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  1. Resurgent Pfizer Stock Testing 19-Year Resistance

    Pfizer has lifted into Dow leadership in recent months and is now approaching resistance at the 1999 high.
  2. Nike Stock Needs to Hold Key Levels After Earnings

    Athletic footwear and apparel giant Nike reports earnings with an elevated P/E ratio of 32.06 and a puny dividend yield of ...
  3. Economy Remains Strong, but Trade War Fears Loom

    Coming off a week in which major U.S. indexes reached record highs, traders will monitor trade negotiations and news from ...
  4. GE Rally Loses Steam, Tests Key Support

    General Electric stock lost ground on concerns related to the company's gas turbines, but traders will be keeping an eye ...
  5. Pot Stocks Explode Higher in Watershed Week

    Cannabis stocks took off for the heavens this week after positive catalysts brought marijuana use closer to the mainstream.
  6. Boeing Shares Are Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Boeing shares could represent a long-term buying opportunity given strong earnings growth and revenue guidance along with ...
  7. Micron Reports Showing a Potential 'Death Cross'

    Micron stock is too cheap to ignore heading into earnings with a P/E ratio of just 3.70 but with a potential "death cross" ...
  8. Outside Days

    Outside days are days where a security’s price is more volatile than the previous day as evidenced by higher highs and lower ...
  9. JPMorgan Stock Breaks Out From Bearish Price Channel

    JPMorgan shares broke out from a bearish price channel as the steepening yield curve offers an opportunity to banks.
  10. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Sell Social Media Stocks

    Bearish price action on charts of key assets across the social media sector suggest that the long-term downtrend could just ...
  11. Mastercard Shares Are Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Strong earnings and revenue growth along with multiple accumulation signals suggest additional upside potential for Mastercard ...
  12. Darden Restaurants Stock in 'Inflating Parabolic Bubble'

    Darden Restaurants has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 21.42 and a dividend yield of 2.52%, but the stock is in an "inflating ...
  13. 3 Charts That Suggest Agricultural Commodities Are Header Lower

    The charts of assets used for trading agricultural commodities suggest that the next leg lower could be just beginning.
  14. Where Are Coca-Cola Shares Headed After Big News?

    Coca-Cola's deal with Costa and a brewing deal in the cannabis industry could introduce some volatility, which has traders ...
  15. McDonald's Stock Could Break Down in Coming Weeks

    Dow component McDonald's could exit a multi-month standoff in coming weeks and drop 20% to 30%.
  16. Herman Miller Tracks Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Furniture maker Herman Miller is relatively cheap with a P/E ratio of 13.80 and a dividend yield of 2.12% in a 2018 consolidation.
  17. FedEx Delivers Earnings Below 2018 Downtrend

    Package delivery giant FedEx reports earnings with a reasonable P/E ratio of 14.57, a dividend yield of 1.02% and a positive ...
  18. Emerging Markets Could Rise 20% in Fourth Quarter

    The emerging markets fund has reached deep support while oversold technical readings raise the odds for a multi-week bounce.
  19. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of September 2018

    Some coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in the final months of 2018.
  20. Stocks Recover as Hurricane Impact and Tariffs Loom

    After regaining some ground, the broader markets will be monitoring the storm's impact, trade developments and housing data ...
  21. Union Pacific Stock Could Gain 30% in Coming Months

    Union Pacific stock has established a trading floor above $150, underpinning a strong uptrend that could reach $200.
  22. Oracle Is Climbing Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Software giant Oracle reports earnings with favorable P/E ratio of 14.74, a dividend yield of 1.54% and positives showing ...
  23. Avoid Intel Stock Despite Steep Decline

    Intel shares should bounce toward $50 in coming weeks, but heavy overhead supply may end the recovery effort and trigger ...
  24. Micron Plummets to Oversold Levels Amid Analyst Concerns

    Micron shares continued their move lower after analysts weighed in on memory prices, but traders will be watching these key ...
  25. Active Traders Are Bullish on Consumer Staples

    Technical buy signs on the charts of companies from across the consumer staples sector suggest that now is the ideal time ...
  26. Home Depot Shares Are Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Given earnings and sales growth along with multiple accumulation signals, Home Depot shares could be worth a spot in a growth-oriented ...
  27. Kroger Stock Shelves at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Kroger reports with a favorable P/E of 15.24 and a dividend yield of 1.76%. The stock is above a "golden cross" and stalled ...
  28. Have Snap Shares Reached a Bottom?

