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  1. Potential Divergences Need Price Confirmation

    Bullish momentum divergences require confirmation before traders can confidently act on these signals.
  2. Walmart Stock Breaks Out From Key Resistance

    Walmart shares moved higher on Monday following a lawsuit settlement and new partnership, but traders will be watching these ...
  3. 'Dog of the Dow' Coca-Cola Reports Within Range

    Coca-Cola is a "Dog of the Dow" for 2018 with an elevated P/E ratio of 23.31 and a favorable dividend yield of 3.40%.
  4. Where to Short 3 Falling FAANG Stocks This Fall

    Learn what FAANG stocks are and why they've come under intense selling pressure in October, and explore three short setup ...
  5. Stocks Erase 2018's Gains as Busy Week Approaches

    After the major U.S. indexes posted significant losses, the markets will be monitoring a number of key indicators in the ...
  6. What Makes Tesla's Business Model Different?

    Tesla did not invent the first electric car, but it did invent was the first successful business model for bringing compelling ...
  7. Extreme Unusual Selling Says a Bounce Is Near

    The selling in the market appears unsustainable and should soon lead to a bounce.
  8. Capitulation

    Capitulation is when investors give up any previous gains in a security or securities by selling as prices fall.
  9. 3 Consumer Goods Stocks Bucking the Bears

    Learn why the stock market bears have had their claws out in October, and discover three consumer goods stocks that have ...
  10. Tech Headwinds Could End Intel Bounce

    Intel stock has bounced above $45 after an upbeat third quarter earnings report, but broad tech headwinds could limit gains.
  11. Alphabet Struggles to Hold 2018 Gains Into Earnings

    Alphabet stock has lost momentum but now has a reasonable P/E ratio of 23.28 as it struggles below key chart levels.
  12. Is the FAANG Trade Dead?

    Three of five FAANG components have broken their 200-day moving averages, and Amazon looks ready to follow suit.
  13. 3 Charts That Suggest Financials Are About to Head Lower

    The recent break below key resistance levels on the charts of influential financial companies suggests that the long-term ...
  14. Amazon Stock Holds Key Moving Average Into Earnings

    Amazon is not cheap, but its P/E ratio is not so elevated at 70.23, and the stock remains in bull market territory as the ...
  15. Natural Gas ETFs Burning Brightly

    Learn what factors have fueled the three-month natural gas rally, and explore three tactical trading ideas relating to natural ...
  16. Twitter Earnings Bounce Unlikely to Gain Traction

    Twitter stock has bounced into long-term resistance after an upbeat third quarter earnings report, predicting limited upside ...
  17. McDonald's Stock: Unusual Buying Bucks the Trend

    Given solid sales growth, increasing dividends and multiple accumulation signals, McDonald's stock could be worth a spot ...
  18. NVIDIA Stock Falls to Key Support Levels

    NVIDIA shares extended their losses on Wednesday amid trade war and oversupply fears, but traders will be watching these ...
  19. The Role of Cash in Portfolios

    Cash is a position too! Learn about the benefits of an increased cash position during this period of market volatility.
  20. 3 Charts That Suggest the Commodities Market Is Heading Lower

    The breakdown below key support levels across the commodities market suggests that the bears could be in control of the momentum ...
  21. Brazil ETFs Run Into Resistance as Runoff Looms

    Learn why Brazil's likely incoming president may find it challenging to implement policy change, and explore a shorting opportunity ...
  22. Stars Aligned for Strong Tesla Rally

    Tesla stock has completed the fourth successful test at long-term support since the 2010 IPO, setting the stage for a strong ...
  23. Verizon Stock Gaps to 17-Year Highs

    The telecom giant may continue to be the beneficiary of money flows if equity markets continue to struggle.
  24. Netflix Stock: Big Buying Hinted at Higher Prices

    Netflix stock could represent a long-term buying opportunity given solid revenue growth, subscription guidance and accumulation ...
  25. Microsoft Reports Earnings Under Negative Weekly Chart

