Pressing CTRL + I on the keyboard will open a window that lists all indicators on the active chart, shown in Figure 8. To change the inputs for the MA (or any other indicator), highlight the MA and then click "Edit." This action will open the same window that was used to identify the original inputs, including the tabs for Parameters, Levels and Visualization. Make any desired changes and click "OK" to close the window. The new inputs will be reflected in the MA.

Figure 8: To change the moving average inputs, click CTRL+ I on the computer keyboard, highlight the indicators and click "Edit."

Deleting the MA
To delete the MA from a price chart:

  • Press CTRL + I on the keyboard, highlight the MA and click "Delete," or

  • Right-click the indicator and select "Delete Indicator," as shown in Figure 9.
Figure 9: Right-click on the MA and select "Delete Indicator" to remove the indicator from the price chart.

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