    Snap shares have fallen more than 20% over the past month, but the recent move higher has traders watching these key levels.
  29. 3 Charts That Commodity Traders Will Want to Watch

    Despite recent periods of consolidation on the charts of most commodities, active traders will maintain a bullish bias due ...
  30. 3 Hidden Gems in the Nasdaq-100

    Trade tensions could trigger an exodus out of the Nasdaq-100's big tech giants and into the index's lesser-known components.
  31. Qualcomm Stock Is Alerting Bullish Trading Activity

    Qualcomm stock represents a potential long-term buying opportunity given solid earnings and dividend growth alongside multiple ...
  32. Can This Pattern Drive Tata Motors Stock Higher?

    After steep declines, a recent breakout in shares of the Indian automaker has shifted momentum in favor of the bulls.
  33. Microsoft Has Momentum as a Leader of the Dow

    Microsoft has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 25.52 with a so-so dividend yield of 1.55% and overbought weekly chart.
  34. Activision Blizzard Stock Retests Key Resistance

    Activision Blizzard shares have been on the rise again, but traders will be watching these key resistance levels ahead.
  35. Does It Make Sense to Short US Stocks?

    As long as major indexes and bellwether stocks remain above key levels, there is not enough evidence to suggest becoming ...
  36. Trade Wars Could Drop Apple Shares to $200

    Apple stock may have completed the rally wave that started in February and could now pull back to test support at $200.
  37. Netflix Stock Rebounds From Bear Market Territory

    Netflix has an elevated P/E ratio of 129.33 as the stock recovers from bear market territory after an Aug. 20 "key reversal" ...
  38. How is the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) represented in the security market line (SML)?

    Learn the definition of the capital asset pricing model and how CAPM is used in the calculation and graph of the security ...
  39. Tariffs and Emerging Markets Threaten Stock Gains

    With major U.S. indexes declining over the past week on emerging markets and trade concerns, a bearish bias could continue ...
  40. Notis %V

    The Notis %V is a technical indicator that measures the inconstancy – or variability – of a security’s price when moving ...
  41. Norton High/Low Indicator

    The Norton High/Low Indicator leverages the Demand Index and Stochastics to identify potential price reversals.
  42. Palo Alto Networks Stock at All-Time High After Bullish Quarter

    Palo Alto shares rallied to an all-time high on Friday after the company reported a strong quarter, but gains may be limited ...
  43. Alphabet Hangs Onto 2018 Gains With Chart Warnings

    Alphabet is a strong momentum stock with a reasonable P/E ratio of 30.01 and is below key levels with a negative weekly chart.
  44. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using a Simple Moving Average (SMA)?

    Examine some of the potential advantages and disadvantages involved with the use of a simple moving average or an exponential ...
  45. Facebook Stock in Bear Market on Senate Intel Grilling

    Facebook's swoon began on March 19 but was forgiven after first quarter earnings. Then the stock crashed following second ...
  46. Active Traders Look to Regional Banks for Strength

    Bullish patterns and nearby support on the charts of the regional banks suggest that this could be the sector to watch over ...
  47. Ciena Stock Breaks Out to 10-Year High

    Network provider Ciena has finally mounted stubborn resistance in the $20s and could reach the upper $40s in the coming months.
  48. Twitter Stock Falls as Senate Grills Social Media Execs

    Twitter shares moved sharply lower after CEO Jack Dorsey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
  49. Amazon Pops Then Drops From Trillion-Dollar Value

    Amazon is not cheap, but its P/E ratio is not so elevated at 117.24, and the company can continue to be called the United ...
  50. Active Traders Remain Bullish on the US Dollar

    We look at the charts of three currency-related ETFs to consider how traders may position themselves with respect to the ...
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