1. An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: Introduction
  2. An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: iPhone
  3. An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: Android
  4. An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: MetaTrader 4 Mobile
  5. An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: Conclusion

The free MT4 app for Android, shown in Figure 4, is available for smartphones or tablet PCs powered by Android OS 2.1 and higher. MT4 for Android includes the same features as MT4 for iPhone:

  • There are 30 popular technical indicators (such as ATR, Bollinger Bands, CCI, MACD, RSI and Stochastic Oscillator)

  • Bar, candlestick and line charts

  • Complete set of trade orders, including pending orders

  • Complete trading history

  • Customizable indicator graphics (such as color, line width, etc.)

  • Offline mode for prices and charts

  • Real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll

  • Seven timeframes (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1)

  • Trade directly from the chart

  • View and manage watch lists
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Figure 4: MetaTrader 4 for Android.
Image Courtesy: www.metaquotes.net

Like the iPhone app, traders can toggle between timeframes and quickly access Quotes, Charts, Trade (see Figure 5), History and Settings screens.

Figure 5: An example of the Trade screen in MetaTrader 4 for Android.
Image Courtesy: www.metaquotes.net

The MT4 app for Android can be downloaded from the MetaQuotes website (www.metaquotes.netand mouse over "MetaTrader 4" and select "Mobile Trading" from the drop-down menu); directly through the Google play Store by searching for "MetaTrader 4," (as shown in Figure 6) or through your broker's website, if available.

Figure 6: Search for "MetaTrader 4" in Google play to download the app for Android.
Screenshot: www.play.google.com

An Overview Of The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App: MetaTrader 4 Mobile

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