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NYU Stern Professor of Finance Aswath Damodaran tells Investopedia's Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver how he evaluates a company's stock.

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Hot Definitions
  1. Interest Expense

    The cost incurred by an entity for borrowed funds. Interest expense is a non-operating expense shown on the income statement. ...
  2. Call Option

    An agreement that gives an investor the right (but not the obligation) to buy a stock, bond, commodity, or other instrument ...
  3. Pro-Rata

    Used to describe a proportionate allocation. A method of assigning an amount to a fraction, according to its share of the ...
  4. Private Placement

    The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors as a way of raising capital.
  5. AAA

    The highest possible rating assigned to the bonds of an issuer by credit rating agencies. An issuer that is rated AAA has ...
  6. Backward Integration

    A form of vertical integration that involves the purchase of suppliers. Companies will pursue backward integration when it ...
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