2-10 Home Buyers Warranty was founded in 1980 and offers three different home warranty plans in the contiguous United States. Homeowners who choose 2-10 can purchase a home warranty anytime—when they’re buying a home, selling a home, or when they already own their home and just want coverage for appliances and systems not typically covered by homeowners' insurance.

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Since its founding, 2-10 has covered more than six million homes and paid over 97% of claims. 2-10 stands behind its work and guarantees repairs for the duration of a homeowner’s coverage. The company has received customer complaints through the BBB but, unlike other home warranty companies, also receives praise from customers on independent review sites.

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  • Warranties available in all 48 contiguous United States

  • Repairs guaranteed for duration of coverage

  • Can purchase a warranty at any time and coverage can be renewed


  • Over 900 customer complaints through BBB

  • Costs $100 to $200 more per year than other home warranty providers

  • $100 service fee is higher than many other providers

Company Overview

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. The company offers home warranties that cover appliances and home systems not typically covered by homeowners’ insurance. Using a home warranty from 2-10, homeowners can have appliances or home systems repaired or replaced if they break or malfunction while covered. Coverage is available in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Available Plans

Homeowners who purchase a home warranty from 2-10 have three plans to choose from, in addition to numerous additional coverage options. 2-10 offers a Standard plan, which includes coverage for most major appliances and household systems, as well as a Supreme plan, which offers expanded coverage for additional or improved systems. 2-10 also offers a much simpler, cost-efficient Seller’s plan that provides coverage for homeowners who are in the process of selling their home.

One of the big benefits of home warranties from 2-10 is that they can be purchased at any time. While some home warranty companies only offer coverage at the closing of a home purchase, 2-10 coverage is available to homeowners who are getting ready to sell their house or people who already own their home and want to secure additional coverage separate from their homeowners' insurance policy.

Real Estate Plans

In addition to its plans for homeowners and sellers, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has special plans for real estate agents. However, agents have to enroll in order to get details about coverage options in their area.

Plan Pricing

The Standard plan from 2-10 starts at $465 per year, while the Supreme plan is $570. However, discounts are reportedly available in some areas, so homeowners should check for individual pricing. When we checked quotes for individual areas, we saw prices as low as $33.25 to $45.75 per month. Both plans from 2-10 have $100 service fees for homeowners who choose to file claims. However, service fees are waived for some sellers who are purchasing coverage as part of selling their home. Compared to other home warranty companies, plans from 2-10 are relatively more expensive. 2-10’s service fee of $100 is slightly higher than other providers' fees, as well.

Plan Exclusions

Each item or system covered by a home warranty from 2-10 has specific exclusions and limitations. For example, electrical system coverage from 2-10 specifically excludes whole-house fans, data wiring, meter boxes, wiring outside the home or garage, garage doors, and doorbells that are part of intercom systems. 

Additionally, home warranty coverage from 2-10 does not cover losses due to misuse, missing parts, structural movement, fire, freezing, electrical failure, electrical surge, water damage, water failure, lightning, mud, earthquake, soil or foundation movement, storms, accidents, pest damage, pet damage, mold, mildew, rot, fungus, war, terrorism, acts of God, seepage, or release or escape of any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant. For a complete list of exclusions, be sure to consult your policy documents.

Payout Caps and Limitations

The annual, aggregate limit for coverage under a 2-10 home warranty is $25,000 for covered systems and appliances, which is higher than most other home warranty providers. In addition, each system and appliance covered under a home warranty from 2-10 has specific coverage limits which are outlined in individual service agreements.

Repair Time

When a homeowner requests service from 2-10, they don’t get to pick their own repair person. Instead, 2-10 will contact a service provider within 48 hours (24 if the request is an emergency). The service provider will then contact the homeowner and schedule the repair. Most service requests are reportedly completed within five days.

In addition to its standard response time, 2-10 also offers a 24-hour response time for emergency service requests. For homeowners who request service because they have no electricity, gas, water, or toilet facilities to the entire home, a system malfunction is causing ongoing damage to the home, or there’s some condition that immediately endangers the homeowner’s health and safety, 2-10 will expedite their response and initiate service within 24 hours.

Customer Service and Claims

Customers who need to contact 2-10 customer service or file a claim can do so 24/7 by visiting 2-10.com/homeowner or calling 800-775-4736. For service requests, 2-10 will initiate service within 48 hours (24 for an emergency) and contact an independent service contractor who will schedule a service call on weekdays during normal business hours.

Homeowners who request non-emergency service outside of normal business hours will be responsible for additional fees, including overtime. Homeowners will also be responsible for any additional work performed by the service contractor. So, if you work long hours and need a contractor to do your repair outside of normal business hours, you may be responsible for paying the contractor’s overtime. 2-10 will also reimburse homeowners for costs that have been pre-authorized for covered repairs. 

As part of our review, we contacted 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty through their website and received answers to our questions within 24 hours.

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has an A rating from the BBB. While the company has over 900 complaints, 2-10 appears to answer or resolve every customer complaint. Many complaints are related to customers failing to adequately understand the limits and exclusions of their coverage; often, complaints come from customers whose coverage was established for them by the prior owners of their homes.

While 2-10 has many complaints and negative reviews through the BBB, this is not unusual for a home warranty company. What’s more telling is that the company also has many good reviews on third-party review sites, including several glowing reviews from satisfied customers.


Another home warranty company that cost-conscious homeowners may consider is Fidelity National Home Warranty. Compared to 2-10, Fidelity National is considerably (more than 25%) cheaper. However, coverage from Fidelity National is only available in 17 states, compared to 48 for 2-10. Fidelity National also has many complaints through BBB but doesn’t have many of the good customer reviews that 2-10 has received on independent review sites. If you live in a state where Fidelity National offers coverage and you want a cheaper home warranty, you might want to consider Fidelity. However, if you’re willing to pay more for fast, reliable service, choose 2-10.

Our Verdict

Overall, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a reliable home warranty company. It doesn’t offer the cheapest coverage and, like other home warranty companies, it has received plenty of complaints through the BBB. However, the company offers fast service, high coverage limits, and has received glowing reviews from customers. For those who live in the contiguous United States and are looking for a fast, reliable home warranty with higher-than-normal coverage limits, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a great option.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Key Facts