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  1. Oprah's Weight Watchers Stake Worth Half a Billion

    Weight Watchers stock broke out above 2011 resistance last week, raising Oprah Winfrey's 5.5% stake above $500,000,000.
  2. How is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) formula calculated?

    Learn the formula for calculating both simple moving averages and exponential moving averages, indicators that are frequently ...
  3. FedEx Delivers Earnings Above Key Levels With Mojo

    Package delivery giant FedEx reports earnings with a reasonable P/E ratio of 16.15, a small dividend yield of 0.98% and an ...
  4. China Currency Bill

    The China Currency Bill was a potential law passed by the U.S. Senate that would have added tariffs to countries found to ...
  5. Stocks Could Continue Lower as Tariff, Dollar Risks Remain

    As the market digests escalating trade tensions and news from the Fed, the major indexes could see continued volatility in ...
  6. Introduction To Counterparty Risk

    Unlike a funded loan, the exposure from a credit derivative is complicated. Find out everything you need to know about counterparty ...
  7. How To Draw Fibonacci Levels

    Draw Fibonacci retracement and extension grids to identify hidden support and resistance that may come into play during the ...
  8. Video Game Stocks Could Shake Out E3 Buyers

    Video game stocks surged higher this week, underpinned by E3 euphoria, and could now shake out weak hands.
  9. NIFTY Small-Cap Stocks to Buy

    While the outlook is mixed for stocks on the NIFTY Smallcap 100 Index, we highlight some names that could be poised for gains. ...
  10. Alphabet Has Been Holding Key Levels All Year Long

    Alphabet held my semiannual value level of $987.07 on March 28, setting the stage for renewed momentum as the second quarter ...
  11. Airline Relative Underperformance Continues

    The charts suggest that the airline industry will continue to underperform the transports sector and the broader markets.
  12. Micron Stock Could Rally Into the Upper $70s

    Micron Technology stock has carved a cup and handle pattern that could yield a rally into the upper $70s.
  13. NIFTY Mid-Cap Stocks to Buy

    After a potential failed breakdown in the NIFTY Mid-Cap 100 Index, some component stocks could be poised for growth.
  14. Tesla Accelerated From Key Levels as June Began

    Tesla stock has been on the rise since holding its "reversion to the mean" at the end of March, and patient investors and ...
  15. Overnight Delivery Risk

    Overnight delivery risk is the risk that occurs as a result of conducting transactions between different time zones.
  16. Samurai Market

    Samurai market is a slang term for the stock market in Japan, and the term is usually used by non-residents of Japan.
  17. Disney Breaks Out From Prior Highs in Volatile Session

    Disney shares were sharply lower in pre-market trading but reversed direction after the open in the wake of the AT&T ...
  18. 3 Ways to Trade the Rise in Robotics and Automation

    Bullish chart patterns across the robotics and automation segment of the market suggest that now could be an ideal time to ...
  19. GrubHub Stock Likely Under Accumulation and Heading Higher

    GrubHub shares could present a long-term buying opportunity given solid earnings growth, sales growth and unusual accumulation ...
  20. Adobe Reports in an 'Inflating Parabolic Bubble'

    Adobe Systems reports earnings with an elevated P/E ratio of 66.76 as its weekly chart shows an "inflating parabolic bubble."
  21. Fitbit Extends Breakout After Bullish Citron Report

    Fitbit shares have seen a tremendous rally since the beginning of the month, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  22. Almost Time to Sell Twitter Stock

    Twitter's uptrend is now approaching strong resistance in the mid-$40s that could trigger a multi-month reversal.
  23. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Basic Materials Stocks

    Bullish patterns on key charts used to track the performance of the basic materials sector suggest that now is the time to ...
  24. Crude Oil Has 20% Upside Potential in Rupees

    After pulling back to support levels, crude oil prices in rupees could be poised for 20% gains.
  25. Sell Signal

    A sell signal is a condition or measurable level at which an investor is alerted to sell a specified investment.
  26. Copper Is Breaking Out in Rupees

    With prices moving above resistance to four-year highs, copper is confirming a breakout from its seven-year base.
  27. Restoration Hardware Breaks Out Ahead of Earnings

    Restoration Hardware stock has posted solid gains in recent sessions, but traders are watching these levels ahead of its ...
  28. Wait for $170 to Buy Facebook Stock

