1. What Does Asymmetric Information Mean?

  2. Calculating Book Value of Equity Per Share (BVPS)

  3. Explaining Business Risk

  4. Explaining Buy Limit Orders

  5. What is a Contra Account?

  6. Explaining Currency Swaps

  7. How to Calculate a Combined Ratio

  8. Explaining Debt

  9. Understanding Activities of Daily Living

  10. What Does Accretive Mean?

  11. What is an Impaired Asset?

  12. Calculating the Macaulay Duration

  13. Understanding Money Laundering

  14. Explaining Net Operating Profit After Tax

  15. What Does Overweight Mean?

  16. Explaining Prime Cost

  17. Understanding Savings Accounts

  18. What is a Tax Liability?

  19. Explaining Annual Returns

  20. What is a Financial Market?

  21. What is a Minority Interest?

  22. Explaining Fixed Income

  23. Calculating Funds from Operations

  24. Explaining Insurance

  25. Explaining Marginal Propensity to Consume

  26. Understanding Marketing

  27. Understanding Notional Value

  28. Understanding Operations Management

  29. What are Pork-Barrel Politics?

  30. Understanding Product Lines

  31. How to Calculate Risk Premium

  32. What is the Rule of 70?

  33. What is Terminal Value?

  34. Explaining the Value Chain

  35. Explaining Variance

  36. What is Productivity?

  37. Explaining the Glass-Steagall Act

  38. Understanding Risk-Return Tradeoff

  39. What is a "Coupon"?

  40. What is a Cyclical Stock?

  41. What Is Supply?

  42. What is a Management Buyout?

  43. Explaining the EBITDA Margin

  44. What Part of the Money Supply is M2?

  45. Understanding Green Field Investments

  46. Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)

  47. What's the Primary Market?

  48. Explaining Cash On Delivery

  49. What is Unlimited Liability?

  50. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

  51. Understanding Structural Unemployment

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