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ScottradeELITE utilizes three basic methods of navigation:

  • The Main Menu Bar, which offers drop-down menus
  • Screen-specific buttons/icons within each screen
  • Right-Clicking to bring up screen-specific options menus
The ScottradeELITE Main Window consists of six primary sections, shown in Figure 6:

  • Main Menu Bar - provides access to the menus
  • Toolbars - provides access to various options and tools
  • Windows - display charts and quote grids
  • Window Toolbars - window-specific toolbars to look up symbols and customize windows
  • Layouts Tab Bar - to view and select a different layout views
  • Status Bar - displays real-time market summary

Figure 6 -The ScottradeELITE Main Window includes the Main Menu Bar, Toolbars, Windows, Window Toolbar, Status Bar and Layouts Tab Bar. Image courtesy Scottrade, Inc.

Main Menu Bar
Like other Windows-based programs, any menu in the Main Menu Bar can be clicked to reveal a variety of menu options. The Wizard menu can be selected to complete custom tasks, such as creating an alert or layout, or to export/import data. Use the System menu to manage and save a layout, manage subscriptions, view and manage symbol lists, view system settings, add and manage hot key mappings, log off an account or to exit the ScottradeELITE session. The Market Data menu allows traders to view and set up market windows, view and manage alerts, access the Research menu and look up symbols. The Trading menu allows traders to view information about and the status of the account and orders. The Windows menu shows the options for the appearance of the toolbar and the windows. Lastly, the Help menu shows the options for finding information about using ScottradeELITE.

The Toolbars can be viewed either as the default Standard Buttons, or simply as icons, as illustrated in Figure 7. In the Main Menu, select Windows > Main Toolbar View > Standard Buttons to show the Standard Buttons (which include both the icon and the name of the icon); or in the Main Menu, select Windows > Main Toolbar View > Icon Buttons to show just the icons.

Figure 7 -The Toolbars can be viewed as Standard Buttons (top) or simply as icons (bottom).

Window Toolbar
The Window Toolbar is a windows-specific toolbar that enables the trader to look up a symbol and customize the window. An example of a Window Toolbar is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8 - This Window Toolbar accompanies a Chart window and allows the trader to choose a symbol and customize the window.

Status Bar
The Status Bar displays a real-time market summary with the current status of the indexes (Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500) along with the account number, positions, orders, buying power, server and time. If one the indexes hits a new high or low for the day, it will flash a darker green for the new high, or a darker red for the new low.

Layouts Tab Bar
The Layouts Tab Bar allows traders to select from a variety of layout views. A layout refers to the look and feel of the entire ScottradeELITE platform (a template is an individual screen or window within the platform). Both layouts and templates are fully customizable. To create a custom Layout, from the Main Menu select Wizards > Layout Wizard (see Figure 9).

Figure 9 - In the Main Menu select Wizards > Layout Wizard to customize the layout of ScottradeELITE.

The Wizard will take users through the steps of customizing a layout, including:

  • Choosing the layout template - select from layouts that are designed for specific functions
  • Window Setup - to customize each window to display the appropriate information
  • Saving the Layout - to name and save the layout so it can be easily accessed in the future
The Layouts Template window has tabs with different types of layouts (see Figure 10). Each tab can be clicked on t display a list of available templates. Click on any template (such as "General #1" for example) to view a preview of the template and read its description. Select the desired template and click "Next" to continue.

Figure 10 - The Layout Templates window allows traders to preview and read about each layout prior to making a selection.

Follow the step-by-step Wizard instructions to save the Layout Template (see Figure 11) and complete the process. The new Layout will automatically launch.

Figure 11 - Saving a Layout using the Layout Wizard.

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Beginner's Guide To ScottradeELITE Online Trading - Charts And Settings
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