NinjaTrader's Chart Trader is a user-friendly visual display that allows single-click order entry, modification and cancellation, all within an active price chart. To open Chart Trader, click on the Chart Trader icon that is in the top toolbar of any price chart. The Chart Trader interface automatically appears on the right side of the price chart, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: NinjaTrader\'s convenient Chart Trader interface, shown here on the right side of the price chart, with active orders shown on the main price chart panel.
To submit an order using Chart Trader:

1. Fill in the "Qty" (order quantity) field.

2. Select the ATM Strategy option, if desired, from the drop-down menu.

3. Submit the order by holding the mouse over the desired price level on the price chart, clicking the right mouse button and selecting the desired order type, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Selecting the desired order type in NinjaTrader\'s Chart Trader interface.

4. Or, submit the order by clicking with the left mouse button on any of the Quick Buttons shown in Figure 6 (BUY ASK, BUY MARKET, BUY BID, SELL ASK, SELL MARKET, SELL BID):

Figure 6: Quick Buttons in NinjaTrader\'s Chart Trader interface.

5. Confirm or cancel the order when the "Confirm Order Placement" window appears.

6. To modify the price of an order, left-click on the order line or the right section of the label on the price chart (see Figure 7). Slide the ghost order line to the desired price level. Left-click with the mouse to complete the action.

Note: This is a click-and-click action - not a click-and-drag action.

Figure 7: An order line in Chart Trader.
7. To cancel an order, left mouse click on the red "X" on the order marker.

8. Quickly cancel all pending orders by right-clicking while over the Chart Trader and selecting "Cancel All Orders" (see Figure 8).

Figure 8: Right-click and choose "Cancel All Orders" to cancel all pending orders.

9. Quickly close all positions by right-clicking while over the Chart Trader and selecting "Flatten Everything" (see Figure 9).

Figure 9: Right-click and choose "Flatten Everything" to close all open positions.

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