1. Understanding Related-Party Transactions

  2. Explaining Protectionism

  3. Understanding Organizational Behavior

  4. What is a Leasehold Improvement?

  5. Understanding the Profitability Index

  6. Calculating Net Realizable Value

  7. What is Neoliberalism?

  8. Understanding Natural Unemployment

  9. Explaining the Monte Carlo Simulation

  10. What are the Pink Sheets?

  11. Understanding Modern Portfolio Theory

  12. What's a Maturity Date?

  13. Calculating Interest Expense

  14. Explaining Idiosyncratic Risk

  15. What Does an Investment Banker Do?

  16. Calculating Unlevered Free Cash Flow

  17. Explaining Tender Offers

  18. What is a Syndicated Loan?

  19. What Does Spot Price Mean?

  20. Explaining the Volcker Rule

  21. Understanding Limited Liability

  22. Calculating Income Elasticity of Demand

  23. Understanding Implicit Costs

  24. What is a Greenshoe Option?

  25. What Does a Financial Intermediary Do?

  26. Explaining the Empirical Rule

  27. How Does a Dividend Reinvestment Plan Work?

  28. Understanding Diseconomies of Scale

  29. Explaining Demographics

  30. What are Deliverables?

  31. Calculating Degree of Financial Leverage

  32. Explaining Credit Ratings

  33. What Does a Clearing House Do?

  34. What Happens in a Carve-Out?

  35. What Does Capital Intensive Mean?

  36. Understanding Write-Offs

  37. What is a Subprime Mortgage?

  38. Explaining the Reserve Ratio

  39. How Does a Company Use Raw Materials?

  40. Understanding Product Differentiation

  41. What is a Private Company?

  42. Calculating the Present Value of an Annuity

  43. What is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)?

  44. What are Capital Goods?

  45. Understanding Capital Assets

  46. Explaining Business-to-Consumer

  47. Understanding Austerity

  48. What is an Asset-Backed Security?

  49. What is an Ad Valorem Tax?

  50. What is Year-to-Date?

  51. Explaining Tenor

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