Charts, Patterns & Technical Indicators

  1. Penny Stocks to Watch for December 2017

    Penny stocks lagged in performance in November, but the group is rapidly approaching highly favorable small-cap seasonality.
  2. VMware Faces Earnings With Weekly 'Key Reversal'

    VMware stock is not cheap, with a P/E ratio of 42.99 and no dividend. Playing mojo under a "key reversal" will be tough!
  3. Netflix Stock's Reversal Could Signal Greater Downside

    Netflix stock fell more than 5.5% Wednesday, ending a seven-week test at $200 and raising odds for more downside into support ...
  4. Momo Shares Fall Sharply After Earnings Disappointment

    Momo may have reported strong third quarter financial results, but investors were not impressed.
  5. Autodesk Stock Falls to Support After Q3 Earnings

    Autodesk shares fell sharply after its third quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  6. Bank of America Stock Breaks Out After Powell Testimony

    Bank of America shares rose sharply following Powell's confirmation hearing, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  7. CBS Stock Could Reward Bottom Fishers

    CBS has sold off to deep support and reached long-term overbought technical readings that should support a multi-month bounce.
  8. Workday Stock Is a Pure Play on Technical Momentum

    Workday is not cheap – it does not have a P/E ratio and does not pay a dividend. Daily and weekly charts are positive.
  9. NVIDIA Stock Nears Intermediate Sell Signal

    NVIDIA will set off an intermediate sell signal if it hits $208, raising odds for testing at $200 and deep channel support ...
  10. Kroger, Hurt by Amazon, Is Restocking Its Shelves

    Kroger stock is cheap, with a P/E ratio of 14.18 and a reasonable dividend of 2.48%. This is a turnaround story.
  11. Amazon Stock Is Not on Sale for Cyber Week

    Amazon shares have rallied nearly 60% this year, but the stock appears increasingly overbought on a technical level.
  12. Micron Stock: Is the Rally at Risk?

    Micron shares declined sharply after Morgan Stanley's bearish industry comments, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  13. Roku Stock Breaks Out to All-Time Record

    Roku shares soared this week after Needham increased its price target, but traders will be closely watching these key levels.
  14. Shopify Stock Sets Off Preliminary Short Sale Signal

    Shopify stock has reversed at hidden resistance, while heavy distribution points to an institutional exodus.
  15. Has Square Stock Topped Out?

    Square stock fell on heavy volume Monday, but minimal technical damage suggests that the decline will mark a buying opportunity.
  16. SOX Semiconductor Index at 17-Year Resistance

    The chip index is within 20 points of multi-decade resistance, predicting a reversal and decline that could last for months.
  17. Marvell Technology Stock Is Not Cheap and Could Short-Circuit

    Marvell Technology's P/E ratio is 45.29, and its dividend is puny at 1.30% - traders should play the momentum.
  18. Cleveland-Cliffs Stock: Uptrend Hanging by a Thread

    Cleveland-Cliffs stock has been testing support at $5.50 for the past six months and now must survive December tax selling ...
  19. GameStop Stock: Turnaround or False Breakout?

    GameStop shares rose sharply on third quarter results, but traders will be watching these key levels over the coming week.
  20. 3 Hot Stock Plays for the Holidays

    Small- and mid-cap retail stocks could offer value this holiday season, with a strong economy and low unemployment driving ...
  21. Twitter Stock: Breakout or Double Top?

    Twitter shares have soared following reports of a new news network, but traders are closely watching key resistance levels.
  22. Commodities Continue to Climb

    The chart of the Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Index (CRB) suggests upside potential for commodities.
  23. Palo Alto Networks Upside Limited Despite Solid Quarter

    Palo Alto Networks price action reflects equal strength between bulls and bears, frustrating trend followers with a multi-year ...
  24. Nike Stock Could Enter New Bull Market

    Nike has rallied back to 19-month base resistance near $60 and could break out, entering a test at the 2015 all-time high.
  25. Abercrombie & Fitch Stock Issues Long-Term Buy Signal

    Abercrombie & Fitch stock has squeezed short sellers since beating estimates last week and should post higher prices ...
  26. Riot Stock Rallies as Blockchain Tech Goes Mainstream

