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Once the trader has chosen a layout - either by creating a custom layout or selecting one of the standard layouts - it's time to customize the data and appearance of the windows. Different windows will be displayed depending on the layout selections; dozens of configurations are available. A typical layout may include the Order Entry, Chart, Quote Grid and Positions windows, as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12 - A sample layout with Order Entry, Chart, Quote Grid and Positions windows.

Chart Time Periods
The charting interval can be changed by clicking on the Time Periods button in the chart's Window Toolbar, shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13 - Traders can change the charting interval by clicking the "Time Periods" button in the Window Toolbar and selecting a new interval.

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Chart Settings
A chart's properties can be customized by clicking on the Settings button in the chart's Window Toolbar. This reveals a drop-down menu (see Figure 14) from which traders can make selections.

Figure 14 - Click on "Settings" in the chart\'s Window Toolbar to customize the chart.

From here, users can change such features such as the chart style (such as OHLC or Candlestick), or show (or remove) dividends and splits. By selecting "Configure Individual Chart," traders can customize the appearance of the chart, including the colors for various objects (see Figure 15). Make any selections, and click "OK" to close the window.

Figure 15 - From a chart, click the Settings button and then "Configure Chart Settings" to modify the appearance of a chart.

Other windows - such as the Quote Grid or Positions windows - can be similarly customized by clicking on Settings in the appropriate Window Toolbar.

Drawing Tools
Figure 16 shows the drawing tools that are available by clicking on the Draw button in a chart's Window Toolbar. Traders can add to any price chart drawing objects, including Trendlines, Gann Angles, Fibonacci objects and Shapes.

Figure 16 - Click "Draw" in the Window Toolbar to access drawing tools that can be applied to any price chart.

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Adding Chart Studies
Traders can apply several technical analysis tools to any price chart. ScottradeELITE comes with dozens of popular technical analysis studies, including ADX, Average True Range, MACD, Pivot Points, Stochastics and Volume. To add a study to a price chart, in the chart's Window Toolbar > Studies > Add New Study > [desired study], or right-click on the price chart > Studies > Add New Study > [Study], as shown in Figure 17. The Plot Config dialog box appears. Configure the chart studies as desired and click "OK" to save the study.

Figure 17 - Right-click and select Add New Study to select from a variety of technical indicators to apply to the price chart.

If more than one symbol is on a chart, specific studies can be applied to one symbol by clicking Settings in the chart's Window Toolbar > Set Changeable Symbol > [symbol].

Quote Grid
The Quote Grid (see Figure 18) allows traders to view selected information for numerous symbols, all within one window. A new Quote Grid can be opened from the following path: Main Toolbar > Quotes.

Figure 18 - ScottradeELITE\'s Quote Grid displays any number of trading symbols and a variety of technical and fundamental data.

The Quote Grid window appears with all fields blank. An unlimited number of symbols can be entered into the Quote Grid, along with customizable fields. Click Symbols Lists from the Window Toolbar to create or modify lists. Click Settings to customize visual settings, such as grid background color, or tailor the fields that appear within the Quote Grid, as shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19 - Traders can customize the fields that appear within the Quote Grid window.

To customize the fields, highlight the desired field in the "Available" column and either double-click or press the right arrow button to send the field to the "Selected" column. Conversely, remove a field by double-clicking it in the "Selected" column, or by using the left arrow to send it back to the "Available" column. Click "OK" to close the window. The new fields will now appear in the Quote Grid window.

Beginner's Guide To ScottradeELITE Online Trading - Trading
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