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  1. Marijuana Short Sellers Have Lost $626M Since August: Report

    September 18, 2018
    Betting against cannabis stocks is becoming an increasingly expensive occupation.
  2. Transports Nearing Breakouts Ahead of NAFTA News

    August 31, 2018
    The transportation sector could break out in a broad-based advance following a trilateral trade agreement.
  3. Best Buy Sell-Off Could Mark Buying Opportunity

    August 30, 2018
    Best Buy has sold off to support after lowering third-quarter guidance but could recover in coming sessions.
  4. On What Days are The American Stock Exchanges Closed?

    August 23, 2018
    Like most companies, the major stock markets in America are open for trading on normal business days only.
  5. The Most Important Trends in the U.S. Stock Market Now

    August 5, 2018
    Microcap stocks are showing the most underlying strength of any U.S. sector right now and appear poised to make higher highs. ...
  6. 7 Stocks That Can Lead The Market Long Term

    July 6, 2018
    Stocks based on sustainable business models can outperform the market.
  1. How do traders combine a short put with other positions to hedge?

    Learn how sold puts can be utilized in different types of hedging strategies, and understand some of the more common option ...
  2. Entropy

    Entropy is a measure of randomness.
  3. Extended Trading

    Extended trading is trading conducted by electronic exchanges either before or after regular trading hours.
  4. Climax

    A climax is a market condition that is characterized by escalated trading volume and sharp price movements at the end of ...
  5. Daily Chart

    A daily chart is a graph that displays the movements of a given security through candlestick formations.
  6. Bottom

    A bottom is the lowest price reached by a financial security, commodity, index or economic cycle.
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