    Facebook stock has made a rapid recovery to February's bull market high and could now turn lower, testing new support at ...
  29. Disney Is Rising Along Its Reversion to the Mean

    Disney stock is reasonably priced based on its P/E ratio of 13.86 and dividend yield of 1.62% as its weekly chart is upgraded ...
  30. Stocks Look Strong Ahead of FOMC Meeting

    The major U.S. indexes have strong technical support moving into next week, but price action will depend on the FOMC meeting ...
  31. Kijun Line

    The Kijun Line is the midpoint between the highest high and lowest low of a security over a specified period of time, and ...
  32. Restaurant Stocks Delivering the Gains

    From cheap breakfast spots to high-end night clubs, restaurant stocks are posting strong returns.
  33. McDonald's Restructuring Plan Triggers Breakout

    McDonald's stock broke out of a four-month basing pattern this week after details emerged about the company's restructuring ...
  34. Facebook Is Feeling the Pinch of Platform Bugs

    Facebook's P/E ratio of 31.65 is reasonable for a momentum stock, but it will be trading below a key level with an overbought ...
  35. Fibonacci Arc

    Fibonacci Arcs are half circles that extend downward from the top of a trend line drawn between two points.
  36. Costco Stock: Time Running Out for Bulls

    Costco stock needs to break out above stubborn resistance at $200 in the next two weeks or risk a major downturn.
  37. Apple Reaches My June Price Target on Upward Mojo

    Apple stock is no longer cheap with a P/E of 18.66 and a dividend yield of just 1.51%, but the charts suggest that further ...
  38. Failed Break

    A failed break occurs when a price moves through an identified level of support or resistance but does not have enough momentum ...
  39. Cumulative Volume Index - CVI

    The cumulative volume index, or CVI, is a momentum indicator that gauges the movement of funds into and out of the entire ...
  40. Will Tesla Stock Break Out From Ascending Triangle?

    Tesla shares moved sharply higher following the annual shareholders' meeting, but traders will be closely watching these ...
  41. 3 Country-Specific ETFs That Look Poised to Move Lower

    The downside bias shown on the charts of certain country-specific ETFs suggests that prices in these regions could be headed ...
  42. Arista Networks Stock Shows Unusual Bullish Trading Activity

    Solid earnings and sales growth along with multiple accumulation signals suggest continued upside potential for Arista Networks ...
  43. Breadth Indicator

    Breadth indicators are mathematical formulas that measure advancing and declining issues to calculate the amount of participation ...
  44. Broadcom Stock Is Cheap, Poised to Pop on Earnings

    Based on a P/E ratio of 13.58 and a dividend yield of 2.71%, Broadcom stock is cheap, with renewed momentum too.
  45. Best Buy Stock Set to Plunge 20%

    A break below the key support level in a wedge pattern could imply additional downside for shares of the electronics retailer.
  46. Twitter Stock Breaks Out on S&P 500 Inclusion

    Twitter shares moved sharply higher on news that it would replace Monsanto in the S&P 500, but traders will be watching ...
  47. Small Cap Zynga on Fire After Key Acquisition

    Game maker Zynga's shares have rallied to the highest high since April 2014 after buyback and acquisition announcements.
  48. 3 Charts That Suggest Transport Stocks Are Headed Higher

    Clearly defined trading ranges on the charts of key transportation securities suggest that this could be the sector to watch.
  49. Neckline

    The neckline is a level of support or resistance found on a head and shoulders pattern that is used by traders to determine ...
  50. Klinger Oscillator

    The Klinger Oscillator was developed by Stephen Klinger to determine the long-term trend of money flow while remaining sensitive ...
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  1. Financial Risk

    Financial risk is the possibility that shareholders will lose money when investing in a company if its cash flow fails to ...
  2. Enterprise Value (EV)

    Enterprise Value (EV) is a measure of a company's total value, often used as a more comprehensive alternative to equity market ...
  3. Relative Strength Index - RSI

    Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) is a technical momentum indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent ...
  4. Dividend

    A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.
  5. Inventory Turnover

    Inventory turnover is a ratio showing how many times a company has sold and replaces inventory over a period.
  6. Watchlist

    A watchlist is list of securities being monitored for potential trading or investing opportunities.
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