Charts, Patterns & Technical Indicators

  1. MGM Downgrade Could Unnerve Shareholders

    MGM has made little progress since June's breakout to a nine-year high and could head lower after a top-tier downgrade.
  2. 3 Positive Long-Term Charts for Precious Metals

    Bullish precious metal chart patterns suggest that the coming weeks and months could be profitable for commodity traders.
  3. Stocks Move Lower Amid Growing Risks to the Rally

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  4. Macau Casino Stocks Head for New Highs

    Macau stocks are challenging 2017 highs after shaking off revenue hits following two devastating August storms.
  5. What Will It Take to Un-Stick the S&P 500?

    For the last six weeks, the S&P 500 has been stuck in a tight three-percent range.
  6. Equifax Breach Opens the Door for Short-Term Traders

    Equifax shares plummeted after it revealed a data breach affecting nearly half the U.S. population. What are the key levels ...
  7. AT&T Stock Breaks Down to Lowest Levels in 2017

    AT&T shares hit their lowest mark this year, but traders should watch these key support and resistance levels.
  8. Disney Price Action Could Signal Long-Term Top

    Disney stock has broken psychological support at $100 and may complete the next leg of a long-term topping pattern.
  9. Why Match Group Stock Is an Institutional Darling

    Match Group makes a strong case for institutional investors who want a growth stock in a leading sector.
  10. GoPro Stock Rebounds, but Traders Appear Undecided

    While shares soared more than 10% this week, traders should watch for consolidation between key support and resistance levels.
  11. Bitcoin Regulation: A Necessary Evil

    Like it or not, regulators are starting to clamp down on Bitcoin.
  12. The S&P 500 Is 300 Days Above Its 200-Day Moving Average

    The S&P 500 has closed above its 200-day moving average for over 300 trading days, making it the 15th longest streak ...
  13. Twitter Stock Breaks Out Toward Resistance Levels

    Twitter shares jumped amid rumors and call option buying, but traders should watch for a breakout from these key levels.
  14. 3 Ways to Trade Strong Performance in Healthcare

    These are some of the strongest healthcare sector ETFs and the levels at which to consider buying them.
  15. Sarepta Stock Breaks Out After Early Study Success

    Sarepta shares soared on positive clinical trial results, but traders should watch for these key support levels to hold.
  16. Gilead Sciences Stock Enters New Uptrend

    Gilead Sciences stock finally entered a new uptrend after underperforming biotech peers for nearly two years.
  17. Bank of America Stock Is looking at a Rough Ride

    Bank of America stock has been sticking to a narrow range, but it looks like that may be over.
  18. Energy Stocks May Have Bottomed Out

    The most widely held energy fund mounted resistance at the 50-day exponential moving average, signaling a recovery wave.
  19. The Rewards and Risks of Silver and Gold

    Before you shift to so-called safe-havens like silver and gold, it's important to look at all the risks.
  20. Why Analog Devices Stock Is a Favorite for Big Investors

    As a semiconductor stock in a leading sector, Analog Devices makes a strong case for bullish institutional investors.
  21. Ford Stock Could Break Out From 200-Day Moving Average

    Ford shares soared on strong F-Series demand and autonomous vehicle developments. Will the stock break through key resistance?
  22. AMD Stock Could Break Out or Break Down

    The stock's trading range has narrowed over the past month, which could impel a move from these key levels.
  23. These Stocks Are Still Sell Candidates

    Despite a recent rally, these stocks are still in downtrends and do not yet warrant buying.
  24. Currency Charts for Traders to Watch

    Bullish chart patterns on these currency ETFs suggest that now could be the time to buy.
  25. Bank Stocks Nearing Intermediate Breakdowns

    Bank stocks have settled at range support and could break down, testing post-election breakout levels.
  26. Insurance Carriers Breaking Down Ahead of Irma

    Property-casualty and reinsurance companies have broken key support levels ahead of Hurricane Irma's expected U.S. landfall.
  27. 3 Gold Miners With Low-Risk Buy Patterns

    The junior gold miners fund has lifted above long-term resistance, underpinning a broad selection of low-risk buy patterns.
  28. AK Steel Stock Could Reward Bottom Fishers

    AK Steel could play catch-up, with the hurricane's destruction generating intense demand for new automobiles.
  29. 3 Charts Suggesting It Is Time to Buy Commodities

    Given bullish chart patterns and clear trading signals, the final months of 2017 could be prime time to buy commodities.
  30. Stocks Edge Higher Despite Rising Risks

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  31. Lululemon Stock Could Head Into Long-Term Breakout

    Shares are charging higher and may complete the last phase of a multi-year inverse head and shoulders breakout.
  32. Bluebird Bio Stock Breaks Out to New Highs

    Bluebird Bio's technical breakout following Gilead's acquisition of Kite Pharma could point to more upside ahead.
  33. Is Under Armour Stock Approaching Oversold Levels?

    Shares have declined this year, but some technical indicators point to oversold levels and consolidation ahead.
  34. Palo Alto Networks Stock Could Rally Above $160

    Shares broke out above a two-year trendline on strong quarterly results and could enter a momentum-fueled advance.
  35. Tech Stocks Are Ready to Rally Once Again

    As we move into September, technology is back to being the hottest sector on Wall Street.
  36. Price Action in These ETFs Deserves Attention

    These strong ETFs are near trade levels, but are the trades worth taking?
  37. Video Game Stocks Level Up to All-Time Highs

    Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard broke out this week, but only one looks like a buying opportunity.
  38. Microsoft Stock Approaches Key Breakout Point

    Microsoft shares have soared nearly 20% this year, but traders will be watching these key breakout levels.
  39. Workday Stock Breaks Out From Ascending Triangle

    Workday shares broke out ahead of second quarter earnings, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  40. How to Calculate Bitcoin's Next Price Move

    Technical analysis can offer a roadmap to where Bitcoin prices are headed next.
  41. Watch for Triangle Breakouts in These Stocks

    These charts show triangle patterns, and breakouts could signal the price direction for the next few weeks.
  42. Apple Suppliers Catch Bid After Analog Devices Results

    Apple suppliers are rallying off steep pullbacks after Analog Devices posted stronger-than-expected quarterly results.
  43. Why Utility Stocks Are Looking So Attractive Right Now

    Investors are in a risk-off mode and are looking to put their capital to work in safer stocks like utilities.
  44. Intuit Stock Has the Dividend Growth Big Investors Like

    Intuit's strong history of increasing dividend growth is making income-minded buyers take notice.
  45. Dollar Store Stocks Heating Up After Long Cooldown

    Dollar store stocks have lifted well above lows posted after major 2016 declines and could attract strong buying power.
  46. Active Traders Turn Bullish on Biotech

    Bullish chart patterns on biotech-related assets suggest that the bulls are in control of the momentum.
  47. Medicines Company Stock Breaks Out From 50-Day MA

    Shares have soared more than 10% over the past five sessions and could break out from a long-term downtrend.
  48. Juno Stock Continues Breakout After Gilead Buys Kite

    Juno Therapeutics shares continued their rally, but traders will be watching these key levels over the coming days.
  49. 3 Short Plays If NAFTA Crumbles

    These stocks could sell off if President Trump follows through on his threat to terminate the trade agreement.
  50. 3 Junior Biotechs With Solid Upside Potential

    A Monday biotech merger triggered a sector-wide advance that could lift junior biotech stocks to multi-year highs.
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