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Ryan McCoy

Personal Finance, Retirement, Taxes
“Having been in the investment industry since 2010, Ryan McCoy's passion is educating others and helping them make sense of complex finance issues. He believes having a financial plan is the key to financial success and a stress free life.”

Merrill Lynch

Job Title:

Portfolio Advisor


What I enjoy about my career is the opportunity to help others. When I started in financial services, I was given the opportunity to help families and businesses with their investments, which is a significant need in their lives. I also began to understand that most people aren't given the resources to fully make the most of their financial situation and, unfortunately there are individuals in this world who take advantage of that fact.

As I grew in the financial industry, became licensed, and held a number of roles where I learned how financial services worked, I learned that there is a need in this world for a good person to make a significant difference in the financial lives of the people they work with. After eight years in the industry, I have focused on retirement plans, tax considerations of investing, research and portfolio construction, and I have studied concepts of estate planning and how important it is to create and follow a wealth management plan in all stages of life.

When I come to work as a Portfolio Advisor at Merrill Lynch, I understand that helping people with their financial situation starts with listening and understanding and ends with every step along the way being done in the absolute best interest of that person, their needs, and their goals. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that what I do will make the most of my client's financial lives as well as the lives of their generations that follow.


College for Financial Planning

Assets Under Management:

$10 million

CRD Number:



A Portfolio Advisor, in addition to providing traditional advice and guidance, can help clients pursue their investment objectives by recommending individual, or any combination of, Merrill Lynch or approved third- party investment managers’ strategies, funds or portfolios.

Neither Merrill Lynch nor its Financial Advisors provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Clients should review any planned financial transactions or arrangements that may have tax, accounting or legal implications with their professional advisors.

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    Investing, Stocks
Can I buy and sell the same stock many times in one day?
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This is how day-traders make money, doing exactly this!  Most brokerage platforms will charge you a fee per trade however, usually around $5 or more. So unless you are using extremely large sums of money, this type of transaction does not make sense for your average investor.  This will also come with a lot of tax reporting.

Do the math on investing $100,000. You buy about 129,870 shares with $100k at 0.77 per share.  Sell those shares at 0.775, you make about $648 of profit (which doesn't include costs of trade). Less than 1%. Is it worth the risk, transaction cost, time, stress, reporting etc?

May 2018