John Kvale

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“As a comprehensive wealth advisor taking care of all aspects of his clients’ lives, John digs deep into each of his clients' situations. With almost three decades of experience and a constant desire to learn more about every relationship, John finds his work enlightening, fulfilling, dramatic, and fun. ”

J.K. Financial, Inc

Job Title:

Financial Planner, Founder


John A. Kvale CFA, CFP, is the founder of J.K. Financial, Inc., and with 22 years of industry experience, is currently the president of J.K.Financial, a fee only financial planning and wealth management firm.

J.K. Financial specializes in wealth management, adhering to unique approaches to investing in the capital markets. The company has a global presence, serving individual and institutional clients across the United States, as well as several foreign countries.

John is a co-author of a Quarterly Wealth Management and Financial Planning Newsletter, which is distributed to clients and investors across the country. He actively analyzes and updates ideas and investing on $treet-¢, a community blog site. John appeared on Good Morning America as the winning planner for ABC's Frugal Family Challenge, co-sponsored by USA Today. He recently concluded a term as president for the CFADFW Society, the local society in Dallas representing the CFA Institute. John began his financial planning career 24 years ago in Dallas, and resides there with his wife, Pamela, and children, Sophia and Pierce.


BBA, Finance, Stephen F. Austin State University

Assets Under Management:

$100 million

Fee Structure:

Percentage of Assets

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October 2016

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    Personal Finance
How can I set financial goals for the future?
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Fantastic question, and all encompassing. In the essence of time-space lets address the most important items in order of importance.

* Make sure your rainy day fund has at least 3 to 6 months expenses-as you go through life this rainy day fund will need to increase as your monthly expenses increase.

* Next, focusing on your house fund along with your retirement savings at the same time is important-you want to put as much in your retirement savings as possible, above and beyond the match, as long as you also have adequate cash flow to save after tax dollars for your house down-payment- these after-tax dollars saved on a monthly basis will also give you a good time horizon of when you will be able to purchase your home.

* Given your long-term goals-keep an eye on your assets being too heavily weighted towards retirement, since you are so young-it is possible to end up with too many assets in retirement funds early, as a percentage of your total assets leaving you less liquidity for an emergency.

Again fantastic question, do not feel like you have to conquer all of this while you’re in your 20s. It is not uncommon for many to be wrestling with this into their 40s or 50s … so as they say “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Take your time, focus on your goals, and just take one bite at a time. You’re doing terrific!

February 2016
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When you buy oil, do you have to buy thousands of stocks at one time or can you start out with a small investment?
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January 2016
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Do we have to pay taxes on a cash distribution from a trust fund? Is it considered wages/income on our tax return forms?
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May 2016
    Retirement, Pensions, Social Security, Taxes
Do we have to file taxes?
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March 2016
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Where is the best place to invest $400,000 without paying taxes?
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January 2016