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  1. GameStop Earnings Could Trigger Short Squeeze

    GameStop shares have sold off to multi-year support, while technical readings have hit deeply oversold levels.
  2. Salesforce Stock Momentum Is Above the Cloud

    Shares of Salesforce trade on pure momentum, and its stochastic reading is in parabolic territory.
  3. Will Apple Suppliers Join iPhone X Rally?

    Analog Devices' earnings report on Tuesday morning may offer actionable insight on Apple's iPhone X rollout.
  4. Are Gold Prices Poised for a Rebound?

    Gold prices broke out from key resistance last week, but traders will be closely watching these critical levels.
  5. MGM Resorts Stock Set to Punish Short Sellers

    MGM Resorts stock has lifted into the upper half of a broad trading range and could break out in coming months.
  6. Lowe's Stock Is Fenced Into a Trading Range

    Lowe's stock has an elevated P/E ratio of 22.78 and offers a so-so dividend yield of 2.06%. The technical charts are neutral.
  7. Strong Economic Data Fail to Offset Profit Taking in Stocks

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  8. Are Wal-Mart Shares Overbought at Current Levels?

    Wal-Mart shares soared after favorable third quarter financial results, but they could be in for some near-term consolidation.
  9. Citigroup Shares Year-End Rally Could Be Under Way

    Citigroup stock bounced at support this week, suggesting a potential end-of-year rally that could reach new highs.
  10. Biotech Funds Flashing Sell Signals

    Biotech funds are testing mid-year breakouts after selling off to two-month lows and could break down in coming weeks.
  11. Cisco Stock Soars After Q1 Beat and Solid Guidance

    Cisco Systems shares moved to fresh highs following a bullish first quarter, but traders will be watching these levels.
  12. Foot Locker Stock: Positive Earnings Could Reboot Mojo

    Foot Locker stock is too cheap to ignore, with a P/E ratio of 7.21 and a 3.75% dividend yield, but the charts are challenging.
  13. Can Tesla Stock Hold $300?

    Tesla has seen a string of bearish news and could break down, offering a buying opportunity at April breakout support near ...
  14. Wal-Mart to Report in Inflating Parabolic Bubble

    Wal-Mart stock is overvalued but has a reasonable dividend yield. It is currently above a "golden cross."
  15. Cisco Systems Stock Poised to Network Higher

    Shares of Cisco are cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio, an attractive dividend yield and positive technical charts.
  16. Blackberry Stock Breaks Down From 50-Day Moving Average

    Blackberry shares recently broke down from key support levels, which could lead to a further move lower.
  17. Alibaba Shares Consolidate Near Highs After Record Singles' Day

    Alibaba shares consolidated near their highs after the company brought in more than $25 billion during China's Singles' Day.
  18. Best Buy Stock Stuck at Long-Term Resistance

    Best Buy stock reached resistance at the 2006 high in June and has ground sideways for the past five months.
  19. CVS Short Sellers Ready to Reload Positions

    CVS stock is bouncing after a decline triggered by Aetna merger talks and Amazon's ambitions, but it could sell off at new ...
  20. Target Needs Earnings Bullseye to Sustain Stock Gains

    Target stock is cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio and an attractive dividend yield, but its technical charts are neutral.
  21. Chesapeake Energy Stock Nears Long-Term Buy Signal

    The stock has turned higher at major Fibonacci support as long-term relative strength oscillators enter new buying cycles.
  22. Storm Relief Yields Sales Momentum for Home Depot

    Home Depot stock has an above average P/E ratio and an acceptable dividend yield, but its momentum has been overbought.
  23. Twitter Buying Volume Predicts Long-Lasting Bottom

    Twitter stock's on balance volume rose to an all-time high, raising odds for an uptrend lasting at least one to two years.
  24. Square Stock Jumps to Fresh Highs, Remains Overbought

    Square shares moved sharply higher after the company posted strong third quarter results, but traders will be watching these ...
  25. Macy's Stock Could Reward Bottom Fishers

