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  1. Micron Showing Potential Double Top Ahead of Earnings

    Semiconductor giant Micron is too cheap to ignore going into earnings, with a P/E ratio of just 7.08, but the chart shows ...
  2. Almost Time to Sell Twitter Stock

    Twitter's uptrend is now approaching strong resistance in the mid-$40s that could trigger a multi-month reversal.
  3. America Has Become the United States of Amazon

    While its P/E ratio is elevated at 206.95, with tentacles in every sector of the economy, the online retailer has established ...
  4. Adobe Reports in an 'Inflating Parabolic Bubble'

    Adobe Systems reports earnings with an elevated P/E ratio of 66.76 as its weekly chart shows an "inflating parabolic bubble."
  5. Has Amazon Stock Topped Out?

    Short sellers are gathering around Amazon shares, wondering if Thursday's reversal will signal a long-term top.
  6. Learning From AMD's Massive Move

    Even after an impressive rally, Advanced Micro Devices stock remains strong and could see continued upside.
  7. Stock Market Rally Continues Despite Rising Risk

    The major U.S. indexes will look to continue their earnings-driven momentum into the coming week despite growing uncertainties.
  8. Sun Pharma Leading India's Pharma Sector

    A potential bottom in Sun Pharma stock could be a positive sign for the Indian pharmaceutical sector as a whole.
  9. Medical Device Stocks on the Move

    With the medical devices sector continuing to outperform, several components remain attractive from a risk/reward perspective.
  10. Health Insurance Carriers Headed for New Highs

    Health insurance carriers may continue to post strong gains in reaction to this week's bullish sector reports.
  11. Wells Fargo Could Confirm Turnaround on Earning Beat

    The third largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks has a P/E ratio of 13.91 and a dividend yield of 2.78%.
  12. US Markets Hit Pause Button Ahead of Earnings

    Major benchmarks could finally exit multi-month range patterns if second quarter earnings provide clarity on the revenue ...
  13. Twitter Breaks Down as Suspensions Cap Growth Rates

    Twitter's recent suspensions have analysts concerned that its growth rates could take a hit. Technical analysts are watching ...
  14. Time to Buy Gold for a Trade

    Gold has reached intermediate support after a two-month decline and should reward risk-conscious dip buyers in the coming ...
  15. Tesla Falls as Traders Eye Deliveries Over Production

    Tesla shares moved sharply lower in a volatile session after lackluster deliveries captured more attention than its production ...
  16. Technical Traders Shift Focus to Real Estate

    Bullish traders are turning to real estate because of long-term technical buy signals and nearby support levels.
  17. Tariffs Could End Apple's Uptrend

    Apple has failed two breakouts since January, while selling pressure under the surface has increased, raising the odds for ...
  18. Take-Two Struggles to Break Out Following Weak Earnings

    Take-Two Interactive shares took a rollercoaster ride after fourth-quarter financial results, but traders will be watching ...
  19. Stocks Rise as Economic Reports Mitigate Inflation Concerns

    The major U.S. indexes moved higher after a strong nonfarm payrolls report.
  20. Stocks Recover Ground but End the Week Lower

    The major U.S. indexes closed the week lower as first quarter GDP came in above expectations, raising concerns about an overheating ...
  21. Stocks on Edge Amid Rising Political Risks

    Strong corporate earnings should continue to drive major U.S. indexes over the coming week, offsetting sustained political ...
  22. Stocks Edge Lower as Trade Tensions Grow

    With threats of additional tariffs raising the prospects of a trade war, the major U.S. indexes moved lower over the past ...
  23. Starbucks Stock Moves into Oversold Territory

    Starbucks moved into oversold territory following its third quarter remarks, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  24. Starbucks Stock Could Reward Aggressive Short Sales

    Starbucks stock is pulling back to test new resistance after breaking down in June and could offer profitable short sales.
  25. Revisiting the Concept of Polarity With Ethereum

    The chart for ethereum shows a clear example of polarity, in which former support turns into resistance and former resistance ...
  26. PepsiCo Stock Breaks Out From Key Resistance

