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  1. United Stuck at Resistance After Mixed Earnings (UAL, LUV)

    United Continental is getting sold at resistance after a mixed earnings report but could break out in coming weeks.
  2. Target's Holiday Miss Could Trigger New Downtrend (TGT, KSS)

    Target is testing 2-year support in the mid 60s for the fifth time and could break down in coming weeks, entering a multiyear ...
  3. Traders Turn to Corporate Bonds for Yield in 2017 (HYG, VCIT)

    Strong trends showing on the weekly charts of key corporate-bond ETFs suggests 2017 could be a good year to invest.
  4. Stocks Nearing Triangle Breakout Levels (TIVO, UNFI)

    Triangles breakouts can provide a risk-controlled way to participate in the next wave of a stock's trend.
  5. Gold Miners on the Mend After 5-Month Correction (GDX, GLD)

    The gold mining fund is back above the 200-day EMA after a steep correction, but upside may be limited in coming months. ...
  6. American Express at Resistance Ahead of Earnings (AXP, V)

    American Express has reached resistance after a yearlong recovery and could enter an intermediate correction following its ...
  7. Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on Agriculture (DBA, SOYB)

    Prolonged periods of consolidation combined with defined trading ranges will make these agriculture ETFs a favorite of many ...
  8. Trending Stocks for Swing Trades (XYL, RSPP)

    Trending stocks that are presenting a buying opportunity on the current pullback.
  9. Stocks Mixed as Trump Rally Flounders (SPY, DIA)

    The major stock market indexes were mixed over the past week as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office next ...
  10. JP Morgan Chase Headed for Triple Digits (JPM)

    JP Morgan Chase is testing December range resistance at $88 after a strong fourth quarter earnings report and could reach ...
  11. General Motors Vs. Ford: Which Is the Better Buy? (GM, F)

    General Motors and Ford traded in lockstep for three years but political events since the presidential election have declared ...
  12. IBM Slow But Steady in 2017 (IBM)

    IBM bounced at 200-month EMA support in 2016, predicting a multiyear uptrend, but two years of earnings contraction should ...
  13. Bank of America Levels to Watch After Earnings (BAC)

    Bank Of America rallied strongly after the presidential election but has reached a major resistance level that raises odds ...
  14. Biotech and Pharma ETFs Still Hurting (IBB, XPH)

    The biotech and pharma rallies that started the year were short-lived. The longer-term downtrend may be back in play.
  15. Morgan Stanley Hoping for Return to Glory Days (MS, GS)

    Morgan Stanley booked impressive 2016 results, led by strong bond trading income, and could add to gains after the January ...
  16. CSX Earnings Could Send Transports Into High Gear (CSX)

    CSX has rallied back to the 2014 bull market high and could break out following a strong January 17th earnings report.
  17. Stocks With More Downside in the Short-Term (KO, LSI)

    Downtrending stocks that potentially have more room to fall.
  18. 3 Country ETFs to Watch in 2017 (EWJ, EWA)

    Bullish chart patterns combined with nearby support make these countries ideal candidates for active traders.
  19. Shorts Ready to Reload Facebook Positions (FB)

    Facebook has bounced into steep resistance at the November breakaway gap and should sell off in coming days.
  20. Get Ready to Sell Goldman Sachs (GS)

    Goldman Sachs has nearly completed a 100% retracement from the 2007 high, setting off sell signals.
  21. KB Homes Could Face Long-term Headwinds (KBH, ITB)

    KB Home could break out after this week's earnings report, but homebuilders may face long-term headwinds if undocumented ...
  22. Lululemon Set to Test Multi-year Range Resistance (LULU)

    Lululemon is coming off a deeply oversold technical reading in great shape and looks ready to test 5-year resistance above ...
  23. 3 Charts Pointing to Higher Commodity Prices (OIL, GDX)

    Bullish continuation patterns on key commodity-related charts suggests that prices are headed higher.
  24. Commodity Stocks With Buy Signals (CNX, BBL)

    These commodity-related stocks are in uptrends and currently near support, providing a buying opportunity.
  25. Stocks Begin the Year on a High Note (SPY, DIA)

    Positive payroll data pushed stocks up for the week but the Dow finished just shy of the 20,000 mark.
  26. Amgen Set to Test Two-year Range Resistance (AMGN, IBB)

