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  1. Delta Air Lines Breaks Out After Topping Estimates

    Delta shares moved sharply higher on fourth quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  2. Apple Stock Hanging Tough Ahead of iPhone X Reality Check

    Apple stock sold off in December on bearish iPhone X shipment reports but has bounced back, with shareholders hanging tough ...
  3. Bitcoin: The End of the Beginning

    Despite stunning gains in 2017, cryptocurrencies have room to grow as they gain mainstream acceptance and sidelined capital ...
  4. ADP Stock Could Have More Room to Rally

    Rather than a mutliple top formation, ADP shares have formed an ascending triangle pattern and could continue to climb.
  5. Delta Stock Breaks Out to All-Time High After Earnings

    Delta Air Lines has broken out to an all-time high after earnings, but it will take tremendous buying power to generate a ...
  6. Will General Motors Stock Hold Key Support Levels?

    General Motors shares moved lower amid concerns over NAFTA negotiations, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  7. Investors Have Forgiven Wells Fargo for Its Sins

    The second largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks has a reasonable P/E ratio of 16.09 and a 2.51% dividend ...
  8. JPMorgan Banking on New Highs Ahead of Earnings

    The largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks, JPMorgan has a reasonable P/E ratio of 15.71 and a 2.05% dividend ...
  9. Corcept Therapeutics Stock Has Healthy Institutional Support

    Institutions appear bullish on Corcept shares, which could suggest a buying opportunity for long-term investors.
  10. Micron Stock Could Enter Intermediate Correction

    Technical signals are waving red flags, raising odds for a decline that could eventually end the long-term uptrend in Micron ...
  11. 3 Charts That Suggest Pharma Stocks Are a Buy in 2018

    Bullish chart patterns on a key pharmaceutical ETF suggest that this could be the sector to watch in 2018.
  12. Kodak Jumps on the 'Block-Train' and Breaks Out

    Eastman Kodak shares moved more than 200% higher on Tuesday after the company announced its blockchain ambitions.
  13. J. C. Penney Stock Offers an 'Option on Survival'

    J. C. Penney has a P/E ratio of 17.54 and does not pay a dividend, but weakness below $3 per share is an "option on survival."
  14. GoPro Stock Breaks Down, but Sale Talks Pad the Fall

    GoPro shares moved sharply lower after the company cut its revenue forecasts, but traders are watching these key levels.
  15. 3 Charts That Suggest Base Metals Will Shine in 2018

    Bullish chart patterns on key base metal ETFs suggest that long-term uptrends are likely to continue in 2018.
  16. Wal-Mart Stock Breaks Out to All-Time High

    Wal-Mart shares hit the triple digits after rallying out of an ascending triangle and could add to gains in the coming weeks.
  17. Dillard's Stock Is Consolidating a Failed Take-Out Deal

    Dillard's stock spiked in July on a buyout attempt and now has a reasonable P/E ratio of 15.23 with a puny dividend yield.
  18. Intel Decline Could Mark Buying Opportunity

    Intel shares sold off on heavy volume after disclosures about a worldwide security flaw but could offer a low-risk buying ...
  19. Stocks Move Higher in First Week of Trading

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  20. Macy's Holiday Parade Ended on Christmas

    Iconic mall anchor Macy's stock is cheap, with a P/E ratio of 10.83 and a dividend yield of 5.87%.
  21. Square Stock Breaks Out From Key Resistance Levels

    Square shares moved higher on Friday as its New Year rally gained steam, but traders will be watching these levels.
  22. Energy Stocks Near Intermediate Tops

    The crude oil futures contract and top energy funds have reached intermediate resistance levels, raising odds for multi-week ...
  23. Transocean Stock Breaks Out After AP Report on Trump's Plans

    Transocean shares moved sharply higher on plans to expand offshore drilling, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  24. Disney Stock Completes 3-Year Breakout Pattern

    Disney stock has just completed the fifth and final wave of a long-term triangle pattern that could yield an uptrend above ...
  25. Constellation Brands Begins 2018 With a Mojo Buzz

