1. Introduction
  2. What to Look for in a Used Car
  3. The Inspection and Test Drive
  4. How to Negotiate Prices
  5. How to Finance a Used Vehicle
  6. Conclusion

Used cars can hold a lot of appeal for buyers who need a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price. The money you’re able to save by buying used instead of new is cash you can use to pay down your other debts, grow your emergency fund or build your investment portfolio for retirement. Advances in car manufacturing mean that all cars are designed to last longer, so a used car in good condition should last a long time.

The used car buying process requires a bit more research than purchasing a new car to make sure that you’re choosing the right vehicle. You need to research the VIN number to be sure the car has no open recalls or a record of being in a accident or flood; negotiate the right purchase price and look at various financing options for the best deal. The extra effort is worth it if it allows you to find a car that fits your wish list without putting a significant strain on your finances.

The process will also work out most smoothly if you line up financing options and check on how you'll get car insurance in advance. That will let you arrange everything quickly when you find the vehicle you want. It's probably out there.

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