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“With almost three decades of experience in the financial industry, Michael Morera is committed to bringing dynamic, scrupulously researched investment techniques, strategies and portfolios to investment advisors and their clients.”

Virtue Capital Management

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Investment Advisor Representative


Every model does not fit every client; at Virtue Capital Management, we stress client-driven financial planning, one client at a time. Thoroughly researched financial planning is the industry standard for Registered Investment Advisors.  At Virtue Capital Management, this standard is our starting point.

At Virtue Capital Management, we utilize a holistic approach so that everything that affects your personal situation is taken into consideration. Virtue Capital Management services are provided to our hand-picked network of professional investment advisor representatives who alone have rights to use our proprietary investments and our specialized model portfolios. This support allows our advisors to put the focus where it belongs, on you.

At Virtue Capital Management, our goal is for you to build a customized financial strategy with our expert advisors that fits your financial goals now and in the future.

Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. At Virtue Capital Management, we live by this principle with every financial model we offer. With Virtue Capital Management, your future is about more than just tomorrow.

Assets Under Management:

$300 million

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Investment advisory services offered through Virtue Capital Management

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    Choosing an Advisor
Is my potential financial advisor charging reasonable fees?
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You are not being taken advatage of in my opinion as these are standard fees for commision based funds. The question really comes down to are you getting what you think you are paying for. When the term guidance and oversight in managing my funds used, most people think the fund manager is managing to get the best risk adjusted returns, which would be the priority of a tactical style manager. However, what most investors do not realize is that whithin the context of a mutual funds, the portfolio managers job is to track or best the associative benchmark as much as possible. For instance, if this is an equity fund, the associated benchmark may likley be the S&P 500.  According to Yahoo finance https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/SPY/performance/  the S&P 500 was down 36.97% in 2008. If the fund who uses the S&P 500 as their benchmark was only down 35%, the fund would be considererd outperfoming their benchmark and therfore rated higher among the rating agencies such as Morningstar. However, from the investor perspective, you may not be too pleased with being down that much especially if you just invested in the fund as it may take several years to get back to break even and subsequently have substantail opportunity cost. The same thing can occur with a fund that only charges 1% so being fee centric is not as important to me as haveing the right strategy in place. So from my point of view I try to focus on what the fund/porfolio strategy is trying to accomplish and make sure it is allighned with what a client is looking to acheive. No strategy can guarantee it will be succesfull, however it is my contention the many investors are not aware of the differences in portfolio strategy, asset allocation, core strategey, tactical etc. and so therefore measure an investiment based on fees alone which in my view is not the complete picture.  

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How do I evaluate my portfolio's performance compared to averages?
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How can I gauge how wisely I'm investing my money?
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