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  1. First Solar Breaks Down but Could See Near-Term Support

    First Solar shares moved sharply lower following its fourth quarter financial results but could see some near-term support ...
  2. Avoid FANG Stocks Until Summer

    FANG stocks have bounced off corrective lows but are unlikely to enter new uptrends until they work off extremely overbought ...
  3. Stock Breaks Out Following Q4 Earnings shares soared higher after better-than-expected earnings, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  4. Intuit Reports Earnings Taxed by Rising Costs

    Intuit stock set an all-time high a day before reporting earnings, with an elevated P/E ratio of 45.88 and a puny dividend ...
  5. Pandora Earnings Unlikely to End Long Downtrend

    Pandora stock is trading below a massive October gap after a mixed quarter, failing to attract the needed buying interest.
  6. Stock Will Keep Climbing as Institutions Accumulate Shares stock could provide growth to long-term investors given institutional accumulation and recent outperformance.
  7. How to Trade the Rise in Cybersecurity Stocks

    Strategic traders are using bullish price action on cybersecurity-related ETFs as a sign that prices are headed higher.
  8. Walmart Stock Nears Key Support After Earnings Miss

    Walmart shares moved sharply lower after the company reported fourth quarter results, but traders will be watching these ...
  9. 3 Dow Components Flashing Short Sale Signals

    These weak Dow components incurred technical damage in the recent correction and could offer profitable short sales into ...
  10. Shopify Stock Has Bullish Signs All Over It

    Recent institutional accumulation signals and outperformance suggest a positive outlook for the e-commerce stock.
  11. Newmont Mining Is Investors' Gold Stock to Buy

    Investors looking to buy a gold stock should consider Newmont Mining, as it closely correlates to the price of Comex gold ...
  12. Downtrend in Soft Commodities Looks Poised to Continue

    The close below key support on charts of various ETFs suggests that soft commodities might not be ready for a move higher ...
  13. Garmin Navigates to New High Before Earnings

    Garmin is a strong stock getting stronger, with a favorable P/E ratio of 17.77 and a reasonable dividend yield of 3.13%.
  14. Walmart Sellers in Control After Earnings Miss

    Walmart stock is selling off after a poorly received fourth quarter earnings report and may be headed for the low $80s.
  15. Fluor Engineers Earnings on Infrastructure Spend

    Engineering and construction company Flour reports on Tuesday with an extended P/E ratio of 40.30 and a paltry dividend yield ...
  16. Stocks Post Strong Recovery Following Market Drop

    After experiencing sharp declines, the major U.S. indexes rebounded over the past week.
  17. Riot Blockchain Stock Falls 33% to Support After CNBC Report

    Riot Blockchain shares fell sharply lower to key support levels after a CNBC report, but traders will be closely watching ...
  18. Small Oklahoma Bank BancFirst Is About to Break Out

    A wedge pattern on the chart of BancFirst shares suggests that the small bank's stock could be poised for a move higher.
  19. TrueCar Stock Set to Test Support After Weak Guidance

    TrueCar shares moved lower in pre-market hours following its fourth quarter results, but traders will be watching these key ...
  20. U.S. Steel Stock at Cusp of Historic Breakout

    U.S. Steel has rallied back to a long-term trendline that could yield a major breakout in reaction to infrastructure legislation ...
  21. NVIDIA Stock Has the Monster Growth Institutions Want

    With healthy fundamentals and support from institutional investors, NVIDIA shares could be poised for growth.
  22. Deere Stock Plows Out of Correction Before Earnings

    Deere reports earnings on Friday with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 24.29 and a dividend yield of 1.49%.
  23. TripAdvisor Stock Breaks Out to Fresh Highs After Earnings Beat

    TripAdvisor shares broke out from key resistance levels following Q4 earnings, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  24. 'Dog of the Dow' Coca Cola Reports Without Fizz

    A "Dog of the Dow" for 2018, Coca-Cola has an elevated P/E ratio of 42.09 with a favorable dividend yield of 3.35%.
  25. Shopify Stock Tests Breakout Support After Earnings

    Shopify broke out to an all-time high near $140 ahead of earnings and is testing new support following a bearish sell-the-news ...
  26. Cisco Stock: Price Levels to Watch After Earnings

    Cisco's strong technical price action should keep sellers on the defensive after this week's earnings report.
  27. Groupon Stock Declines Sharply, but Is It an Overreaction?

