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The TradeManager window displays trade and account activity. All orders are logged in the TradeManager window in real-time, and are color-coded so traders can quickly identify order status. In addition to viewing order history, traders can quickly close positions and cancel orders from the TradeManager window.

Figure 26 - TradeManager

To open the TradeManager window:

  • From the Tools Toolbar, select the TradeManager icon, or
  • From the Shortcut Bar, select the TradeManager icon
The filter bar is located in the upper section of the TradeManager window, and contains information regarding symbol, accounts, status and timeframe. To view or hide the filter bar, click on View in the main menu > Account Filter Bar (check to view the filter bar; uncheck to hide).

Several tabs where order information can be viewed are located below the filter bar. Each tab contains columns that can be used to sort account information. There are tabs for:

  • Orders - all open, filled and rejected orders for a specified range
  • Average Price - average price of all filled orders
  • Staged Orders - pre-formatted orders that are saved on the user's computer so they can be manually sent
  • Positions - displays positions that are currently open
  • Strategy Orders - information about trades generated by a trading strategy
  • Strategy Positions - to track strategy positions against "real" positions
  • Balances - detains all financial activity
  • Messages - displays trade status information from the order server and ECNs for the current user session
Beginner's Guide To Tradestation Trading Software: Advanced Features

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