    PepsiCo shares surged following second quarter financial results, but traders will be closely watching these key levels ahead.
  27. PepsiCo Has Pre-Earnings Fizz Below Key Levels

    PepsiCo has an elevated P/E ratio of 32.32 and a favorable dividend yield of 3.39% with mixed chart technicals.
  28. No Trump Bump for U.S. Steel Shareholders

    U.S. Steel failed a long-term breakout in the first quarter and has been running in place since that time, rewarding neither ...
  29. Nike Needs to Swoosh 'Key Reversals' on Earnings

    Athletic footwear and apparel giant Nike reports earnings with an elevated P/E ratio of 28.45 and a meager dividend yield ...
  30. Nifty 50 Makes 5-Month Highs

    The outperformance of large-cap stocks in India could be poised to continue.
  31. Netflix Stock Plunges Below Support as Subscriber Growth Slows

    Netflix shares broke down from key support levels following bearish financial results, but traders will be watching these ...
  32. Netflix Faces Earnings After UBS Downgrade

    UBS warned investors about Netflix's elevated P/E ratio of 265.64 after the stock gained more than 100% year to date.
  33. Morgan Stanley Reports Below a 'Death Cross'

    Investment banker and wealth management firm Morgan Stanley is reasonably priced with a P/E ratio of 13.58 and a dividend ...
  34. Large-Cap Healthcare Coming Back to Life?

    Large-cap healthcare stocks could be poised to reverse their underperformance versus small-cap counterparts and the broader ...
  35. Key Levels for Facebook Stock in Second Half of 2018

    Facebook has an elevated P/E ratio of 31.88, and this stock became an "inflating parabolic bubble" when it set its all-time ...
  36. Key Levels for Apple Stock in Second Half of 2018

    Apple shares are no longer cheap, with a P/E of 17.87 and a dividend yield of just 1.58%, and the stock is above my annual ...
  37. Key Levels for Amazon Stock in Second Half of 2018

    Amazon stock is not cheap, with an elevated P/E of 214.30, but the premier online retailer seems to have positive new initiatives ...
  38. JPMorgan Reports Earnings in Rebound Mode

    The largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks is reasonably priced with a P/E ratio of 14.81 and a dividend ...
  39. Indian Small Caps Weigh on Broader Market

    With Indian small-cap stocks underperforming, what are the implications for the overall market?
  40. IBM Reports Earnings Below Monthly Pivot

    IBM has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 23.96 and a dividend yield of 4.32%, making the stock one of the eight "Dogs of the ...
  41. Finacial Sector: 3 Charts Suggest Prices Are Headed Lower

    Sell signals on the charts of key assets suggest that the financial sector could be setting up for a move lower.
  42. Fastenal Stock Soars to Key Resistance After Earnings

    Fastenal shares rose sharply following second quarter earnings, but traders will be closely watching these key levels ahead.
  43. Energy Stocks Could Enter Bear Market

    Energy stocks could sell off in sympathy with crude oil, which has just reversed at long-term resistance.
  44. Regional Banks, REITs and Interest Rates

    The relative performance of regional banks vs. REITs reveals how equity market participants are thinking about future bond ...
  45. CBS Reports With Negative Charts and CEO Woes

    CBS reports earnings under the cloud of a potential CEO scandal with a negative weekly chart but with the stock holding value ...
  46. US Automakers Enter Bear Markets

    Shares of Ford and General Motors have broken support at their declining 200-day moving averages, entering bear markets.
  47. Demand Increasing for Intuitive Surgical Shares

    Shares of Intuitive Surgical could represent a long-term buying opportunity given earnings and sales growth as well as accumulation ...
  48. Defense Stocks Could Rally After North Korea Saber-Rattling

    North Korea's rejection of U.S. disarmament demands could signal renewed hostilities and a defense stock buying opportunity.
  49. Consumer Goods Stocks Are Breaking Out in India

    After months of consolidation, stocks from India's Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector are poised for growth.
  50. Citigroup Reports Earnings Below a 'Death Cross'

    The fourth largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks is below a "death cross" with a positive weekly chart.
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