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Curtis Sheldon

Personal Finance, Investing, Taxes
“Curtis Sheldon is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner, Enrolled Agent, Accredited Investment Fiduciary Designee, and President of C.L. Sheldon and Company, LLC.”

CL Sheldon

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Curt provides comprehensive financial planning including Military and Veterans Administration benefits integration, tax planning and preparation, college planning, and retirement planning. He specializes in working with transitioning Senior Military Officers.

As a CFP® Practitioner, Curt has met the rigorous experience and ethical requirements of the CFP Board, and has also successfully completed financial planning coursework and the CFP® Certification Examination covering the following areas: the financial planning process, risk management, investments, tax planning and management, retirement and employee benefits, and estate planning.

Prior to becoming a financial planner Curt served as a Fighter Pilot in the United States Air Force for 27 years. Highlights of his career include Combat Operations in Operation Desert Storm, Command of an Overseas Fighter Squadron, an assignment as an Aggressor Pilot and an exchange student at the Escola de Commando e Estado Maior in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He holds an MBA in Individual Financial Planning from the City University of Seattle, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Finance from the United States Air Force Academy.

Curt is a recognized expert on financial planning issues for military professionals. He has been a guest speaker on financial planning for transition at the Pentagon; Headquarters, Air Force Space Command; Headquarters, Air Mobility Command; Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations Command; Headquarters, Air Education and Training Command; Nellis AFB; and Camp Lejeune. He has also spoken on Military Tax Planning at the Annual Conference on Financial Education sponsored by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

Curt has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Military Officer Magazine and Money Mind Matters iMagazine. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post. Curt provides his thoughts on Financial Planning at his blog Amat Victoria Curam. He also contributes to the Military Officers Association of America’s on-line forum, Financial Frontlines™.


BS, Management/Finance, United States Air Force Academy
MBA, Individual Financial Planning, City University of Seattle
MSS, Strategic Studies, Air University

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Your understanding is a little off...

A Roth IRA is a basket.  You can place virtually any asset inside of it.  So you could place stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, bank accounts and CDs (plus others) inside a Roth IRA.  The assets will earn income or generate capital gains just like if they were outside the Roth IRA.

The difference is that you will NOT pay taxes on the income and capital gains when you earn them or when you take them out of the Roth IRA to fund your goals.

It is important to know though, that ther are limits on when you can withdraw your funds without paying taxes and/or penalties.

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