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September 3 - The Germany PMI Manufacturing Index will provide insight into Germany's economic growth and the effects of the rest of the eurozone on it. Traders will be looking for an improvement over the last period's 43.0 reading for signs of a recovery.

September 4
- The U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index will provide an idea of where the U.S. manufacturing sector - a key driver of U.S. jobs - is headed. Traders will be looking for any improvements over last period's 49.8 reading, as well as continued readings above the key 42.5 level - the point at which the sector begins to contract.

September 5
- PMI Services Index data is expected from Germany, Britain and the European Monetary Union, with traders looking for readings above 50.3, 51.0 and 47.9, respectively. The readings are important, because these countries have very large service-based economies.

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September 7 - Great Britain will release its Producer Price Index, which is a leading indicator for the Consumer Price Index and inflation. Traders will be watching the indicator closely amid concerns that the country's inflation could expand if growth resumes too quickly.

September 9
- Japan will release its Gross Domestic Product figures, which is one of the most important statistics to watch. Traders will be looking for any signs of improvement after the country stumbled last month, while a weak reading could spur some stimulus spending.

September 10
- Italy will release its Gross Domestic Product figures, which will be closely watched by the entire eurozone. Traders will be looking for any deterioration as it could signal more trouble for the crisis-ridden eurozone economies.

September 12
- Great Britain will release its Labor Market Report, which traders will be watching closely for any signs of improvement. Meanwhile, the European Monetary Union will release its Industrial Production survey, providing insight into industrial growth in the region.

September 13
- The U.S. will make its FOMC Meeting Announcement will take place at 12:30pm EST, which traders expect to result in a 0% to 0.25% rate decision. Meanwhile, Italy's CPI data will provide some insight into the region's inflation, which could affect GDP growth.

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September 18 - Great Britain will release its Consumer Price Index data, providing insight into the country's inflation rate. While it has largely avoided deflation, its inflation rate remains slightly higher than its target rate, which could cause concern in the event of a recovery.

September 19 - Japanese Merchandise Trade data is expected to be released, providing some insight into the country's economy. A stronger reading would help allay concerns of a slowdown, while a weak reading could ignite speculation of further economic stimulus.

September 20
- Great Britain will release its Retail Sales data, providing insight into the health of its consumer class. With record high unemployment, traders are looking for any signs of improvement that could help bolster the pound's strength.

September 23
- The Bank of Japan will release its MPB Minutes, which will provide some clues into the health of the country's economy and the likelihood of future central bank action. Japan has been keen on reducing the value of its currency, as it has appreciated during the euro crisis.

September 27
- Great Britain will release its GDP figures, which are among the most watched economic indicators in the market. Traders will be looking for signs of signs of additional weakness that could lead to stimulus. Meanwhile, the European Monetary Union's Economic Sentiment will be released, providing insight into the health of its economy. Finally, Japanese Industrial Production is scheduled to be released that day as well.

September 28
- The euro will be in focus this day as the European Monetary Union's HICP Flash is released, providing a gauge on the region's inflation, as well as Italy's CPI data. Traders will be watching for any deviations from the norm that could signal further trouble.

September 30
- Japan will release its Tankan survey, which will provide a comprehensive reading on the country's economic performance. Traders will be watching for any deviations from the norm in anticipation of further economic stimulus action.

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