot key combination.
To paste the copied Window:

  • Select File in the main menu > Paste Window, or

  • Use Ctrl + Shift + V hot key combination.
Beginner's Guide To MultiCharts Trading Platform: Charts And Settings

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