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  1. How Far Will Square Stock Fall?

    Square shares fell sharply on Monday and Tuesday before regaining ground on Tuesday afternoon, but traders will be keeping ...
  2. Resilient Verizon Testing 19-Year Resistance

    Dow component Verizon has rallied strongly in recent weeks despite broad headwinds, entering a historic test at 1999's all-time ...
  3. Foot Locker Remains Below 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Foot Locker reports earnings with a favorable P/E ratio of 11.75 and a reasonable dividend yield of 2.71%.
  4. Actionable Setups in the TSX 60

    There are a few well-defined trading opportunities that stand out in the Canadian stock markets.
  5. Williams-Sonoma Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Shares of the specialty retailer declined after a disappointing earnings report, but traders will be keeping an eye on these ...
  6. General Electric Shares Flag Red With Unusual Trading Activity

    Weak earnings growth, a dividend cut and distribution signals suggest continued headwinds for the conglomerate's struggling ...
  7. Oversold Chip Stocks Could Squeeze Complacent Sellers

    Beaten-down semiconductor stocks have hit weekly oversold readings and could turn higher in a year-end short squeeze.
  8. Best Buy Reports Earnings Under 'Death Cross'

    Best Buy reports earnings with a favorable P/E ratio of 13.48 and a dividend of just $1.80 with negative technical charts.
  9. Stocks Post First Weekly Loss of November Ahead of Short Week

    With the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and a shortened session on Friday, traders can expect a relatively quiet week ahead.
  10. DexCom Stock Could Continue to Climb

    After huge gains for shares of the medical device company so far this year, an ascending triangle pattern suggests more room ...
  11. Walmart Stock Sells Off Despite Strong Quarter

    The sell-off in reaction to Walmart's upbeat earnings report warns that shareholders are growing nervous about 2019 profits.
  12. Vipshop Finally Breaks Out After Strong Earnings

    Vipshop shares moved sharply higher following third quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  13. Advance Auto Parts and O'Reilly Alert Bullish Demand

    Shares of the auto parts stores could represent a long-term buying opportunity given revenue and EPS growth alongside accumulation ...
  14. Netflix Completes Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Netflix stock sold off more than 150 points into late October and has now competed the right shoulder of a head and shoulders ...
  15. US Stock Market Sector Internals

    We likely need to see breadth improvements and a retest of lows to signal that the market has begun to repair itself through ...
  16. Applied Materials Stock at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Applied Materials appears to be "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of just 5.59 and a dividend yield of 2.39%.
  17. Apple on the Brink of a Bear Market

    Apple's stock is on the brink of what many may consider bear market territory.
  18. How Far Will Natural Gas Prices Rise?

    Natural gas prices soared following an unexpected cold weather forecast and tight supply, but traders will be watching these ...
  19. 3 Charts That Suggest Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower

    Cracks are starting to show in the trends of major technology stocks. These three charts suggest that prices could be headed ...
  20. Coca-Cola Stock Rallies to All-Time High

    Coca-Cola stock has jumped to an all-time high but faces a final technical obstacle before entering a strong uptrend.
  21. Cisco Reports Earnings Between Technical Levels

    Cisco Systems reports earnings with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 19.17 and a reasonable dividend yield of 2.89%.
  22. Vodafone Could See Double Bottom With Safe Dividend

    Vodafone could be forming a bullish double bottom chart pattern after better-than-expected financial results and a promise ...
  23. 3 Charts That Suggest Commodities Are on the Move Lower

    Commodities have seen strong uptrends over several years, but recent closes below key support suggest that bears will control ...
  24. Disney Strength Bodes Well for 2019 Bull Run

    Disney stock has rallied within two points of 2015's all time high and could break out in coming weeks, entering a strong ...
  25. Macy's Reports Below Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Macy's stock is "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of 9.17 and a dividend yield of 4.00%, but the stock is below its ...
  26. New Lows for S&P 500 Stocks Amid Market Turmoil

    Key S&P 500 stocks are seeing new 52-week lows as the market continues to slide.
  27. Advanced Micro Devices Nears Sell Signal After Oversold Bounce

    Advanced Micro Devices stock has reached strong resistance after an oversold bounce and could offer profitable short sales ...
  28. Home Depot Reports in Correction Territory

    Dow component Home Depot has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 21.48 with a dividend yield of 2.22% and a negative weekly chart.
  29. Stocks Rise After Predictable Midterms and FOMC Meeting

    Major U.S. indexes ticked higher on expected news from the polls and the Fed. Here are some levels to watch out for in the ...
  30. Unusual Trading Signals Can Prepare You for the Next Sell-Off

    Having a playbook for the next sell-off can help those looking for an investing opportunity.
  31. US Crude Oil Slides Into Bear Market Territory

    U.S. crude oil prices fell further to hit bear market territory at -20% from the most recent peak.
  32. Merck and Johnson & Johnson Shares Show Big Buying

    Revenue and dividend growth alongside accumulation signals suggest that these stocks could be worth a spot in an income-oriented ...
  33. The Disney Rally Is Approaching Risky Levels

    Disney has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 17.50 and a dividend yield of 1.44%, with the stock above a "golden cross" and its ...
  34. Twilio Stock Breaks Out to Retest Prior Highs

    Twilio shares moved sharply higher after the company posted better-than-expected earnings, but traders will be keeping an ...
  35. 3 Charts That Suggest Global Equity Markets Could Be Headed Lower

    Active traders will likely look to the breakdowns shown on key ETFs as a leading indicator that the broader markets could ...
  36. 3 Consumer Stocks Alerting Big Buying

    Shares of Starbucks, Walmart and Coca-Cola represent potential buying opportunities for long-term investors.
  37. Get Ready for the Year-End Rally

    A broad-based recovery wave should lift U.S. stocks between November and December options expiration weeks.
  38. Homebuilder D.R. Horton Holds Reversion to the Mean

    Homebuilder D.R. Horton has a reasonable P/E ratio of 9.81, and its dividend yield is 1.39%.
  39. Gogo Breaks Out After Earnings Beat Expectations

    Gogo shares soared on Tuesday morning after the inflight internet and entertainment provider posted better-than-expected ...
  40. NextEra Stock Showing 15% Upside Potential

    An ascending triangle chart pattern paints a bullish picture for shares of the utility company.
  41. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Into Utilities

    Bullish patterns on the charts of three major utility-related assets suggest that 2019 could be the year for a significant ...
  42. Qualcomm Reports Above Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Qualcomm has an elevated P/E ratio of 19.49, but the company offers a solid dividend yield of 3.92%.
  43. Will Lowe's Turnaround Pick Up Steam?

    Lowe's shares moved marginally lower on Monday morning after the company announced plans to close more than 50 stores.
  44. US Defense Stocks Could Rally Into Year End

    U.S. defense stocks fell sharply in October but should offer major buying opportunities in coming weeks.
  45. Canada's Leading Sector Gets Oversold

    A massive drawdown in the healthcare sector suggests that a neutral or bearish approach to Canadian stocks remains best.
  46. CVS Reports Earnings Below 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Drug store chain CVS Health is "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of just 10.04 and a dividend yield of 2.74%.
  47. Stock Market Volatility Continues Despite Strong Fundamentals

    Positive economic data and strong earnings could continue to offset political uncertainty as markets digest midterm election ...
  48. Apple Plunges Into Correction

    Apple stock fell into correction territory after its earnings release.
  49. Managing Countertrend Trades

    When trading against the primary trend, it's just as important to manage your risk when you're right as it is when you're ...
  50. Is India's Small-Cap Underperformance Over?

    Improving performance in Indian small caps should continue to support the bounce in the broader market.
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