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360training offers real estate courses and training in 32 states

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Professionals who are considering a career in real estate can take their courses online thanks to schools like 360training. This online learning center offers virtual real estate pre-licensing courses and training in 14 different states, although course options vary widely. Exam prep materials are available for many states. Post-license and continuing education are available in a limited number of states. In some cases, real estate sales agent pre-licensing training is offered through 360training, but facilitated through a partner school. 

While 360training operates entirely online, the school offers a robust selection of customer service options, from online chat to free phone support seven days a week.  

One major benefit of 360training is the affordability of their courses, which cost $100+ to a few hundred dollars for a complete salesperson pre-licensing package depending on the state. 

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Low, transparent pricing

  • Affordable exam prep

  • Most courses give you one-year access to the material

  • Most courses are offered as PDFs with quizzes

  • No access to live course instructors

  • Pre-licensing courses are only available in 14 states

  • Strict 72-hour refund policy

Key Takeaways
  • With 360training, you can take real estate salesperson pre-licensing training in 14 different states.
  • The school offers real estate courses and training in many states, including continuing education, exam preparation, and post-licensing training.
  • 360training maintains that its course is accredited and also approved by the relevant state.
  • Pricing for courses at 360training varies by state, but the school is very transparent about costs. 
Company Overview

The company that owns 360training has been in operation since 1997, and they currently have physical locations in Austin, Texas, as well as Pakistan and the Philippines. While the school offers real estate training and courses that can be purchased online, some courses are offered as PDFs. 360training also partners with other schools to offer pre-licensing training in some states. For example, Nebraska customers can purchase pre-licensing training through, VanEd Real Estate School, a 360training company.

For the most part, 360training focuses on offering affordable pre-licensing training options in available service areas, along with continuing education, post-licensing training, and exam preparation courses. 

Since coursework offered through 360training is mostly delivered in a PDF training manual format, this school does not have any instructors of its own. However, VanEd Real Estate School offers packages that feature a live training component.

Courses offered through 360training are certified and approved by the relevant state.

  • Year Founded 1997
  • Kinds of Courses Real estate salesperson pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing training, continuing education
  • Number of States Where Pre-License Courses Are Offered 14 (Other courses are available in additional states)
  • Price Varies by state
  • Contact Email: Support@360Training.com; Phone: 877-881-2235
  • Official Website www.360Training.com

Individuals who want basic real estate education and training can consider 360training, an online real estate school. This virtual education center offers various real estate training courses in many different states, although pre-licensing training is only available in 14 states. Also note that 360training partners with another school within its network for salesperson pre-licensing courses in Colorado, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Many of the courses offered through 360training are delivered as PDFs with practice quizzes included. This means the training you'll receive is not very interactive, but it can still help get the job done if you're fine with studying on your own.

Pros Explained

  • Low, transparent pricing: Courses offered through this school are on the affordable side. For example, pre-licensing training in several states costs around $100 dollars.
  • Affordable exam prep: Exam prep courses are available in more states than pre-license courses and are even more affordable.
  • Most courses give you one-year access to the material: In most cases, you'll have one year to access the materials you pay for through 360training, whereas many other real estate schools give you six months.

Cons Explained

  • Most courses are offered as PDFs with quizzes: Some of the courses offered through 360training are made up of little more than PDFs with quizzes included for you to take. 
  • No access to live course instructors: Courses offered as PDFs do not come with instructors, so you do not have any interaction with real estate experts who can answer your questions.
  • Pre-licensing courses are only available in 14 states: Courses offered through 360training are rather limited, with pre-licensing training only offered through the school or its partner in 14 states.
  • Strict 72-hour refund policy: You are only eligible for a refund if you request one in writing within 72 hours of purchase, and you're immediately ineligible if you have completed 50% or more of the training.

In some states, 360training offers very minimal course options to choose from. In Vermont, for example, you can only utilize 360training for a single continuing education course.


All About Real Estate Agents and What They Do

Available Courses

The following course options from 360training may be available based on the state you want to become licensed in.

Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing

Students can pursue real estate salesperson pre-licensing training through 360training or its partner school in 14 different states. Courses vary widely, however, with some pre-licensing training delivered in PDF format and other states offering access to live instructors. 

Pre-licensing training through 360training is set up to meet licensing requirements in the states where it is offered.

Real Estate Salesperson Post-Licensing

You can also utilize 360training for post-licensing training in five different states—Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Washington. These courses vary in scope and length, yet some of the post-licensing courses are delivered in a self-paced online format.

