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Darryl Lyons

Retirement, Small Business, Lifestage Based Planning
“As the Co-founder of PAX Financial Group, Darryl Lyons believes that the benefits of full-service advice should be available to everyone, no matter your account balance.”

PAX Financial Group

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Darryl Lyons is the Co-founder and CEO of PAX Financial Group. Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company (2017). He has written about business and finance for the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Express News, and Forbes.com.

Darryl helped establish the David Robinson award for Eurasia Basketball and the redevelopment efforts at Brooks City Base. Mayor Julian Castro named a park after him, the Darryl W Lyons Park. He is a Board Member of the YMCA and The Admirals Basketball Academy. He is a member of the Advisory Council Ramsey Solutions and Advisory Council National Federation of Independent Business Owners.

Darryl is the author of Small Business Big Pressure and the Grand Money Chasm. He developed online retirement course www.pivotyourretirement.com.

Darryl earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at St. Mary's University, as well as his Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, Accredited Investment Advisor.

Darryl grew up in Boerne, Harlingen, and Castroville. All three communities are considered small Texas towns. He spends much of his time with his wife and four children including coaching football and volleyball for the local YMCA.


BBA, St. Mary's University

Assets Under Management:

$300 million

Fee Structure:


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Investment Advisory Services are offered through PAX Financial Group

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It certainly depends on a number of factors, but you many people should consider the following allocation in retirement...

1. Cash to cover operating expenses

2. One Year of Expenses in Cash Reserve

3. Guaranteed Income Sources covering Needs (Annuities, Pensions, and Social Security)

4. Investment Portfolio allocated based risk profile, inclined to lean into stocks, and no more than a 4% withdraw rate.

5. Legacy bucket that is long term and can be more aggressive.

Again, the above strategy is a general approach but one that applies your risk to investments in a methodical way.

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