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  1. Investors Remain Cautious as China Talks Resume

    Despite strong earnings and potential progress in trade talks, the major U.S. indexes could see a bit of a correction this ...
  2. Deere Double Top Could Signal 25% Decline

    Deere stock may complete an eight-month double top pattern after earnings and break down in a 25% decline.
  3. Canopy Growth Stock Could Retest Highs After Constellation Brands Deal

    Canopy Growth shares moved sharply higher after Constellation Brands upped its investment, but traders will be watching these ...
  4. J. C. Penney Stock an 'Option on Survival' After Earnings Loss

    J. C. Penney stock is not owned based upon earnings; it's a mall anchor near you to buy as an "option on survival."
  5. Real Gamers Could Drive NVIDIA Earnings

    NVIDIA shares could rally after earnings, with real gamers picking up the slack caused by a second quarter crypto sales slowdown.
  6. Retail Stocks Hit New Highs

    Despite the conception that traditional retail is dead, the Retail Sector ETF has hit new highs, suggesting that profitable ...
  7. The Uptrend in Cybersecurity Looks Poised to Continue

    Bullish chart patterns and clear guides for placing buy and stop orders in the cybersecurity sector suggest that now could ...
  8. The Trade Desk Stock Is Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Given solid earnings growth and multiple accumulation signals, The Trade Desk stock could be worth a spot in a growth-oriented ...
  9. Cisco Systems Reports Testing a Risky Level

    Cisco Systems reports earnings with a favorable dividend yield of 3.02% and the stock testing its quarterly risky level.
  10. Harley-Davidson Stock Nears Breakdown After Trump Tweet

    Harley-Davidson stock is testing three-month support after President Trump's weekend tweet and could break down to a two-year ...
  11. Alibaba Stock Falls Near Key Support Levels

    Alibaba shares have fallen due to the intensifying trade war between China and the U.S., but traders will be watching these ...
  12. 3 Charts That Suggest Agriculture Commodities Could Move Lower

    Nearby trendlines and major technical sell signals are pointing to a move lower in agricultural commodities such as corn ...
  13. Walmart Reports Earnings in Recovery Mode

    Dow component Walmart has an elevated P/E ratio of 30.16 with a reasonable dividend yield of 2.31% and a positive weekly ...
  14. Will Twitter Recover From Its Earnings Decline?

    Twitter shares have been trending sideways since its bearish second quarter financial results, but traders will be watching ...
  15. Security Firm Reports Vulnerabilities in AvaTrade Platform 

    Security firm IOActive has told a Las Vegas cybersecurity conference that AvaTrade's platform stores passwords without encryption.
  16. Mall Anchors Riding Bullish Wave Into Earnings

    Shares of major department stores could hit new highs after earnings, but long-term headwinds remain in place.
  17. Home Depot Reports Under Negative Charts

    Dow component Home Depot has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 25.53, a dividend yield of 2.10% and negative chart patterns.
  18. Emerging Markets Risk Clouds Outlook This Week

    While the U.S. economy remains relatively strong, concerns about Turkey and other emerging markets could be a drag on the ...
  19. The US Dollar Is Breaking Out

    A strong close for the U.S. Dollar Index this week could have an impact on commodities, global equity markets and other assets ...
  20. Viacom Could Enter Long-Term Uptrend

    Viacom stock is testing moving average resistance for the fourth time, raising the odds for a breakout that finally establishes ...
  21. Counter-Trend Trade in Hindustan Construction

    Although Hindustan Construction shares have been crushed year to date, the reward/risk may finally be skewed in favor of ...
  22. Walmart Could Jump 15% in Coming Weeks

    Walmart stock may have completed a rounded bottom that will support a healthy recovery rally following Aug. 16 earnings.
  23. Will Intel's Rally Close the Gap?

