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  1. A Big Red Flag Is Pointing to a Stock Correction

    Momentum is not keeping up with the stock rally, which suggests a correction is on the horizon.
  2. Tesla Shares Break Down as Deliveries Plateau (TSLA)

    Tesla shares broke down to key support levels after Q2 deliveries failed to impress investors - where's the stock headed ...
  3. Can These Momentum Stocks Break Out One More Time? (MOMO, YUMC)

    Here are some levels to watch for another breakout in these high-momentum stocks.
  4. Wells Fargo Stock Ripe for Bottom Fishing (WFC)

    Wells Fargo has underperformed banking peers since the 2016 sales scandal but could now play catch-up.
  5. Vale Stock Could Rally Back Into Double Digits (VALE)

    Vale shares have bounced after a multi-week base at the 200-day EMA, setting the stage for a recovery.
  6. Buyers Beware: The Nasdaq Rally Is About to End

    A key indicator points to down times ahead for tech stocks on the Nasdaq.
  7. Why Gilead Stock Is Back in the Game

    President Trump’s softening stance on pharma has allowed biotechs like Gilead to regain some traction.
  8. 3 Bullish Chart Patterns for Solar Stocks (TAN, FSLR)

    Bullish crossovers on the charts of key solar-related assets suggest the possible begginning of a major uptrend.
  9. Energy Sector Faces Resistance Levels Ahead (XLE, XOM)

    Major levels of resistance on the charts of energy-related assets suggest that the bulls could have their work cut out for ...
  10. Tech Stocks Continue to Slide Moving Into July (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  11. Cara Therapeutics Stock Crashes on Mixed Clinical Results (CARA)

    Cara Therapeutics shares moved lower on mixed clinical results, but the stock is approaching key support levels.
  12. Nike Stock Breaks Out on Earnings, Amazon Deal (NKE, AMZN)

    Nike shares soared higher after better-than-expected fourth quarter results and a new pilot program with Amazon.
  13. Stocks Are in For a Wild Ride in July

    As volatility increases, the stock market is vulnerable to more downside.
  14. Transport Breakout Bodes Well for Summer Market (IYT, LUV)

    The D.J. Transportation Average broke out to a three-month high, setting the stage for a test at bull market and all-time ...
  15. 3 Commodity ETFs to Watch in July (UNG, SGG)

    These commodities have a tendency to rise or fall significantly in July, and they can be traded via ETF.
  16. Oracle Breakout Could Yield Healthy Gains (ORCL)

    Oracle stock broke out above 17-year resistance last week after blowing away quarterly estimates, setting the stage for higher ...
  17. Visa Approaches Technical Turning Point (V)

    Visa shares are up more than 20% this year, but its narrowing trading band could force a near-term breakout or breakdown.
  18. PayPal Could Add to Gains Ahead of Earnings (PYPL, EBAY)

    PayPal is working off overbought technical readings after a dramatic second quarter breakout and could post new highs into ...
  19. Bank of America Poised to Break Out From Resistance (BAC)

    Bank of America stock has rallied on favorable CCAR results and hawkish ECB commentary. Is it enough to break through key ...
  20. The Nasdaq 100 Is Primed for a July Breakout

    Valuations may be high, but tech stocks on the Nasdaq 100 have outperformed on earnings this year.
  21. Don't Expect Pandora's Rally to Last

    Long-term trends could cancel out any short-term relief for Pandora stock.
  22. July's Tough, but These Stocks Tend to Do Well (AMGN, HCP)

    July isn't a great month for the stock market historically, but these stocks tend to perform well.
  23. Micron Stock: Double Top or Consolidation? (MU)

    Micron stock has risen more than 40% this year, but the trend has lost momentum heading into earnings this week.
  24. Citigroup Stock Is Ready to Break Out Again

    Share of Citigroup have a solid floor and should continue to strengthen.
  25. KB Home Uptrend Accelerates After Positive Earnings (KBH, DHI)

    KB Home extended its rally following second quarter earnings as the housing market remains strong.
  26. 3 Charts Show Why the SPDR Gold Trust Will Fall

