Lisa Hay

Retirement, Investing, Taxes
“Fee-Only Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Committed to Delivering Confidence and Peace of Mind Through Tax-savvy Investment Strategies and Personalized Retirement Planning”

Cornerstone Capital Advisors

Job Title:

Lead Advisor


Lisa Hay is a Lead Advisor with Cornerstone Capital Advisors, a fee-only Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Firm. 

Lisa helps bring clarity to the complex world of investing, taxes, estate planning, retirement and other life and career transitions.  Lisa coordinates the many different pieces of your financial puzzle – delivering the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place.

Utilizing her years of experience as a CPA, Lisa provides integrated tax-savvy solutions for her clients' wealth management needs in areas such as retirement withdrawal strategies, Social Security planning, and charitable giving. Nearly every aspect of financial planning and investing has tax implications, yet most wealth management firms do not have the expertise to integrate the many crucial considerations. 

LIsa further enhanced her professional training through her study and attainment of the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®)designation

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), Lisa is committed to putting her clients best interest first at all times.

Lisa truly cares about her clients – not just their money, but their well-being and fulfillment in life.  Limiting the number of people she works with allows Lisa to give each client the attention and care they deserve.  She is committed to taking the time to listen carefully to understand what is really important to you: aligning your financial goals and decisions to help you achieve your most cherished life and legacy goals.  

In addition to her passion for making a difference in client’s lives through her professional endeavors, Lisa is actively involved in community and church, where she  serves on the leadership team of the Generous Life Ministry.

As a passionate advocate of consumer financial education, Lisa has authored numerous books on financial topics related to personal financial management and retirement planning.


BS, Business Administration and Accounting, University of Tulsa

Assets Under Management:

$550 million

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Lisa Hay is an employee of Cornerstone Capital Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.  Any views or opinions expressed here are that of her own and not necessarily those of Cornerstone, its owners, or employees.

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Can I write a check from my IRA to use as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD)?
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The QCD is a great tax planning tool for those who are taking RMDs - especially in light of the new tax law. 

Kudos to you for being proactive in your charitable planning!

If your custodian offers check writing priveleges, you should be able to write the check directly to the Charity.  Another option is to set up direct distributions from the custodian to the charity.  However, this can result in issues with tax withholding, if you're not careful!  

What you do NOT want to do is to take the RMD yourself, and then write a check to the charity from those proceeds.

Two other charitable giving strategies that you might want to consider are Donor Advised Funds and donating appreciated securities.

Let me know if I can help!  Helping charitably inclined folks is one of my favorite parts of my job!

My best,


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