    Intel shares have steadily recovered from their late July lows, but traders will be closely watching these levels ahead.
  24. Berkshire Hathaway Breaks Out, Leading US Stocks Higher

    The recent breakout could be the beginning of a 25% move higher for shares of Warren Buffet's holding company.
  25. Consider Liquidating Holdings of Tesla Above Its Risky Level

    Tesla is arguably the most volatile stock so far in 2018 but can be traded based upon its daily and weekly charts and key ...
  26. T-Mobile Breakout Could Signal Big Upside

    T-Mobile stock broke out above a major trendline this week, indicating that the telecom giant's 15-month correction may be ...
  27. Broadridge Stock Is Signaling More Upside

    Broadridge shares represent a potential long-term buying opportunity given solid earnings growth and multiple accumulation ...
  28. Despite Recent Volatility, Biotech Stocks Look Poised to Pop

    Recent news from a leading gene therapy company highlights the risks, but the charts suggest ample room to the upside for ...
  29. Macy's Reports Below Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Macy's stock appears "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of 7.37 and a 3.89% dividend yield.
  30. Twilio Stock Breaks Out Following Q2 Earnings Beat

    Twilio shares moved sharply higher following its Q2 earnings beat, but traders will be looking for some consolidation at ...
  31. Charts Suggest Downtrend in Forestry Products Is Just Getting Started

    The break below key trendlines on charts of these forestry-related assets suggests that the long-term downtrend is still ...
  32. Weak Revenues Could Sink Marriott Uptrend

    Marriott missed revenue estimates by a wide margin for the second quarter in a row, triggering a steep decline in the stock ...
  33. Dow Theory and the Primary Trend

    WIth three Dow Jones indexes resolving their year-to-date ranges to the upside, the market appears to be headed for higher ...
  34. The Disney Turnaround Story Is Helped by Charts

    Disney stock is reasonably priced based on its P/E ratio of 15.21, dividend yield of 1.47%, a "golden cross" and a positive ...
  35. SeaWorld Stock Hits Fresh 52-Week Highs After Earnings

    SeaWorld shares moved sharply higher following strong second quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these ...
  36. Microsoft Stock Breaks Out Into Triple Digits

    Microsoft shares traded above $100 for the first time last week and could add to gains in the coming months.
  37. Tesla Breaks Out as Elon Musk Taunts Short Sellers

    Tesla shares reached their highest levels this year amid speculation of positive news about Model 3 deliveries in a few weeks.
  38. Is Money Rotating Into Agribusiness and Chemical Stocks?

    Despite lackluster relative performance vs. the broader market, the agribusiness and chemical industries look to be heating ...
  39. American Express Stock at Cusp of Multi-Year Breakout

    American Express stock may complete a four-year cup and handle breakout in the coming weeks, opening the door to $150.
  40. The Container Store Stock Begins New Uptrend

    Even after a rally of roughly 70% in three days, shares of The Container Store appear poised for additional gains.
  41. Examining the Link Between US and Chinese Equities

    Despite the seeming correlation, underperformance in the Chinese market is not necessarily a precursor of weakness in U.S. ...
  42. CVS Health Reports Earnings Below Key Chart Levels

    Shares of drug store chain CVS Health are too cheap to ignore with a P/E ratio of just 9.94 and a dividend yield of 3.08%.
  43. Lockheed Martin Stock Could Drop to $260

    Lockheed Martin stock has broken support at the 200-day EMA and entered a decline that could reach deep support at $260.
  44. Netflix Moves Further Into Overbought Territory

    Netflix shares continued to rally following the bidding war for Fox's assets, but traders will be keeping an eye on these ...
  45. Shopify Sell-Off Hits Key Support Levels

    Shopify shares continued to move lower following a bearish Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, but traders will be watching ...
  46. Intel Stock May Sell Off Into Mid-$40s

    A CEO scandal and China trade tensions could drop Intel shares into strong support in the mid to upper $40s.
  47. Wait for $170 to Buy Facebook Stock

    Facebook stock has made a rapid recovery to February's bull market high and could now turn lower, testing new support at ...
  48. General Electric Stock Issues Long-Term Buy Signal

    GE's monthly stochastics oscillator has turned higher for the first time since 2015, raising the odds for a long-term bottom.
  49. Micron Stock Could Rally Into the Upper $70s

    Micron Technology stock has carved a cup and handle pattern that could yield a rally into the upper $70s.
  50. Apple Stock: Traders Should Wait for $170 to Buy

    Hidden long-term resistance suggests that Apple shares will turn lower and fill the May gap between $169 and $174.
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