    Recent activity shows a trend to the downside for the SPDR Gold Trust.
  27. Why Institutional Investors Love Alphabet Stock

    Google parent company Alphabet is the type of stock institutional investors want in their portfolios.
  28. A Technical Look at the Real Estate Sector (IYR, AMT)

    The charts of three key real estate investments suggest that now could be a good time to follow Warren Buffet's lead and ...
  29. Altaba Stock Breaks Out After Verizon Sale (AABA, VZ)

    Altaba has adopted Yahoo's long-term price chart, triggering a post-transaction breakout that predicts much higher 2017 prices.
  30. Nvidia Stock Is Vulnerable to a Downside Breakdown

    After an incredible run to start the year, shares of Nvidia are cooling off.
  31. GoPro Stock Tests Resistance in Bid to Break Downtrend (GPRO, FIT)

    GoPro stock experienced a brief rally earlier this week, but a breakout from its downtrend remains uncertain.
  32. Apple Suppliers Waving Red Flags at Quarter's End (AAPL, SWKS)

    Apple suppliers are set to end the second quarter with little or no gains, raising doubts about iPhone demand in the second ...
  33. Car Rental Stocks Jump on Tech Partnerships (CAR, HTZ)

    Avis and Hertz shares moved higher earlier this week amid deals with tech companies developing autonomous vehicles.
  34. Why the Bulls Will Keep Running on the S&P 500

    These are the key highs and lows that signal an upward trend on the S&P 500.
  35. U.S. Steel Shares Are Primed to Break Out

    After a wild ride, U.S. Steel stock has room to run higher.
  36. Railroads Could Lead Transport Stocks to Higher Ground (CSX, NSC)

    Railroads have lifted into transportation sector leadership and could build impressive gains in the second half of 2017.
  37. Cara Therapeutics Breaks Out to Fresh Highs (CARA)

    Shares rallied more than 20% on favorable interim clinical trial results and a Breakthrough Therapy designation from the ...
  38. Pfizer Stock Looks Pretty Bullish for the Long Term

    After spending much of the last two months in a slow decline, shares of Pfizer have broken out of their downtrend.
  39. Blackberry Breaks Below 50-Day MA but Could Rebound (BBRY)

    Shares of Blackberry plummeted following its quarterly results, and technical indicators point to a lot of indecision.
  40. Tech's Big Guns Could See Upside During Mark-Up (FB, MSFT)

    These Nasdaq-100 tech winners could gain ground into early July as fund managers tidy up their quarterly performance reports.
  41. 3 Base Metal Charts to Watch (DBB, JJU)

    Nearby support on the charts of these three base metal ETFs suggests that now could be the time to buy.
  42. Tech Rebound Sends US Markets Higher (SPY, DIA)

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  43. Oracle Stock Breaks Out After Stellar Earnings (ORCL, AMZN)

    The stock broke out to multi-year highs, but traders should watch for some consolidation before another move higher.
  44. Can Barnes & Noble Stock Reverse Its Downtrend? (BKS, AMZN)

    Barnes & Noble stock rallied after fourth quarter earnings, but will it be enough to reverse the long-term downtrend?
  45. Get Ready to Play the Energy Bounce (XLE, OIH)

    The introduction of weak hands should short-circuit the month-long energy sector decline and generate a multi-week recovery ...
  46. ETFs With Major Recent Breakouts (AMLP, XBI)

    These ETFs have all experienced a major technical breakout recently.
  47. 3 Hot Plays in the Resurgent Biotech Sector (KITE, ESPR)

    Biotech stocks and funds have broken out to 52-week highs and should attract steady buying interest in coming weeks.
  48. US Oil Fund Could See Relief Rally After Breakdown (USO)

    The oil fund declined sharply this week on bearish developments in the crude market, but it could see a relief rally.
  49. Cara Therapeutics Stock Could Break Out on IV CR845 Data (CARA)

    The stock recently experienced a sharp move higher but stands at key trendline resistance levels.
  50. Wal-Mart Stock Decline Should Offer Buying Opportunity (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart stock fell nearly 5% on Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition but should return to rally highs in coming weeks.
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