    Microsoft has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 22.18, a so-so dividend yield of 1.70% and a negative weekly chart.
  26. Gold Regains Some Luster as Volatility Surges

    After having been pressured for most of this year, gold prices have recently received a boost on higher volatility.
  27. Trade War Batters US-Listed China Stocks

    U.S.-listed shares of Chinese companies have entered bear markets, waving a red flag for American companies exposed to that ...
  28. Caterpillar Breaks Down Despite Strong Earnings

    Shares of Caterpillar fell sharply despite better-than-expected third quarter earnings, but traders will be watching these ...
  29. McDonald's Rallies Into Resistance After Bullish Earnings

    McDonald's stock has rallied into resistance at $172 for the third time, setting up a major battle between bulls and bears.
  30. Eureka for Gold Mining ETFs?

    Learn what factors could drive the gold price over the next 12 months, and explore three gold ETF trading ideas.
  31. Boeing Hits Market Headwinds After October High

    Boeing has a market-neutral P/E ratio of 20.19 and a so-so dividend yield of 1.92% but a negative weekly chart.
  32. Hasbro Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Hasbro shares moved sharply lower as Toys "R" Us closures took a bite out of revenue, but traders will be watching these ...
  33. More Pain Ahead for Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are testing multi-month lows and could break down in the coming weeks.
  34. 3 Trading Ideas for Small-Cap Bears

    Learn what macro factors enticed investors into small-cap stocks between May and September 2018, and discover three ETFs ...
  35. Verizon and AT&T Could Rally After Earnings

    Positively aligned technicals raise the odds that Verizon and AT&T shares will trade higher in reaction to this week's ...
  36. Regional Bank Corrections Remain After Earnings

    The Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate, which is supposed to benefit super regional banks, but that has not ...
  37. 3M Company Reports Earnings Under a 'Death Cross'

    3M Company reports earnings before the open on Tuesday with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 17.94 and a decent dividend yield ...
  38. Stocks Stabilize After Plummeting Earlier this Month

    The major U.S. indexes are showing signs of stabilization after early-October declines, but traders will be watching these ...
  39. Auto Stocks Driven Down to Long-Term Lows

    Auto stocks are having a bad year, and it's poised to get worse.
  40. Biotech Sector Could Enter Bear Market

    Major biotech funds are flashing warning signs, raising the odds that the two-year uptrend is coming to an end.
  41. China Weakness Could End Caterpillar Uptrend

    China's economic downturn has hit Caterpillar stock hard, dropping the Dow component more than 15% in two weeks.
  42. Banking Profits in Financial ETFs

    Learn why financial stocks are well positioned to rise into the end of 2018, and discover three financial ETFs that can be ...
  43. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks as of October 2018

    Some coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in the final months of 2018.
  44. A US Stock Market Crash Is a Real Possibility

    The markets have not seen this level of potential risk in over two years.
  45. The Crude Oil Rally May Be Over

    The WTI crude oil contract has reached a major resistance level that could mark the end of the uptrend in place since 2016.
  46. Starbucks Unlikely to Break Out Despite Ackman Stake

    Starbucks stock jumped to a multi-month high after Bill Ackman's 15.2 million-share disclosure but is unlikely to break out ...
  47. Channel Profits in Indian ETFs

    Learn what's propelling growth in the Indian economy, and discover three ETFs that are trading near technical support.
  48. Procter & Gamble Reports Earnings With Negative Chart

    Procter & Gamble reports earnings with a P/E ratio of 17.13 and a solid dividend yield of 3.54% as the stock is a "Dog ...
  49. China's Bear Market Breaks Down to New Lows

    China's benchmark Shanghai Composite Index broke down to new lows and may be poised for more losses.
  50. Semiconductor Bear Market Could Trap Complacent Shareholders

    Growing signs indicate that the semiconductor sector is headed into a long-term downtrend.
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