The importance of working with competent professionals to design, implement and maintain your retirement planning goals and objectives cannot be overstated. In some cases, you will need to have more than one professional on your team. The members of your team can include:

A Financial Advisor
A financial advisor can help you with your financial planning needs, which range from simple tasks such as preparing a practical and efficient budget, to assisting you with planning your finances over your lifetime, including your retirement years. Your financial advisor can also manage your investments, including designing your investment portfolio.
A Tax Professional
A tax professional can help to ensure that you minimize the amount of income tax you pay on your income, and their services range from income tax return preparation to giving tax advice on retirement accounts and other assets.

An Estate-Planning Attorney
An estate-planning attorney can help you to design a tax-efficient estate for your beneficiaries.

Some of the services provides by these individuals will overlap. For instance, a tax professional may be able to educate you about the features and benefits of IRAs, a service which is also provided by a financial advisor. In such cases, you should consider using a professional for a service in an area in which he or she specializes, as that is in area in which he or she will have the most expertise.

Some professionals provide a one-stop solution for their clients. For instance, a financial advisor may have a tax professional, an attorney and a retirement expert on his or her team, so as to ensure that his or her clients are fully covered in all areas that affect retirement planning. This option is usually appealing to individuals who prefer to deal with one person and have that person handle all areas of their retirement and estate planning needs.

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