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October 1 - Germany will release its PMI Manufacturing Index, where traders will be looking for a reading above last period's 44.7 reading, as concerns remain that the eurozone's weakness may eventually take a toll on the country's output. Meanwhile, the U.S. will release its ISM Manufacturing Index, where traders will be looking for an improvement over last period's 49.6 reading, particularly after last month's lackluster reading. The indicators are important, given the manufacturing sector's strong influence on jobs in developed countries.

October 3 - Germany, Britain and the European Monetary Union will release their PMI Services Indexes. Traders will be looking for improvements over last period's 48.3, 53.7 and 47.2 readings, as all of the economies continue to struggle with a slowdown. These readings are important, since these countries have very large service-based economies.

October 4 - The European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of England (BOE) and U.S. Federal Reserve are all expected to make announcements. Traders will be monitoring these announcements for any cues for interest rate or monetary policy changes. Meanwhile, U.S. Jobless Claims data will also be released, providing key insights into the troublesome employment situation in the U.S.

October 5 - The U.S. will release its employment data, providing insight into the health of the U.S. economy. Traders will be watching for any improvement over last period's 96,000 reading, signaling an improvement in the U.S.'s troubling employment picture, which could spark a rally in the U.S. dollar. Meanwhile, Britain will release its Producer Price Index (PPI), which came in at 0.5% last period, providing insight into any potential inflation or deflation.

October 10 - The Bank of Japan will release its MPB Minutes, which will provide the market with key insights into the country's economy. In particular, traders will be watching for signs that its additional monetary stimulus is working to support a recovery.

October 12 - Italy will release its Consumer Price Index (CPI), providing key insights into inflation and deflation, while the European Monetary Union (EMU) will release its Industrial Production report. Traders will be watching both reports for signs of improvement in the trouble eurozone, while monitoring the Industrial Production report in particular for any gains outside of Germany.

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October 16 - Britain will release its Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) data, which will provide the markets with key insights into inflation or deflation. Traders will be comparing the PPI readings from this period with last period's 0.5% reading to gauge whether or not deflation will become a concern again for the struggling economy.

October 17 - Britain will release its Labor Market Report, which will provide key insights into the health of its economy. In mid-September, the country's unemployment rate fell to 8.1%, and traders will be watching for a continuation of this trend.

October 21 - Japan will release its Merchandise Trade data, providing some insight into the country's economy. A stronger reading would help allay concerns of a slowdown, while a weak reading could be particularly troublesome given the country's recent stimulus action.

October 25 - Britain will release its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is one of the most watched indicators for the USD/GBP currency pair. The reading is especially important now, as the country is struggling with a rising deficit; any miss in GDP could result in a higher-than-expected debt-to-GDP reading, which could trouble bond markets.

October 29 - Japan will release its Industrial Production report, showing the markets what's happening in its export-driven economy. The country has been suffering from poor performance over the past few months, which has driven analyst expectations to a low, particularly given the weak ratings in the country's PMI Manufacturing Index.

October 30 - The European Monetary Union will release its EC Economic Sentiment report, which will provide the market with insights into consumer and business sentiment. Traders will be watching for any improvement in sentiment, particularly following the breakthroughs made in September by politicians and the ECB.

October 31 - The European Monetary Union is set to release its HICP Flash, providing a gauge of the region's inflation or deflation. Traders will be watching for any deviations from the norm, suggesting that there could be problems.

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