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Erik Fischer

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“Erik Fischer is a CFP® based in Sarasota, FL. He works with clients all over the US -- specializing in retirement planning and college planning. He is the owner of Interlink Wealth and Regional Vice President for the College Funding Coach ®.”

Interlink Wealth Management

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Erik brings a specialty in holistic financial planning to his clientele. He utilizes a variety of skills, financial acumen and a diverse portfolio of products and services in order to help provide clients with true financial independence. Thorough and innovative, Erik produces measurable results through a unique macro-economic planning process, with the goal in mind to increase efficiency of dollars, develop tax strategies, along with risk management, and control over your finances.

Building personal wealth and financial security is both an art and a science. To be successful, one must use a variety of skills in planning a set of outcomes, implementing a coordinated effort, and controlling the desired results. Executing these three steps is an ongoing and ever-changing process due to the variations in the economic circumstances surrounding one's life. 

Erik's communication skills, grasp of economic strategy, use of the latest technology, and desire to serve has brought him a diverse and successful clientele across many different states. Erik is also a volunteer and board member for many non-profit organizations throughout the country and is thankful for the opportunity to bring his skill set and financial acumen to organizations that make society a better place. 

Erik grew up in Tampa and graduated from the University of Maryland with a business degree. After living in Washington DC and New York City, Erik now resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife and daughter.

Assets Under Management:

$5 million

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