Trading Instruments

  1. China ETF

    June 27, 2018
    A China ETF is an exchange-traded fund that invests in and tracks the equity stakes of China-based companies.
  2. Forward Margin

    June 14, 2018
    The forward margin reflects the difference between the spot rate and the forward rate for a certain commodity or currency.
  3. Crude Oil Price Forecast: Bears Gather Round

    June 3, 2018
    Oil prices are struggling to come up for air under the weight of OPEC's production plan.
  4. Anti Money Laundering - AML

    May 30, 2018
    Anti money laundering refers to a set of procedures, laws and regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income ...
  5. Tesla Shorts May Soon Lose Their Attractiveness: S3 Partners

    May 7, 2018
    The days of investors excessively piling into short positions against Tesla might be coming to an end.
  6. Why the VIX Index Is a Bullish Sign for Stocks

    April 4, 2018
    Stocks have been on a wild ride this year, but the main fear index has been relatively calm. 
  1. Brent Blend

    Brent blend is a type of sweet crude oil that is used as a benchmark for the prices of other crude oils.
  2. Floor Trader - FT

    Floor traders are traders in the trading pit who are trading for their own accounts.
  3. What Occurs When a Security Meets Its Strike Price?

    Learn more about the moneyness of stock options and what happens when the underlying security's price reaches the option ...
  4. What are the main differences between Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) & Relative Strength Index ?

    Learn the differences between the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and the relative strength index (RSI), indicators ...
  5. Spot Delivery Month

    The spot delivery month, also known as nearby month or front month, is the month of the earliest expiring futures contracts ...
  6. Inverted Spread

    An inverted spread occurs when the yield difference between a longer term financial instrument and a shorter term instrument ...
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