In addition to basic order entry, NinjaTrader supports advanced order types including OCO Orders (One Cancels Other; also called Order Cancel Order) and Break Out/Fade Entries. The NinjaTrader User Guide - which can be accessed by clicking on Help > Help … within the Control Center - offers detailed information regarding the placement and management of these advanced orders. Because order entry errors can be both expensive and frustrating, it is recommended that traders become sufficiently familiar with each order entry interface prior to using it in a live market with real money. The NinjaTrader platform supports simulated trading in an environment equally as robust as its fee-based "Trade Live" version. Traders can practice placing and modifying trades, as well as research trading ideas, without risking money in a live market.

Please note: The free version of NinjaTrader supports simulated trading only. To place real trades in a live market, traders must purchase a lifetime license or lease the "Trade Live" version of NinjaTrader.

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