Michael Conway

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“Michael Conway guides families through the financial decisions of life and protects them from the fear and anxiety of uncertainty. He focuses on Aligning Life & Wealth® for families, because Michael believes the two are intrinsically connected.”

Conway Wealth Group at Summit Financial Resources Inc.

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President, CEO


Michael Conway is founder and CEO of Conway Wealth Group LLC at Summit Financial Resources Inc., a premier, independent financial planning and advisory group. He is a Principal of Summit Financial Resources and serves on the company’s Board of Directors.

As a successful and well-respected financial advisor, Michael has spent more than 30 years building his own practice and providing clients with specialized solutions that blend financial and estate planning strategies with open architecture investment management.

Michael’s clients include successful entrepreneurs, corner office executives, CEOs, CFOs, Wall Street professionals, professional athletes, and others—all with significant wealth tied to their businesses or employers. Michael is creator of The Conway Integrated Wealth Solution™, a unique financial planning process that aligns families' wealth with aspirations and financial goals.

Michael is a member of the Financial Planning Association, and has earned Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Financial Consultant® credentials. In addition, Michael is frequently looked to as an expert in financial news media, and has been featured in various publications, including Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, Investment News, and Investor's Business Daily, among others.

Michael has three children and lives in New Jersey with his wife, Leslie, and two dogs. He enjoys church, backpacking, scuba diving, and horseback riding.


Susquehanna University
The American College (ChFC)
The College for Financial Planning (CFP)

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CONWAY WEALTH GROUP, LLC is owned by Michael W. Conway who offers securities and investment advisory services through Summit Equities, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, and financial planning services through Summit Equities Inc.’s affiliate Summit Financial Resources, Inc. 4 Campus Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Tel. 973-285-3600 Fax 973-285-3666 Direct Office Tel. 973-285-3640

  • Wealth Protection & Financial Planning for High Net Worth Families | Michael Conway Story
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A financial plan often consists of cash flow projections to determine the likelihood of success for future goals. These projections must make certain assumptions that can hugely affect the outcome. Therefore, unrealistic expectations regarding certain factors could skew the result, meaning clients could face a far different reality than what the math suggests.

We think it’s important to be conservative. Don’t assume that invested assets will grow at 10% every year, for example. In addition, as you suggest, clients and advisors need to remember that years in retirement continue to lengthen. As medicine and technology improve exponentially, retirees will live much longer than ever before, which means assets often need to last for many years after retirement. Therefore, a conservative plan should assume clients live into their 90s and beyond. This often means that planning no longer follows a traditional lifecycle where clients enter full retirement in their mid-60s.

Ultimately, financial plans not only need to align with a particular client, but also with the changing external factors that can affect success.

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