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  1. Kroger Stock Shelves at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Kroger reports with a favorable P/E of 15.24 and a dividend yield of 1.76%. The stock is above a "golden cross" and stalled ...
  2. Have Snap Shares Reached a Bottom?

    Snap shares have fallen more than 20% over the past month, but the recent move higher has traders watching these key levels.
  3. 3 Charts That Commodity Traders Will Want to Watch

    Despite recent periods of consolidation on the charts of most commodities, active traders will maintain a bullish bias due ...
  4. 3 Hidden Gems in the Nasdaq-100

    Trade tensions could trigger an exodus out of the Nasdaq-100's big tech giants and into the index's lesser-known components.
  5. Qualcomm Stock Is Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Qualcomm stock represents a potential long-term buying opportunity given solid earnings and dividend growth alongside multiple ...
  6. Can This Pattern Drive Tata Motors Stock Higher?

    After steep declines, a recent breakout in shares of the Indian automaker has shifted momentum in favor of the bulls.
  7. Microsoft Has Momentum as a Leader of the Dow

    Microsoft has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 25.52 with a so-so dividend yield of 1.55% and overbought weekly chart.
  8. Activision Blizzard Stock Retests Key Resistance

    Activision Blizzard shares have been on the rise again, but traders will be watching these key resistance levels ahead.
  9. Does It Make Sense to Short US Stocks?

    As long as major indexes and bellwether stocks remain above key levels, there is not enough evidence to suggest becoming ...
  10. Trade Wars Could Drop Apple Shares to $200

    Apple stock may have completed the rally wave that started in February and could now pull back to test support at $200.
  11. Netflix Stock Rebounds From Bear Market Territory

    Netflix has an elevated P/E ratio of 129.33 as the stock recovers from bear market territory after an Aug. 20 "key reversal" ...
  12. Tariffs and Emerging Markets Threaten Stock Gains

    With major U.S. indexes declining over the past week on emerging markets and trade concerns, a bearish bias could continue ...
  13. Palo Alto Networks Stock at All-Time High After Bullish Quarter

    Palo Alto shares rallied to an all-time high on Friday after the company reported a strong quarter, but gains may be limited ...
  14. Alphabet Hangs Onto 2018 Gains With Chart Warnings

    Alphabet is a strong momentum stock with a reasonable P/E ratio of 30.01 and is below key levels with a negative weekly chart.
  15. Facebook Stock in Bear Market on Senate Intel Grilling

    Facebook's swoon began on March 19 but was forgiven after first quarter earnings. Then the stock crashed following second ...
  16. Active Traders Look to Regional Banks for Strength

    Bullish patterns and nearby support on the charts of the regional banks suggest that this could be the sector to watch over ...
  17. Ciena Stock Breaks Out to 10-Year High

    Network provider Ciena has finally mounted stubborn resistance in the $20s and could reach the upper $40s in the coming months.
  18. Twitter Stock Falls as Senate Grills Social Media Execs

    Twitter shares moved sharply lower after CEO Jack Dorsey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
  19. Amazon Pops Then Drops From Trillion-Dollar Value

    Amazon is not cheap, but its P/E ratio is not so elevated at 117.24, and the company can continue to be called the United ...
  20. Active Traders Remain Bullish on the US Dollar

    We look at the charts of three currency-related ETFs to consider how traders may position themselves with respect to the ...
  21. Nike Stock Could Drop 10% After Kaepernick Gamble

    Nike shares failed a breakout after the company announced a marketing deal with Colin Kaepernick and could drop another 1 ...
  22. PayPal Stock Is Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Given earnings and revenue growth along with multiple unusual accumulation signals, PayPal could be worth a spot in a growth-oriented ...
  23. Apple Stock Begins September in Inflating Parabolic Bubble

    Apple is not cheap, with a P/E of 19.20 and dividend yield of 1.28%. The stock has momentum so strong that it's entered an ...
  24. The Bear Case for US Stocks

    An exploration of inter-market relationships that could eventually indicate an impending downturn in U.S. stock markets.
  25. Ford Stock Near Key Support as Tariff Risks Loom

