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  1. Costco Stock Could Break Out After Analyst Upgrades

    Costco shares moved toward key resistance levels after the company reported strong same-store sales that drew analyst praise.
  2. IBM Earnings Unlikely to Break Trading Range

    IBM has been trading in a 40-point range for over a year, a holding pattern that's unlikely to break following Tuesday's ...
  3. Goldman Sachs Reports Needing a Positive Reaction

    Investment bank Goldman Sachs reports earnings before the open on Tuesday with an elevated P/E ratio of 29.68 and a small ...
  4. Wells Fargo Upside Limited After Mixed Earnings

    Wells Fargo stock ticked higher after a mixed first quarter earnings report but is unlikely to enter a new uptrend.
  5. Vericel Stock Looks to Break Out From Prior Highs

    Vericel shares are retesting their prior highs following positive analyst commentary.
  6. Bank of America Stock's Recovery Stalled in March

    Bank of America is the third largest "too big to fail" money center bank, with a reasonable P/E ratio of 19.16 and a dividend ...
  7. Intel Stock Could Drop Into the Mid-$40s

    Intel stock has completed a rally into long-term resistance and could sell off into the mid-$40s in the coming months.
  8. AbbVie Stock Is Signaling That a Move to the Upside Could Be Near

    A recent pullback, dividend growth and institutional accumulation could make AbbVie shares an attractive long-term investment.
  9. Citigroup Faces Earnings Below Key Moving Averages

    Citigroup is the fourth largest "too big to fail" money center banks, but it faces a potential "death cross" and is oversold ...
  10. JPMorgan Stock Stuck in Neutral Ahead of Earnings

    JPMorgan stock is running in place ahead of first quarter earnings, with last year's historic tax cut failing so far to spur ...
  11. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Retail Stocks

    Bullish chart patterns on key retail assets suggest that those who go against the grain could be rewarded over the weeks ...
  12. Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Still Too Cheap to Ignore

    Bed Bath & beyond reports earnings on Wednesday as a struggling brick-and-mortar retailer with a P/E ratio of just 5.98 ...
  13. McDonald's Stock Nears Major Buy Signal

    McDonald's has completed an inverse head and shoulders pattern on top of the 200-day EMA, raising the odds for a strong recovery ...
  14. Facebook CEO Faces Congress With Stock Near 'Death Cross'

    Facebook is not a bargain, with a P/E ratio of 29.14. The daily chart is close to showing a "death cross," while its weekly ...
  15. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Financials

    Recent pullbacks toward key long-term support levels on the charts of three popular financials suggest that now could be ...
  16. NVIDIA Stock Nears Support as Analysts Remain Undecided

    NVIDIA shares have moved lower, reaching key support levels on Monday, which means that traders will be watching these key ...
  17. Time Running Out for FedEx Bulls

    Packaging giant FedEx has sold off to the 200-day EMA and carved a descending triangle pattern that could signal a major ...
  18. Charting Amazon Volatility Caused by Trump Tweets

    Amazon is known as a momentum stock, with a P/E ratio of 228.79, but the stock lost its mojo last week.
  19. Stocks Edge Lower as Trade Tensions Grow

    With threats of additional tariffs raising the prospects of a trade war, the major U.S. indexes moved lower over the past ...
  20. Danaher Stock Is Ready to Jump 20%

    An ascending triangle pattern forming on the chart suggests that Danaher shares could be poised for upside.
  21. Will Alibaba Stock Break Down From Key Support?

    Alibaba shares moved lower over the past week following the acquisition of, but traders will be watching these key ...
  22. Delta Air Lines Stock Could Break Major Support

    Delta Air Lines stock has sold off to 2015 support levels and could break down in the coming weeks.
  23. Boeing Stock Hits Turbulence on China Tariff War

    Boeing has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 24.32 and a so-so dividend yield of 2.09%.
  24. Microsoft Stock Reaches Resistance After CIO Survey

    Microsoft shares moved sharply higher after Morgan Stanley's CIO survey showed likely increases in cloud spending.
  25. Homebuilders Could Hit All-Time Highs

    U.S. homebuilder stocks completed major reversals after industry leader Lennar reported upbeat earnings and a bullish 2018 ...
  26. Abercrombie & Fitch Stock Quietly Gains on Increasing Volumes

    Increasing share volumes and institutional accumulation suggest a positive outlook for shares of the clothing retailer.
  27. UnitedHealth Stock Stabilizing on Medicare Advantage

    Health care insurer UnitedHealth has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 20.97 and a modest dividend yield of 1.34%.
  28. Where Are Pandora Shares Headed After Spotify's Debut?

