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You know him for his outlandish stage presence and over-the-top rock star persona, but KISS co-founder Gene Simmons also holds a surprising portfolio of businesses, including merchandise deals, books, comics, restaurants, financial services and trademarks. A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office archives reveals Simmons even trademarked the word "motion". He sat down to discuss how a childhood public library helped him take the first steps toward creating an empire that now spans from KISS-brand Hello Kitty dolls to wealth management firms.

His latest project, "The Vault" was designed to commemorate his notable 50-year run in the music industry, and features 150 previously unreleased songs, including collaborations with Bob Dylan, members of Van Halen and fellow KISS bandmates. The sizeable CD collection arrives nestled inside a 38 pound vault. 

Starting at $2000, The Vault will be delivered by Simmons himself to the buyer's hometown. But for those wanting a more personal exchange than a meet-and-greet, Simmons offers two additional "experiences":

For $25,000, "The Producer Experience" gets one fan and a guest an initial skype call with Gene, one hour of studio time, an Executive Producer credit on the collection, and one of the first 500 vaults.

If one hour in the studio isn't enough for the most die-hard of fans, $50,000 buys "The Home Experience" where, you guessed it, Gene himself delivers the vault to the buyer's home. Beginning in December, anyone who ponies up 50 grand will be treated to a personal delivery and listening party for themselves and 25 friends. 


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