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Chance Butler

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“As the Founder & CEO at InvestingUnder35, Chance Butler helps young professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders become confident in their finances and investments.”


Job Title:

Founder & CEO


Chance Butler is the Founder and CEO of InvestingUnder35. Life is meant to be enjoyed and no one knows that better than he does. At birth, Chance was given a 50/50 shot a living, hence the name Chance. His early years consisted of a lot of illness which forced him home from school and he count those days as a blessing. While home sick, his grandfather was an individual investor and watching the stock market channel all day with him is where he found his passion for investing and business. Chance made his first investment in grade school and have been correctly managing his finances and investments ever since.

The Millenial generation is redefining the world. Who wants to wait until traditional retirement age to enjoy life and finally check off those bucket list items? Not Chance!

A Financial Advisor can truly have a profound impact on the lives of their clients. As Fiduciaries, they exist to serve their clients by always having their best interests in mind. Their goal is to help you live life your way NOW without sacrificing tomorrow.

It is his hope that when you work with InvestingUnder35, you not only receive personal and expert comprehensive financial advice, but that you find a life-long friendship with your advisor.

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

Fee Structure:

Fee-Only Fiduciary - Investment Planning
Annual Retainer - Financial Planning

CRD Number:



Any comments or articles posted are strictly for educational purposes only and should not be considered personal one-on-one investment, tax, or legal advice.

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April 2018
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At 21 years old, would it be wise to invest in CDs or go straight to financial market investments?
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Great job on setting yourself up for early financial success! You should definitely look to start a portfolio of stocks and other asset classes.

If you're looking to grow your money, a CD would be an absolute waste of time. Historically low interest rates + rising inflation means you would essentially make no money at all in a CD. It also locks your money up, so if you did need it back for some reason, you would forfeit a lot of the gain.

Stocks are the second best way to grow your wealth, while your skillset is the first.

Here is an example of a portfolio for a "medium" amount of risk:

Stocks: 60%

REITs: 20%

Gold(Gold Streams are the best): 5-10%

Cash(Money Market Fund): 5-10%

If you're brand new to investing, I always try to include one of my client's favorite companies in the portfolio. This will help them stay invested during a recession.

Hope this helps!



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What is the best method for selling gold bullion?
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My wife and I are receiving a large amount of money through payroll by cashing out an options plan from our employer; how can we lower our tax bill?
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Is a treasury bond a good investment for $5,000 if I want my child to be able to use it when he turns 18 years old?
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