    Amgen has posted a 2-month bullish island reversal this week, setting the stage for its seventh assault on range resistance ...
  27. Wells-Fargo Mea Culpa Could Send Stock Flying (WFC)

    Wells-Fargo is likely to play catch up with high flying rivals when market players believe the fake account scandal has finally ...
  28. Mall Anchors Back in Virulent Downtrends (M, KSS)

    Surprisingly weak Kohl's and Macy's holiday sales results reinstate steep brick and mortar downtrends that could last into ...
  29. Chipotle Ripe for a January Effect Rally (CMG, MCD)

    A Wedbush upgrade could mark the opening shot in a Chipotle Mexican Grill recovery rally that exceeds analyst and management ...
  30. Watch These Top-performing ETFs (KRE, RSXJ)

    These are some of the strongest ETFs recently, and they provide excellent trading opportunities.
  31. Southwest Airlines Could Fly High in 2017 (LUV, UAL)

    Southwest Airlines is testing long-term resistance and could break out in a 2017 trend advance that posts double-digit percentage ...
  32. Short Natural Gas As Winter Ends With a Whimper (SWN, RRC)

    Natural gas futures fell more than 10% on Tuesday in reaction to a mild winter weather forecast and could be headed into ...
  33. Health Care Stocks With Short-term Upside (AGN, VRX)

    While these trades should be considered risky, recent strength indicates a potential short-term turnaround in these pharmaceutical ...
  34. Time to Short 2016's Biggest Winners (NVDA, TMUS)

    Early January marks the start of capital gains tax selling season, with many shareholders ready to book profits on the prior ...
  35. Johnson & Johnson Set for Strong Recovery (JNJ, TLT)

    Johnson & Johnson may have ended its intermediate correction in December, with highs odds for new bull market and all-time ...
  36. 3 Commodity Charts to Watch in 2017 (DBC, JJC)

    The charts of these commodity-related ETFs will likely be at the top of many watch lists for 2017.
  37. Watch for a New Year Breakout in These Stocks (DHR, FIS)

    The narrowing price patterns in these stocks can't last for long. Watch for a breakout.
  38. Stocks End a Bullish Year on a Low Note (SPY, DIA)

    In the last trading week of 2016 the major stock indexes moved lower.
  39. Social Media Laggards Ready for the January Effect (TWTR, P)

    Social media stocks have lost ground in 2016, with a few big cap exceptions, but could attract significant capital in the ...
  40. Caterpillar Headed Into 2017 Cross-Currents (CAT)

    Caterpillar will benefit from higher 2017 infrastructure spending under the Trump administration but a China trade war could ...
  41. Historical Sector ETF Performance for January (XLV, XLK)

    Most sector ETFs have historically performed poorly in January, with the exception of one.
  42. Celgene Winding Up for 2017 Breakout (CELG, IBB)

    Celgene is attracting steady buying interest after three successful tests at deep support and could enter a powerful 2017 ...
  43. Truckers Need NAFTA to Rally in 2017 (JBHT, LSTR)

    Truckers have led a D.J. Transportation Average rally that's now dependent on the new president's willingness to renegotiate ...
  44. These Stocks Are Strong January Performers (EQC, FAX)

    January isn't typically a great month for stocks, but these five tend to outperform.
  45. 3 Sectors to Watch in 2017 (XLF, XLI)

    By analyzing the charts of sector-related exchange-traded funds, three stand out as prime candidates for watch lists in 2 ...
  46. Three Stocks for the January Effect (FSLR, COTY)

    2016 tax selling season comes to an end next week, signaling the January Effect, a seasonal influence that favors the prior ...
  47. Three Oil & Gas Stocks to Buy in 2017 (HP, RSPP)

    Crude oil could hit the mid-60s in 2017, underpinning growing uptrends in these three U.S. drilling and production stocks. ...
  48. Charts Suggest Commodities Are Poised to Have a Strong 2017 (DBC, JO)

    Long-term weekly charts combined with the under followed Volume by Price indicator are pointing to higher commodity prices ...
  49. U.S. Markets Largely Unchanged Before Holidays

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  50. Micron Could Rise 50% in Coming Months (MU)

    Micron jumped more than 10% after strong earnings and could enter a beneficial cycle that supports significant gains in the ...
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