1. How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: Introduction
  2. How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: Basic Entry
  3. How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: Chart Trader
  4. How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: SuperDOM
  5. How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: Conclusion

NinjaTrader's Basic Entry order entry window is a straightforward and efficient order entry method. To open a Basic Entry window, select File > New > Basic Entry from within the Control Center. The Basic Entry window will appear, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: NinjaTrader\'s Basic Entry order entry interface.
To submit an order using the Basic Entry order entry window:

1. Select the instrument.

2. Fill in the "Order qty" (order quantity) field.

3. Set the TIF (Time in Force) field from the drop-down list.

4. Select the ATM Strategy option, if desired, from the drop-down list.

5. Submit the order by clicking with the left mouse button on any of the Quick Buttons shown in Figure 2 (BUY ASK, BUY MARKET, BUY BID, SELL ASK, SELL MARKET, SELL BID, BUY, SELL):

Figure 2: The Quick Buttons in the Basic Entry order entry window.
6. Or, submit the order using a custom order (select the order Type, set the limit price if applicable, set the stop price if applicable, left mouse click the BUY or SELL button).

7. Confirm or cancel the order when the "Confirm Order Placement" window appears.

8. To modify the price of an order, left-click on the order line (see Figure 3) or the right section of the label on the price chart. Slide the ghost order line to the desired price level. Left-click with the mouse to complete the action.

Note: This is a click-and-click action – not a click-and-drag action.

Figure 3: Order lines can be moved via a click-and-click action to modify an order.
9. To cancel an order, left mouse click on the red "X" on the order marker.

10. To close an order, click the "Close" button on the Basic Entry window.

SEE: Understanding Order Execution

How To Place A Trade Using NinjaTrader Trading Software: Chart Trader
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