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News of the day for Feb. 27, 2023


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Seagen (SGEN) shares surge double digits on reports Pfizer is in talks to buy the biotech company, durable goods sales decline more than expected, and Amazon expands same-day delivery. Here’s what investors need to know today.

1. Seagen Shares Jump on $30 Billion Deal Talks

Seagen (SGEN) shares jumped over 15% in pre-market trading following reports that Pfizer is in talks to acquire the biotech company in a deal valued at about $30 billion. The deal would help Pfizer add a promising class of targeted cancer therapies.

2. Durable Goods Sales Drop More Than Expected

The Census Bureau reported new orders for manufactured durable goods declined more than expected by 4.5% to $272.3 billion, compared to projections of a 3% drop. 

3. Twitter Lays Off 10% of Workers

Twitter cut another 10% of its workforce. The social media company has been slashing costs following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter late last year.

4. Amazon Expands Same-Day Delivery

Amazon is expanding its same-day delivery business with fees. Amazon has been seeking to deliver packages in less than a day as shoppers have more fast delivery options than ever.

5. Ford Extends Production Delays

Ford halted production of its F-150 lightening EV for another week after a battery fire earlier this month. The move came after the NHTSA said it is holding talks with Ford over the issue.

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