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For traders to achieve true discipline, they need to more than just accept the idea.

Investors need the right psyche and mental strength to evaluate financial risks and trends. They need to separate from the influences that have molded their casual mindsets, whether these influences be family, society or the environment.

Most traders think being coldly rational, well-informed and experienced are all that matters, but psychologist and author Normal Welz argues none of those traits help if the brain is not appropriately programmed and tuned.

Trading discipline stems from changing behaviors to overcome mental resistances and fear that get in the way. The trading brain combines the right investment and market knowledge with the proper mental capabilities.

Traders who solely focus on the logical aspects of charts and trends will struggle with the emotions that influence and dominate the markets. The technical side is important, but traders must change their personality and release entrenched behaviors. This can take time and may require a coach, but discipline isn’t supposed to be simple to accomplish.

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