    Ford shares moved to key trendline support over the past few sessions, which has traders closely watching these key levels.
  26. 3 Biotech Stocks at Low-Risk Buying Levels

    These mid-cap plays have reached price levels that could reward shareholders with higher returns than the popular sector ...
  27. Penny Stocks to Watch for September 2018

    September's penny stock list features biotech and medical diagnostic plays, reflecting that group's strong relative strength. ...
  28. Stocks Near Record Highs, but Risks Continue to Mount

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes and a look-ahead to next week.
  29. Transports Nearing Breakouts Ahead of NAFTA News

    The transportation sector could break out in a broad-based advance following a trilateral trade agreement.
  30. Square Moves into Overbought Territory

    Square shares moved further into overbought territory following their rise, which has traders watching these key levels ahead.
  31. Best Buy Sell-Off Could Mark Buying Opportunity

    Best Buy has sold off to support after lowering third-quarter guidance but could recover in coming sessions.
  32. Lululemon Stretched to a New High Pre-Earnings

    Athletic apparel provider Lululemon has an elevated P/E ratio of 62.48 but the stock has been on a momentum run-up over the ...
  33. Dollar Tree Reports Below a Key Moving Average

    Dollar Tree has a favorable P/E ratio of 13.24. The stock is below a "death cross" but has a positive weekly chart.
  34. Active Traders Remain Bullish on Healthcare

    Bullish chart patterns on charts from across the healthcare sector suggest that this group could be poised for a move higher.
  35. Amazon Stock Is Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Given solid earnings and revenue growth along with multiple accumulation signals, Amazon stock could present a long-term ...
  36. AMD Could See Some Profit Taking After Big Climb

    AMD shares have moved sharply higher over the past seven sessions, but traders may be looking to take some profit off the ...
  37. This Week Is the 7th-Inning Stretch

    The period two-thirds of the way through the year provides an opportunity review our trades, not overthink things and be ...
  38. Active Traders Cautiously Optimistic About Precious Metals

    The recent close higher of several key precious metals assets suggests that the bulls are gaining control of the momentum. ...
  39. Micron Technology Stock May Have Bottomed Out

    The memory giant has set off short-term buying signals and could now rally more than 20%, reaching resistance in the mid-$6 ...
  40. Strong Bullish Breakout for Biotech Sector ETF

    IBB broke out of a bullish pennant and looks poised to break out of a multi-month cup-with-handle, a powerful alignment of ...
  41. Dick's Sporting Goods Reports in Recovery Mode

    Dick's Sporting Goods has a favorable P/E ratio of 11.69, a solid dividend yield of 2.50% and is above a "golden cross" with ...
  42. Where Are Tesla Shares Headed After Privatization Talk?

    While Elon Musk's privatization talks had a significant impact on Tesla shares, these are the key levels to watch after the ...
  43. AMD Shares Could Double in Coming Months

    AMD has carved a rare fractal pattern that could signal a parabolic rally into the mid-$40s.
  44. American Eagle Outfitters Reports on a Mojo Run

    American Eagle Outfitters reports earnings with a neutral P/E ratio of 23.29, a so-so dividend yield of 1.94% and a weekly ...
  45. Goldman Sachs Stock: Potential Head and Shoulders Bottom Forming

    The possible reversal pattern occurs following the completion of a 20.5% decline and as the wider market is strengthening ...
  46. Risks Continue to Mount as Stocks Reach Highs

    After several major U.S. indexes hit new highs, stocks face increasing political and trade-related risks over the coming ...
  47. Applied Materials Could Drop 25% in Coming Months

    Applied Materials stock has broken down from a double top pattern and could decline into the low $30s.
  48. AMD Moves into Overbought Territory After Analyst Update

    AMD shares moved sharply higher after an analyst upped its price target, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  49. Foot Locker Reports Below 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Foot Locker reports earnings with a neutral P/E ratio of 23.85, a reasonable dividend yield of 2.65% and a weekly chart that ...
  50. Retail Funds Break Out to All-Time Highs

    Retail ETFs have surged to all-time highs, with strong consumer buying power underpinning impressive revenue growth.
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