Continuing Education

Continuing education through 360training is offered in 32 different states. Course options vary widely depending on the state license you purchase them for, but common topics include Community Ethics, Predatory Loans and Fraud, and Real Estate License Law.

Exam Preparation

Students can purchase exam preparation courses for state licensing exams in most states, although course content and pricing vary. Many exam preparation courses offered through 360training start at $79 and include study guides with practice exams.

Course Format

Most courses offered through 360training are delivered as PDFs with practice quizzes and study materials included. This means they are not really offered "online," but instead available for purchase online.

In some cases, courses offered through partner schools are delivered in a format that allows for interaction with instructors. In Colorado, for example, students who purchase a pre-licensing package get access to instructors via Q&A sessions, email, or phone. 


One interesting component of 360training is the fact the school doesn't have any instructors you can access. This makes the training center very different from real estate schools that offer coursework via recorded videos or live webinars. 

With that being said, the company says its courses are developed and updated by real estate experts. 


If you search for this school, you may be surprised to find that 360training has an overwhelming number of positive reviews. On Trustpilot, the school has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 across more than 6,000 user reviews. Meanwhile, the school has an average star rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Indeed.com.

Across both platforms, reviewers say 360training courses were worth the money, and that they helped users achieve their professional goals on a timeline that fit with their schedule.


Pricing through 360training tends to be on the affordable side, but it varies widely from state to state. To help you find a baseline for pricing, we compared course costs for various options in three different states—Florida, Georgia, and New York.

  Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing Exam Prep 
Florida $119 to $159 $79
Georgia  $210 to $255  $79 
New York  $139 to $199  $79 

Post-licensing training in the five states covered by 360training runs from $99 to $299.

Customer Service

While 360training doesn't offer the chance for personal interaction within its curriculum, the school does have quite a few customer service options. For example, you can email the school at Support@360Training.com or you can call them at (877) 881-2235. The school also offers an online chat feature through its website.

While 360training doesn't list any specific customer service hours, they do say they will reply within 24 hours.

Competition: 360training vs. Real Estate Express

If you're looking for a way to complete your real estate pre-licensing training, post-licensing training, exam preparation, or continuing education online, it makes sense to check out more than one virtual training option. To help in your search, we compared 360training to another one of our top-rated real estate schools, Real Estate Express.

  360training Real Estate Express 
Price Varies by state Varies by state
Courses Offered  Real estate salesperson pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing training, continuing education Sales associate and broker licensing courses, post-licensing courses, continuing education 
Course Format  Mostly self-paced PDF courses Livestream or self-paced courses
Availability  Pre-licensing in 14 states, more options in other states Pre-licensing in 39 states, more options in other states

Real Estate Express offers affordable real estate courses in all 50 states with pre-licensing available in 39 states. Pricing can vary depending on where you are in the country, though Real Estate Express is slightly more expensive than 360training. For example, Real Estate Express pre-licensing training in California starts at $129 and goes all the way up to $449, whereas training through 360training runs from $100 to $160.

This online real estate school also offers a broader range of course options across the United States. Some of their courses also allow for interaction with other students, as well as interactive Q&A sessions with expert instructors. If you're looking for a more interactive real estate training experience, Real Estate Express is best for helping you achieve your goals.

Final Verdict

Students who want the chance to study real estate on their own can utilize 360training for affordable classes. However, it's worth noting that course options may be limited depending on where you live. Additionally, this training program focuses heavily on offering PDF study guides and practice quizzes rather than online interaction with instructors.

Whatever you decide, it can help to think about the way you learn best, whether that's on your own or with live instruction. From there, you can determine which online real estate school makes sense for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 360training accredited?

Yes, 360training is an accredited training company. It is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Who owns 360training?

The company is currently run by CEO Tom Anderson and was acquired by PWP and Redhawk Investing in 2018. 360training also currently has an equity partnership with Vestar Capital Partners and GreyLion.

How many employees does 360training have?

Across the company, 360training has between 201 and 500 employees.

How many modules are in the OSHA 30 360 training?

The OSHA 30 general industry course covers 23 modules. There is also another version of the course, designed specifically for construction workers, that has 21 modules.


We researched and analyzed numerous facets of each real estate school with a quantitative approach in mind. Some of the elements considered include cost of the classes, course formats, accreditation, and former student reviews. We also look at the overall reputation of the provider, geographic areas where the courses are available, and instructor qualifications. Additionally, we assess how easy it is to navigate the website and whether it includes additional student resources such as blogs, webinars, and career tips.

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