    Constellation Brands has an elevated P/E ratio of 27.27 with a puny dividend yield of 0.86%.
  26. NVIDIA Stock Breaks Out After News of Intel Vulnerability

    NVIDIA shares moved sharply higher, but traders will be watching these key support and resistance levels.
  27. AMD Stock: Dip Buyers Locked and Loaded

    Advanced Micro Devices stock has surged off range support at $10 and could rally back to the 2017 high in the mid-teens.
  28. 3 Small-Cap Blockchain Plays

    Small-cap laggards are changing corporate identities and jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, triggering strong momentum ...
  29. Walgreens to Benefit From Urban Healthcare Reform

    Walgreens has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 19.21, and the drug store giant has a modest dividend yield of 2.10%.
  30. Buy Rite Aid Shares as an 'Option on Survival'

    Rite Aid is not a profitable company, so it does not have a P/E ratio, but it trades at $1 to $3 per share as an "option ...
  31. Insys Stock Breaks Out, but How Long Will Rally Last?

    Insys Therapeutics shares have more than doubled over the past month, but traders will be closely watching these key levels.
  32. Wait For Pullback to Buy Red-Hot Metals

    Industrial metals plays rocketed to new highs in December but are now overbought, raising the odds for multi-week pullbacks.
  33. Amazon Stock Could Drop 20% in First Quarter

    Amazon stock is overbought and at channel resistance, raising odds that capital gains tax selling season will trigger a sizable ...
  34. Tesla Stock Begins 2018 in Bear Market Territory

    Tesla is not a profitable company, so it does not have a P/E ratio, but its weekly chart is not negative.
  35. Alphabet Stock Begins 2018 With Positive Charts

    Alphabet stock is not a bargain given a P/E ratio of 50.77, although it has a positive but overbought weekly chart.
  36. Stocks Move Lower in Shortened Holiday Week

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  37. Netflix Needs Strong 2018 Start to Regain Mojo

    Netflix stock is not a bargain given a P/E ratio of 182.29 but should avoid ending 2017 with a negative weekly chart.
  38. Facebook Stock Could End 2017 With a Negative Chart

    Facebook stock is not a bargain given its P/E ratio of 34.43 and the risk that its weekly chart could end the year negative.
  39. Bank Rally Could Escalate in the First Quarter

    Banks could continue their winning streaks in 2018, benefiting from higher interest rates and stronger economic growth.
  40. Steel Dynamics Stock Breaks Out to All-Time High

    A Steel Dynamics breakout to an all-time high raises odds that other U.S. steel and metal companies will follow suit in the ...
  41. Amazon Wins Online Dollars and Prime Members

    Amazon reports record holiday sales and new Prime Members, expanding its online reach.
  42. 3 Stocks to Play the January Effect

    The 2018 January Effect could lift a variety of 2017 underperformers in the energy, REIT and telecommunications sectors.
  43. Apple Stock Sliced on Report of Weak iPhone X Demand

    Apple is one of the most popular companies on the planet, but the stock is at risk of a chart downgrade this week.
  44. Stocks Continue to Move Higher as Q3 GDP Remains Solid

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  45. Top Energy Fund Breaks 9-Month Resistance

    The SPDR Energy Select Sector ETF may enter the next leg of the uptrend that started after commodities bottomed in 2016.
  46. Chipotle Stock Falls to Key Support After Food Scare

    Chipotle shares fell sharply lower after another food scare hit the stock, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  47. CarMax Stock Pushed Off the Road on Earnings Miss

    CarMax has a reasonable P/E ratio of 18.64 but does not offer a dividend, and the stock's charts are not positive.
  48. Nike Kicks Off Earnings Season for the Dow 30

    Nike stock is not cheap, given its P/E ratio of 25.59 and puny dividend yield of just 1.10%.
  49. BlackBerry Earnings Bode Well for Additional Upside

    BlackBerry stock has rallied into two-year resistance after a strong earnings report and could break out, heading for the ...
  50. Micron Stock Breaks Out Following Strong Earnings

    Micron shares moved higher following favorable first quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels.
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