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John McAfee, inventor of McAfee anti-virus and infamous tech tycoon, shares his take on why anti-virus software no longer works, and why Ashley Madison proved how dangerous cyberwarfare can be. 

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    John McAfee on the IoT & Secure Smartphones

    John McAfee, inventor of McAfee anti-virus and infamous tech tycoon, sat down with Investopedia to discuss the danger of the internet of things and secure smartphones.
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    John McAfee on his Presidential Run & Decentralizing Cybersecurity

    John McAfee, inventor of McAfee anti-virus and infamous tech tycoon, tells Investopedia why he really ran for President and why the government should decentralize its cybersecurity efforts.
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    John McAfee: Investopedia Profile

    Investopedia columnist and Principal of GVA Research David Garrity sat down with John McAfee.
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    Intel Sells a Majority Stake in McAfee

    In 2011, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) paid a whopping $7.7 billion -- equal to a 60% premium at the time -- to buy anti-virus software provider McAfee. That effort to expand beyond chip manufacturing ...
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    MGT's McAfee Challenges Intel in Cybersecurity (MGT, INTC)

    MGT Capital CEO John McAfee says company is poised to kill it in the cybersecurity market despite an ongoing dispute with Intel Corp.
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    Intel's Deal Complicates McAfee Feud (MGT, INTC)

    MGT's lawsuit over the McAfee name got more complicated after Intel and TPG announced a deal to create McAfee, a standalone cybersecurity company.
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    MGT Capital Gets SEC Subpoena, Shares Fall 8% (MGT)

    MGT Capital disclosed Monday it received a subpoena from the SEC.
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    Ashley Madison Parent Company Announces New CEO

    Following last year's cyberattack, the parent company of controversial dating website Ashley Madison has announced a new CEO and president to move it forward.
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    Could Intel Exit the Data Security Business?

    It was nearly six years ago that Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) wrote a $7.68 billion check to acquire antivirus and data security provider McAfee. The plan was to meld McAfee's security solutions into ...
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    Bitmain & John McAfee to Open Bitcoin Mining Pool

    Cybersecurity guru John McAfee is way into Bitcoin.
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