    Groupon shares moved lower Wednesday morning on worse-than-expected fourth quarter results, but traders will be watching ...
  28. CBS Set to Report Earnings Under Negative Charts

    CBS has an extremely elevated P/E ratio of 73.83 while its dividend yield is a paltry 1.35%.
  29. 4 Charts That Suggest European Equities Are Headed Lower

    The break below key support levels on Europe-focused ETFs suggests that the region's financial markets could be setting up ...
  30. Shopify Stock Retests All-Time Highs Ahead of Earnings

    Shopify is set to report its quarterly earnings this week, and traders will be watching these key levels.
  31. Transports Could Bounce at Major Support

    The DJTA undercut psychological support at 10,000 last week and settled above that level, signalling a potential buying opportunity.
  32. Applied Materials Reports in Correction Territory

    Applied Materials has a favorable P/E ratio of 15.17, but its dividend yield is a paltry 0.83%.
  33. 3 Charts That Suggest Solar Stocks Are Headed Lower

    The recent break below key support levels on the charts of key solar-related assets suggests that the sector could be poised ...
  34. Square Stock Reaches Technical Decision Point

    Square shares fell sharply over the past week to key support levels that traders will be watching for signs of a breakdown ...
  35. Chips a Positive for Pepsico, but Soda Lacks Fizz

    Pepsico stock has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 22.99 and a reasonable dividend yield of 2.90%.
  36. Baidu Weakness Could Signal China Top

    Baidu stock has dropped more than 50 points since failing to break out above 2014 resistance. matching broad Asian weakness.
  37. Stocks Suffer a Volatile Week Despite Strong Earnings, Economy

    In a chaotic week on Wall Street, the major U.S. indexes moved sharply lower.
  38. GrubHub Stock Gives Up Ground After Breakout

    GrubHub shares moved higher on fourth quarter results this week, but traders will be watching these levels following the ...
  39. NVIDIA Stock Could Head Lower Despite Strong Quarter

    NVIDIA rose more than 20 points after reporting a strong fourth quarter but could stall out until the broad market turns ...
  40. Tiffany, 3 Other Luxury Retailers No Bargains

    Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren beat on earnings but peaked in price, while Movado and Tiffany prepare their earnings for mid-March.
  41. Tesla Stock Declines Toward Key Support After Earnings

    Tesla shares moved lower following the company's fourth quarter results, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  42. Emerging Market Funds May Have Topped Out

    Emerging market funds have reversed on heavy volume at 2011 and harmonic resistance, raising the odds that they're posting ...
  43. Play Defense With Boeing, 3 Other Military Stocks

    Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Market and Northrop Grumman are set to benefit from an increased budget for defense spending.
  44. Snap Stock Breaks Out to New Highs Following Earnings

    Snap shares soared to their highest levels since last summer following Q4 results, but traders will be watching these key ...
  45. Tesla Earnings Could Reward Loyal Shareholders

    Long-term relative strength cycles suggest that Tesla is ready to reward shareholders with a rally that shakes out unrepentant ...
  46. Biotech Stocks Trade Near Major Levels of Support

    With biotech stocks tumbling toward long-term levels of support, we take a closer look at how active traders will trade the ...
  47. Yum! Brands Stock Holds 200-Day Average on Weakness

    Yum! Brands stock is not cheap, as its P/E ratio is 24.63, trading above a "golden cross" with a negative weekly chart.
  48. Berkshire Hathaway Stock Breaks Down to Prior Price Channel

    Berkshire Hathway shares weren't immune to the market drop on Monday, and traders will be closely watching these key levels.
  49. Disney Stock Could Break Multi-Year Range After Earnings

    Disney stock is near multi-year triangle support and needs to hold triple digits to keep aggressive sellers from taking control.
  50. Chipotle Needs a Fresh Earnings Menu to Recover

    Chipotle stock is not cheap, trading under a "death cross" with an elevated P/E ratio of 60.40 and a negative weekly chart.
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