    Pandora shares moved lower following Spotify's debut, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  29. CBS Stock Could Rally After Viacom Takeover

    CBS is well positioned to reward long-suffering shareholders with healthy upside if it completes a Viacom merger.
  30. Tesla Stock May Fall Below Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Tesla is not a profitable company and does not have a P/E ratio, and the stock has finally fallen to its "reversion to the ...
  31. Weakness in Chip Stocks Is Creating a Buying Opportunity

    Nearby support and strong underlying uptrends on the charts of key semiconductor stocks suggest that now could be the time ...
  32. Intel Stock Moves Lower After Apple Drops Contract

    Intel shares broke down from support following reports that Apple would build its own processors, but traders will be watching ...
  33. As Markets Drop, Active Traders Focus on Commodities

    Strong chart patterns for key commodity-related ETFs suggest that this could be one of the only segments to withstand a continued ...
  34. Have Metals Stocks Topped Out?

    Industrial metals stocks are under pressure, buffeted by a delay in infrastructure spending and a looming trade war.
  35. Netflix in Correction, but Still Huge 2018 Leader

    Netflix is not a value stock, as its P/E ratio is elevated at 236.28, and will likely lose its classification as a momentum ...
  36. Snap Shares Break Below Key Support Levels

    Snap shares fell sharply, spurred negative analyst sentiments after a second round of layoffs, but traders will be watching ...
  37. Alphabet Lost Momentum After Missing Q4 Earnings

    Alphabet shares gapped lower on Feb. 2. The internet giant has an elevated P/E ratio of 57.75 as the stock swoons.
  38. 3 Biotech Stocks Hitting New Highs

    Small- and mid-cap biotech stocks have displayed usual first quarter resilience, setting the stage for second quarter upside.
  39. Stocks Mixed After a Rocky First Quarter

    Mixed results over the shortened holiday week ended a volatile quarter for the major U.S. indexes.
  40. Will Constellation Brands Stock Break Out From Key Resistance?

    Constellation Brands shares moved sharply higher after a strong fourth quarter, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  41. Amazon Stock Could Be Headed for Big Fall

    Presidential tweets and overbought technical readings could drop Amazon shares into a major correction that tests the $1, ...
  42. Tesla Stock Breaks Down After Debt Downgrade

    Tesla shares moved sharply lower after Moody's downgraded its debt, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  43. Netflix Sell-Off Could Signal Deep Correction

    Netflix stock is getting sold aggressively in sympathy with other FANG stocks and could be headed into an intermediate correction.
  44. 3 Charts to Watch as Volatility Rises

    Rising volatility levels suggest that markets could be poised for a move lower. Closes below key trendlines could be catalysts ...
  45. Constellation Brands Stock Set to Foam on Beer Sales

    Constellation Brands reports earnings with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 26.49 and a paltry dividend yield of 0.94%.
  46. GameStop Suffers From Digital Switch, Mall Slump

    Investors looking to speculate should consider GameStop given its P/E ratio of 4.09 and dividend yield of 10.83%.
  47. Red Hat Stock Breaks Out After Bullish Q4 Results

    Red Hat shares moved sharply higher following fourth quarter earnings, but technical indicators paint a more bearish picture.
  48. Avoid U.S. Automaker Stocks Despite Trade Talks

    U.S. automaker stocks are bouncing at support but have broken bullish patterns and could hit lower lows in coming months.
  49. Microsoft Stock Has the Growth Institutions Want

    Shares of the software giant are poised for additional upside given institutional accumulation signals and dividend growth.
  50. 3 Chart Patterns That Suggest Prices Are Headed Lower

    Long-term sell signals on the charts of some larger players suggest that the broader markets could be prepping for a major ...
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