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News of the day for Feb. 22, 2023

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Meeting minutes from the Federal Reserve could offer clues on the future of Fed interest rate hikes, and Nvidia reports earnings. Here’s what investors need to know today.

1. Fed Meeting Minutes May Offer Clues on Rate Hikes

Later today at 2 p.m. ET, the Federal Reserve will release minutes from its policy meeting earlier this month. Economic data released since the meeting, including a blowout jobs report and hotter-than-expected reports on consumer and producer prices suggested inflation is not cooling as quickly as previously anticipated.

2. Nvidia Bulls See AI Boost Offsetting PC Slump

Nvidia (NVDA) is expected to report its fourth-quarter fiscal results today following a 46% jump in shares this year. Nvidia shares have benefited from the frenzy over artificial intelligence (AI) stocks following the release of AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT late last year and analysts expect an upbeat outlook fueled by demand for AI applications.

3. FTC Won't Block Amazon’s Purchase of 1Life Healthcare

The FTC won't block Amazon’s purchase of 1Life Healthcare, which operates the One Medical line of primary care clinics. The FTC said it won’t block the $3.9 billion deal, but will continue to investigate the merger as Amazon substantially boosts its healthcare offerings.

4. Stellantis Posted Record Annual Profits

Jeep and Dodge maker Stellantis posted record annual profits and announced $4.5 billion in shareholder payouts. With a 26% jump in profits and a 41% jump in global battery and EV sales, the company announced a dividend increase and a stock buyback.

5. Microsoft Signs ‘Call of Duty’ Pacts with Nintendo and Nvidia

Microsoft struck a 10-year deal to bring Call of Duty and other Activision games to Nintendo’s and Nvidia’s gaming platform if the Xbox maker is allowed to complete its controversial $69 billion acquisition of Activision. The move is the latest part of Microsoft’s efforts to relieve regulators' antitrust concerns about the deal.

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