    Macy's posted its highest volume trading day in 25 years at a long-term Fibonacci target, raising odds for a multi-year bottom.
  26. Contrary Transport Sector Flashing Sell Signals

    The Dow Jones Transportation Average broke down this week, setting off sell signals that could affect the broader market.
  27. Snap Stock Headed Into Test at All-Time Low

    Snap shocked shareholders with miserable third quarter results, triggering a selling spiral that could reach the single digits.
  28. Twilio Stock Breaks Down From Trendline Support

    Twilio reported better-than-expected third quarter financial results, but market sentiment reversed on Thursday after the ...
  29. Disney Stock Sets Off Long-Term Buying Signals

    Disney's discussions with Fox have triggered a bullish stochastics crossover that could finally end its multi-year correction.
  30. Nvidia Stock Goes Parabolic Into the Gaming Cloud

    Nvidia has an elevated P/E ratio and a puny dividend yield, and its momentum has risen into parabolic territory.
  31. Take-Two Stock Poised for Fresh Highs After Strong Earnings

    Take-Two stock is up more than 120% this year, but strong second quarter earnings could support a further move higher.
  32. Valeant Stock: Gaps Suggest Potential Recovery

    Trading around gaps could show if the recovery party in Valeant stock is already over or just getting started.
  33. Which Supports for Snap Could Crack After Poor Earnings?

    After a worse-than-expected earnings report, Snap shares plunged in aftermarket trading.
  34. Kohl's Stock Too Cheap to Ignore Given Amazon Link

    Kohl's has a cheap P/E ratio, a solid dividend yield and is a hub for Amazon returns in some large markets.
  35. Priceline Stock Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders

    Priceline shares moved sharply lower follow worse-than-expected fourth quarter guidance.
  36. Humana Is a Healthy Stock but Lags Rivals

    Technical momentum will drive earnings volatility for healthcare insurance giant Humana.
  37. Trade Priceline and TripAdvisor Stocks on Guidance

    Technical momentum following earnings will likely drive shares of Priceline and TripAdvisor.
  38. Why Amazon Should Buy CVS Health

    As a consolidator, Amazon could reduce healthcare costs on Main Street and solve some problems related to Obamacare.
  39. Are Red-Hot Semiconductor Stocks Top Heavy?

    Semiconductor stocks have been on a tear over the past couple of months, but many are trading at overbought levels.
  40. Tech Stocks Outperform Small Caps as Stocks Hit New Records

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  41. What Apple's Earnings Win Means for Its Stock Today

    Expect a big open for Apple stock, and keep an eye on momentum.
  42. Gold Looks to Head Higher Following Trump Fed Pick

    After pulling back over the last couple of months, gold prices look like they're ready to rise into year end.
  43. GoPro Stock's Head and Shoulders Pattern Suggests Downside

    GoPro shares moved sharply lower after full-year guidance failed to impress, which could mean a breakdown from a head and ...
  44. Apple Earnings: A Lot Depends on iPhone X Outlook

    With reports of sluggish iPhone 8 sales, the outlook for Apple's iPhone X will be key.
  45. Starbucks Stock Stuck in Trading Range

    Three months ago, Starbucks stock gapped lower following earnings, making today's report important for the holiday season.
  46. The Upward Potential for Hartford Financial Stock

    Shares of Hartford Financial Services Group are at an inflection point.
  47. Apple Stock Has Momentum but Suffered a Key Reversal

    Apple reports earnings after setting a new high, but investors should beware of overhead risky levels.
  48. How low will Tesla stock go?

    Tesla stock could come under pressure as more traders get the opportunity to react to its weak earnings report and production ...
  49. Shopify Uptrend at Risk After Latest Bear Raid

    Anxious Shopify shareholders are reeling from the second major bear raid in less than a month and could choose to abandon ...
  50. Tesla Stock Holds Key Level as Earnings Loom

    Tesla reports earnings after the close today. The stock is above a "golden cross" on its daily chart with a negative weekly ...
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