    Riot Blockchain shares moved sharply higher on Monday after several large banks completed a test of blockchain technologies.
  27. Deere Stock Plows to New High Before Earnings

    Deere shares are slightly overvalued fundamentally, with a so-so dividend yield and above a "golden cross" but with overbought ...
  28. GameStop Earnings Could Trigger Short Squeeze

    GameStop shares have sold off to multi-year support, while technical readings have hit deeply oversold levels.
  29. Salesforce Stock Momentum Is Above the Cloud

    Shares of Salesforce trade on pure momentum, and its stochastic reading is in parabolic territory.
  30. Will Apple Suppliers Join iPhone X Rally?

    Analog Devices' earnings report on Tuesday morning may offer actionable insight on Apple's iPhone X rollout.
  31. Are Gold Prices Poised for a Rebound?

    Gold prices broke out from key resistance last week, but traders will be closely watching these critical levels.
  32. MGM Resorts Stock Set to Punish Short Sellers

    MGM Resorts stock has lifted into the upper half of a broad trading range and could break out in coming months.
  33. Lowe's Stock Is Fenced Into a Trading Range

    Lowe's stock has an elevated P/E ratio of 22.78 and offers a so-so dividend yield of 2.06%. The technical charts are neutral.
  34. Strong Economic Data Fail to Offset Profit Taking in Stocks

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  35. Are Wal-Mart Shares Overbought at Current Levels?

    Wal-Mart shares soared after favorable third quarter financial results, but they could be in for some near-term consolidation.
  36. Citigroup Shares Year-End Rally Could Be Under Way

    Citigroup stock bounced at support this week, suggesting a potential end-of-year rally that could reach new highs.
  37. Biotech Funds Flashing Sell Signals

    Biotech funds are testing mid-year breakouts after selling off to two-month lows and could break down in coming weeks.
  38. Cisco Stock Soars After Q1 Beat and Solid Guidance

    Cisco Systems shares moved to fresh highs following a bullish first quarter, but traders will be watching these levels.
  39. Foot Locker Stock: Positive Earnings Could Reboot Mojo

    Foot Locker stock is too cheap to ignore, with a P/E ratio of 7.21 and a 3.75% dividend yield, but the charts are challenging.
  40. Can Tesla Stock Hold $300?

    Tesla has seen a string of bearish news and could break down, offering a buying opportunity at April breakout support near ...
  41. Wal-Mart to Report in Inflating Parabolic Bubble

    Wal-Mart stock is overvalued but has a reasonable dividend yield. It is currently above a "golden cross."
  42. Cisco Systems Stock Poised to Network Higher

    Shares of Cisco are cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio, an attractive dividend yield and positive technical charts.
  43. Blackberry Stock Breaks Down From 50-Day Moving Average

    Blackberry shares recently broke down from key support levels, which could lead to a further move lower.
  44. Alibaba Shares Consolidate Near Highs After Record Singles' Day

    Alibaba shares consolidated near their highs after the company brought in more than $25 billion during China's Singles' Day.
  45. Best Buy Stock Stuck at Long-Term Resistance

    Best Buy stock reached resistance at the 2006 high in June and has ground sideways for the past five months.
  46. CVS Short Sellers Ready to Reload Positions

    CVS stock is bouncing after a decline triggered by Aetna merger talks and Amazon's ambitions, but it could sell off at new ...
  47. Target Needs Earnings Bullseye to Sustain Stock Gains

    Target stock is cheap, with a below-market P/E ratio and an attractive dividend yield, but its technical charts are neutral.
  48. Chesapeake Energy Stock Nears Long-Term Buy Signal

    The stock has turned higher at major Fibonacci support as long-term relative strength oscillators enter new buying cycles.
  49. Storm Relief Yields Sales Momentum for Home Depot

    Home Depot stock has an above average P/E ratio and an acceptable dividend yield, but its momentum has been overbought.
  50. Twitter Buying Volume Predicts Long-Lasting Bottom

    Twitter stock's on balance volume rose to an all-time high, raising odds for an uptrend lasting at least one to two years.
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    Short covering is buying back borrowed securities in order to close an open short position.
  2. Covariance

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  3. Liquid Asset

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